April Fools!!

April Fools ...... I'm not in love with you.

William Carlisle is a sweet, kind boy who is on Riverview High's Varsity Football Team. His friends, who are total players and jerks, peer pressure him into asking out Lily Carter as an April Fools joke.
Lily Carter is a bookworm who is in love with Ashton Irwin and has several book boyfriends. She also has a crush on William. She's sweet and innocent and deep down in William's heart, he likes her.
It's a prank gonna wrong and leaves a poor girl in tears.


5. ~ Betrayal ~

   Lily's smile dropped and her eyes knitted in confusion.

   "What?" She asked. The lights flashed on and she shielded her eyes from the brightness. The stands were filled with students laughing and jeering at her.

   "April Fools nerd!" James and Tyler cried on the speaker.

   Lilly's ears were filled with the taunts and jeers, but all she focused on was William. Guilt flooded in his eyes, but he cast them down not wanting to see her reaction.

   Her voice cracked as tears pooled at her eyes. They were no longer bright and filled with life, they were now filled with hurt and disappointment. "This w-was a j-joke?" 

   He didn't answer, but she knew. She ran away crying.

   William was livid! He was mad at himself for even following through with the stupid plan, but he didn't know the whole school was going to be there! He hated himself for it.

   This was not like him at all. He hurt the sweetest, most thoughtful girl in the world. He broke her heart, tore it to pieces then stomped all over them.

   The crowd still laughed and it only made him even more angry. The guys came up to him and congratulated him.

   "My man William!" James and Tyler cheered his performance as they drunkenly wrapped an arm around his shoulder. They actually thought that he was in love with her. "Best April Fools ever!" he cried.

   William shoved James off then punched him and ran off trying to catch Lily. She was surely home by now and he needed to apologize. Everything he had said was real. He meant every word. He really, really liked her.

   Lily ran away. What else was she supposed to do? She thought he was different. He was! He never played with a girl's heart, but he did. He played with hers. And all for some stupid April Fools joke!?

   When she reached the gym she didn't bother going back inside. She leaned against the wall and cried her eyes out.

   "Lily!" She heard his voice cry out. She panicked. He was coming after her, probably to humiliate her even more. She already got enough crap from his friends at school she didn't need to be embarrassed anymore.

   She tore off her heels and bolted out onto the streets. She sprinted home heels in one hand and holding up her dress in another.

   "Lily! Wait!" He called out. Judging from the volume of his voice she could tell he was getting closer. Curse your athleticism! She cried in her mind.

   Just then she felt his arm grip hers and spin her around. She stifled a cry when she saw his face. It was filled with anger and regret, but she wasn't going to forgive him that easily.

   "Lily I'm so, so, so sorry. I didn't want to hurt you. I...."

   "You what, William?!" She cried with a strained, humiliated cry. Her voice was hoarse from crying and her makeup was running down her face. She didn't believe him not one bit.

   "I DON'T KNOW!" He roared in anger. Lily gasped in fear. She had never seen him snap and it frightened her. The sweet boy had a nasty temper. She was finding out a lot of horrible things about him.

   "I don't know why I hang out with those guys! I don't know why I followed through with this prank!" He was pacing in front of her running his fingers through his hair trying to contain it and not do something he'd regret.

   He took a deep breath and stared into her eyes. They were dark and serious and Lily pursed her lips waiting for what he was going to say or do next. Her breathing was ragged and so was his as his gaze burned into hers.

   "I do know one thing Lily," his husky voice said sending a shiver down her spine. "One thing I learned from all of this is that... that I love you!" And with that he placed both his hands on her face and kissed her as if it was the last thing he did.

   His lips crashed into hers and he kissed her putting all his love into it.

   Lily tried to stay strong in refusing to forgive him, but her mind was fuzzy. Every fiber of her being was on fire. She instantly placed her hands on his arms and kissed him back.

   "I love you Lily so freakin much you have no idea," his deep voice whispered before kissing her again.

   Lily pushed him away. She swallowed a lump in her throat. "I - I can't d-do this."


  "No! William, how do I know that this isn't part of your stupid joke!?"

   "Just trust me, Lily. This is real. I love you!" He said voice cracking as he said it.

   Lily so desperately wanted to believe him, but she didn't say anything. And William knew. He bowed his head in shame and heartbreak.

   "I understand Lily. I don't deserve you after what I just did, and I know that I'm going to regret it for the rest of my life, but Lily I will wait for you. If you ever forgive me."

   And with that he walked away struggling to hide his hurt.

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