Finally We Meet

Zane, on his fifteenth birthday, got a letter from his parents saying that he has a twin brother and that he had been stolen from the hospital after the birth. The next day Zane saw his twin brother on a website being force to sleep with older men. Can he find him?


5. Why?

I was in my room for quite a while when I heard my mom say, 'I'm sorry, I know we just got back. But me and dad have to go to this meeting. I'll make it up to you okay?' I didn't mind at all. I'm happy that they are leaving, so we can go and get him. But I know she is going to tell us to stay in the house, but the inception of getting the things we need.

And then I heard foot steps coming towards my room. And mom had opened my door.

"Hey Zane." Mom told me walking into my room. "We are going to be gone for awhile, four weeks at the most."

"I don't care, just go. It's more comfortable without y'all here." I told her, keeping myself from glancing at her.

"I know you are still mad from this morning." She started. So I'll leave but you need to apologize to your dad before we leave okay?"

I looked at her like she was crazy.

"Why?" I told her. "He's the one who needs to say sorry."

"You said mean things to him. He gives to food on the table, and a roof on your head. You need to be respectful." She told me.

"Well, I'll think about it."

"No, Zane you are going to do it."

Late at night, mom and dad was about to leave. Damian gave mom a hug, and he tried to give dad one, but he brushed it off. And Debbi just ignored them. But they want me to say sorry to him. I don't think so.

"Zane, what are you going to say to your dad?" Mom asked me.

"Nuthin' I don't think." I responded.

"Zane." Mom said being serious.

"Like I said nuthin'." I started. "He needs to give Damian a hug and say sorry that he dis his hug."

"Zane I'm not playing around."

"I ain't either. You said I needed to be respectful, so does he. Children pick up on parents." I looked at both, mom and dad. They didn't do anything for a moment until Damian came close to dad with open arms.

We were all waiting for what dad would do next. What he did was looked at his watch, and said. "I'll do it later, but now we need to leave."

"So I'll say sorry later, or in your dictionary, later means never." I told him.

Dad didn't turn back, and mom just shook her head, grabbed their suitcases and left.

"Whatever, dad doesn't have to give me a hug. It's okay, he is probably never going to accept us Zane. But at least he didn't hurt us when he knew you know. So I should be grateful." Damian had told me after mom and dad left minutes ago. I could tell he was heart broken. He loved dad and he still do.

For what I've been told by him was that they would play in the front yard and things like that. Or they would go to football and baseball games. He told me that they had a day just for him, being the center of attention. But he got a promotion, and he had to travel and go to meetings a lot. So everything had changed.

When mom and dad leave to go on meetings, we just go all out with food. But we have a budget though, every week. And we always run out before the week is over. But now we know how do deal with it a little. But tonight, since we are having our own meeting, we are going to need a lot of food.

Once Samuel and Lee arrived, we dimmed the lights and sat at the table. It felt like a real criminal meeting. I loved that feeling.

"Did you see the live last night?" Samuel asked me.

"Yeah I did. And they was in an abandoned place like last time." I told him. "And if we head out tomorrow, they would probably still be in that location. With our weekly allowance, we bought things for the travel."

"Okay and how long is it? Because I have to ask mom if I can sleep over here." Lee asked and explained.

"I think a whole day. Because it's not far you know. But we have to look out, and that would take awhile, you know to be safe and not get caught." Debbi told Lee.

The next morning, after Lee and Samuel arrived. We got all loaded in the car and drove off. The ride was smooth. We ate, sung, and talked about various of things.

"We will be the hero!" I yelled, happy as can be. "We will get our brother back from old perverted men!"

"Yeah we will! We will get respected from people now!" Lee yelled along with me.

We were on a highway when Damian's phone ranged.

While on his phone his eyes would squint and he would pull his phone away from his ear.

After the phone call, "Guys, were in trouble when we get home." He told us.

"Why?" I asked.

"Well that was mom, and she told me that she got a call  from the school." He said.

"Dammit!" Debbi yelled. "The school has to ruin it for us."

"Yeah and mom said come back now. And when we get back our aunt is going to take us to her house." Damian said.

"I ain't going! We are so close to getting him back! We can't turn back now!" I yelled.

Debbi blew her breath, and started to turn the car around.

