Beach City won't be the Same but it Still Hasn't Changed

A young gem visits Earth with her crew. While visiting, The Crystal Gems learn something, she is able to control fire with her violin! This is before a during war.
Read to find out what happens!


1. I am a Monsta!





(Music does not  belong to me!)



   It was such a nice land. But my crew and I couldn't be there for long, we had to check on something. We were in the F.E.A.R. Van. Blue Diamond had sent us there and I, The powerful citrine, was the leader!  "Yo, Citri. We are here!," Morion said.

And I there I was, being pulled out of a van into a mansion-like cave! It is was to the beach too, I loved it! I wondered if I could ply my violin on breaks of mine.......

I was Freaking out!!!!!!!!!

~Later that day~

I was playing the theme to Echo. I think I see some gems...... Must be Homeworld or.....IT"S THE CRYSTAL CLODS!!!!!!  I ended the song and walked home. Morion saw me and face palmed, she new what happened. I....I will finish my story later.... 

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