"The hell Debbi! Turn back now! Are you finally going to listen to her?!" I yelled at her.

"Look don't you yell at me! I have to, we are already in deep shit!" She yelled back.

"Pull over the car I am going to get him myself!"

"No you are not!"

"I said pull over now, or I am going to jump out!"

I didn't listen more to what she, or anyone else had to say. And then suddenly a window broke, and Debbi stopped the car, and we all wondered what had happened. Then three guys came and grabbed me and pulled me into their car. I was shaking and looking back while Debbi was staring right at me not moving at all.

I was scared for my life, I didn't know what was going on. The three guys was just talking, telling me how it was a bad idea to escape from them. And how the boss is going to react. And when I tried to talk, they smacked me and told me, for all the time I've been with them, I still don't know how to keep my mouth shut.

I was looking all around the car and saw guns, DVD's of naked girls on the cover, and these bags of white powder and green grass stuff in them. And then I figured out that the bags contained cocaine and weed. And then I noticed they got me mixed up with my twin brother. I hoped that Debbi was following the car that I was in. Because I don't want to be with these guys anymore. 

◢ ▇ ◣◢ ▇ ◣ ▇ ▇ ▇ ◣ ◢ ▇ ▇ ▇ ◥ ▇ ▇ ▇ ▇ ▇ ▇ ◤◥ ▇ ▇ ▇ ▇ ◥ ▇ ▇ ◤ ◥ ◤◢

I noticed the car stop. And then one of the guys pulled my arm really hard that I yelped. He hit me and told me to shut up. And then he dragged me into this room and yanked my arm towards the floor, and my body went along with it. They started to talk.

". . .I'm not understanding this! Sammy is still here, he is with three guys right now! You dumbasses screwed up. And you said that there was people in the car! Now the cops is going to be on our asses! Leave now, and take the boy to the regular place. Since we have twins, we can charge double for guys to have sex with both of them."

I started to cry and fight back. I didn't want this. I should have not made up the plan to come here. Every time I struggled, his grip on my arm gotten tighter. He put me in this room and pushed me onto a bed and was trying to take my clothes off.

"Stop! I yelled, hitting him as hard as I can.

He took his belt off and slashed me so hard that I fell off the bed.

"Hey! What's going on in here?!" A guy yelled slamming the door opened for me to escape. But my pants were around my ankles, and I fell over. They laughed at me, and started to rip my clothes off.

After they left with my clothes, I scurried into the bed and went underneath the cover. A couple of minutes later, they came with a new out fit for me to wear. I struggled while they put it on me.

After they were done I looked at what I was wearing. And all it was was a small t-shirt and booty shorts. But I had no underwear, it felt really weird, I felt out in the open.

A few hours had passed, when the door opened. I saw my twin brother, exhausted. I was overjoyed, seeing him made this whole situation less terrible. My twin just looked at me, and I saw a little smile come across his face. After the guy that dragged him in here left, he opened his mouth.

"Hi, I'm Sammy." He said smiling at me.

"Hi I'm Zane." I said back. "I was going to save you today, but they got me as you can see. But don't worry, my sibling, friend, and boyfriend is going to rescue us."

"Really?" He said with excitement.

"Yeah." I said back, unsure.

"How did you find me?"

"Well, a website popped up. And I was scrolling when I saw you. Then I was like, 'He looks like me'. And then we started to look for you. You are my lost twin brother stolen from the hospital."

"Wow." His eyes wide, his face coming close to mine. "So how old am I?"

"You're fifteen." I answered.

"Cool. Do you know anything else about me?"

"Yeah of course I do. You have a mom and dad. You also have a sister named, Debbi, and brother, named, Damian."

"I want to meet them real soon."

"Me too."

We heard a 'bang' and jumped a little. We froze for a little until Allen said. "Is my real name really Sammy?"

"No it's Allen." I responded.

"I love it."

"So what do you do in here?"

"Umm. . . Well, I read lots and lots of books. And um, I used to play with what I thought was my dad in here."

"Oh." I said.

The door opened unexpectedly.

"Alright you two, there is guys waiting for you so follow me." A guy said.

Allen got up, while I just stayed in the bed. He came closer to me dragging me out of the room. I fought back but it was no use, all the pain was put on me. I looked at Allen, his head down, looking depressed. While I tried to get away from this mans grip.

"Let me go!" I yelled. "Get off of me now!"

"You little stick ain't gonna do nothin' to me." The guy said, yanking my arm upward.

We arrived into a room. An old guy was sitting in a chair. I saw cameras, and more guys around it. I was terrorized. And then that guy who always introduced himself came out, and did his thing. And then the guy that dragged me in here, sat me down on the old mans lap. I got discussed when he started to move up and down on my leg, grunting, with every motion. I got freaked out and started to head for the door. But there was big, tough guys at the door.

"He is new so you will have to hold him down and take his clothes off." One guy said.

"Yeah, and for the audience, let's make the twin brothers make out." Another one said.

Then one by one a guy would come hold me down. Then the old guy came over and took my shorts off. I felt something that was painful, it made me screech.

"Oo, this is going to be exciting you guys. We are going to be his first." His finger was in me. I panicked, and the first thing that came into my mind was to beg.

"Stop please! It hurts! please!" I cried.

I didn't like the feeling at all. It felt really weird and painful when he moved his finger.

"If you will just relax, it won't hurt. That much." A guy told me.

"No!" I screamed. As the guys that was holding me down, kissed all over me, licking me, touching me. And all that time the light from the camera was in my face, or around my body. Allen was just watching me getting molested, and about to get raped.

"Help!" I yelled, thinking someone was going to come rescue me.

"We are in a forest, deep in the forest. Miles away from the nearest road." Someone said. "So scream all you want too. The audience likes screaming."

I cried, not letting my voice escape from my mouth as the old guys member rubbed against my butt. I held my breath as it entered me. Every centimeter that came inside was heart dropping, wondering how much is going to come in. And when all finally came in, I relaxed. The kisses from the other men continued. I was hot all over. Disgusted of myself. Feeling this sort of way. He started to move, I cringed with every movement. Then a guy came to my face, kissed me on the lips, and put his member towards my face.

"Come on, put it in your mouth. Don't be shy." He laughed.

I shut my mouth as tight as I could. But the guys hands were stronger.

"If your teeth touch, you will be punished." He told me.

He stuffed it into my mouth, making me gag. He started to move as well. I couldn't hardly breath. I thought I was going to die of suffocation. Until he pulled it out of my mouth. And then came behind me, pushing the old guy out of the way. He forced it in.

I felt liquid run down my leg. And it turned more painful. I cried because of the pain. But they enjoyed it, hearing me plead, hearing me cry, and enjoying my discomfort. It continued until all the guys were finished.

Putting their semen on me, and in me, in both openings. I laid, fetus style. Shaking and rocking. I was cold because of the floor. They left me on the floor for awhile. Then picked me up. I was unable to walk.

My back ached, and my legs felt like rubber bands. I couldn't feel my insides. They carried me to a room that looked like a bathing room. A guy cleaned me up. I saw other teens there, some taking their own baths. There was the ones like me, having some random guy take their baths. Allen was right beside me, silent, afraid of the consequences that would happen if he opened his mouth.

After he cleaned me, he took me back into the room where I was kept.

"Zane, I'm sorry." Allen said, after a couple of minutes of coming in the room.

I didn't say anything but turned my head the opposite direction.

"Zane?" He called my name. "I know it hurts at first, but it gets better I promise."

"That's just wrong. I don't want to be here anymore. I want to go home." I told him.

"You said your family is going to rescue us."

"Yes but it takes awhile."

"But soon they will get us. And we can be free. I use to love being here, because when I was young I didn't have to do these kind of things."

I looked at him, then I started to drift to sleep.

"Can I sleep with you?" Allen asked me.

"Sure, I don't care at all."

We sleep together, finally in fifteen years. The feeling was overwhelming. He slept real close to me, not even leaving space for me to flip over when I felt uncomfortable. I stayed awake, thinking how long I'll be in here. Wondering if Debbi and them followed the car or went home. Wondering if they are even going to get me and Allen out of here.

Then when I finally fell asleep, things turned bright.


◢ ▇ ◣◢ ▇ ◣ ▇ ▇ ▇ ◣ ◢ ▇ ▇ ▇ ◥ ▇ ▇ ▇ ▇ ▇ ▇ ◤◥ ▇ ▇ ▇ ▇ ◥ ▇ ▇ ◤ ◥ ◤◢

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