Finally We Meet

Zane, on his fifteenth birthday, got a letter from his parents saying that he has a twin brother and that he had been stolen from the hospital after the birth. The next day Zane saw his twin brother on a website being force to sleep with older men. Can he find him?


9. The Arival

*Zane's POV

Finally the day came for the arrival of my parents. Debbi, Damian, Allen, I, and even Samuel and Lee, are excited to see their facial expression when they see Allen and I right in front I them.

Even though they didn't come to see Allen and I at the hospital when we arrived. But they are still our parents, and they love us. . . I think. . . Hopefully.

And Allen is slowly getting use to living with us. But some times when we ask him a question or something. He would say, "Yes master.", or, "Yes, sir."

But when we go outside in public, Allen would make us embarrassed or just depressed. Because when we are just walking in the streets, I would hear Allen say, "I know they guy." Or when we go to a restaurant, into the bathroom. When a guy was just being polite, smiling and waving saying 'hi'. Allen walked to him and got on his knees. If that's not embarrassing then I don't know what is.

"Hurry and clean the kitchen Zane!!!" Debbi yelled at me from across the house.

"Hey it's not just me in the house. Someone help me!" I yelled back to her. Seeing all the mess in the dang kitchen.

"Everyone is doing there own thing!"

"So what are you doing then?!"

"Giving directions!"

"Unbelievable!" That was the end of our conversation, as I slammed the broom on the floor, and kicked my trash pile that I made.

"You know you are just making a bigger mess right?" Lee asked me.

I walked to the counter and lean against it. "I know. But I don't want to clean up." He walked over and leaned on me, his chest against my back. "What are you trying to accomplish by leaning on me?"

"I'm helping." He responded, he kissed me on the back of my head.


"By calming you down. See?"

Damian walked in, almost running. His voice jumpy. "Hey Lee your mother took our case, when no one else did, and we are suing that police station."

"What do you mean?" I asked him, curious out of my mind.

"Hurry in the living room it's on the news."

Instead of hurrying, Lee and I just walked slowly to the living room, and kicking some more trash that was in the way.

"Hey dumbasses turn it up!" Debbi yelled as she ran in to the living room from the hallway.

"Alright geez!" Samuel responded back to her. "You don't need to be rude."

"-ore about the child prostitution news, a teenager is suing the same police station that rescued the children for eighteen thousand, for not applying that they actually found the main building."

"Wow, Haley I want to see this go thru."

"Yes, Reid. And with that said, more of the details are going to be talked about by the teenager herself."

I couldn't believe it. Debbi was actually on the news. For everyone. And I mean everyone to see.

"Can you tell the the details if why you are suing? And how you found the base?"

"Well we are suing them because they took all of the credit to themselves. Saying to the press that they found the place and other stuff."

I looked at Debbi. She was smiling from ear to ear. Repeating her own words that was on the tv, like she was on a show or in a movie.

"And can you tell me how you found it?"

"Well it was my brothers friend. After we found out that our other brother was in that sort of ring. We went to the police, but they were taking there time so we put it in our own hands. My brothers friend, saw a license plate in one of their sex videos, and traced it to the camera guy."

"How did you know it was that guy?"

"Because he said that they were going to do it in his car."

Debbi was straight forward as usual, even in the news the only thing that move was that damn mouth of hers.

"See, I stood up to the plate. And if we win, we each get three thousand dollars." Debbi told all of us.

"Yes but that is way to much money." Samuel knocked some since into her.

"That's why, when I go up there, I will say that they were about to give up until Lee gave then the address."

"Okay that makes much since."

"Okay now let's finish cleaning up so we can have time to go out for a little while. . . Alone. To, you know do something's alone."

"You're going to have sex with your girlfriend aren't you?" I asked, not surprised.

She winked at him, and picked up a pair of socks that was on the floor.

The rest of us just looked at her and rolled our eyes.


"We're home!" I heard my dad say as he walked in the house.

We had a plan when they once came home. And one part of it involves Allen and I to hold back for a couple of minutes.

"Welcome home!" Damian greeted a couple of seconds after Debbi spoke.

"I want to go now." I told Allen. To eager to sit on the bed.

"I want to see them too." Allen responded, his face the same as ever, nonchalant.

"That's it!" I started to say, my pointer finger straight up in the air. "Let's go."

Allen agreed and we started to walk down the hallway, and our parents met us halfway.

"Oh Zane!" My mother embraced me in a tight hug. My dad just smiled brightly and came close to me.

After the warm hug from mom. My dad have me a tight hug. While mom just stared at Allen.

"I can't believe it." Her voice shakey. "I'm so sorry Allen." I stared to hear her cry. And her cry because muffled moments later.

Dad had released me and I saw how my mom wrapped her arms around Allen, her knees on the floor.

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." He wailed. "I can't believe I let you go through all of this.

After a while of crying and apologizing, we all calmed down and was in silence. We were sitting in my room, on my bed, all of us were. And mom wouldn't let go of Allen. And dad wouldn't let go of my hand.

"So you really do care about them then?" Debbi asked them, breaking the almost never ending silence.

"We always loved them." My mom replied. She squeezed Allen harder now. Like a mama bear with her new babies.

"Okay so why leave Allen. I'm not trying to start anything, but why did you cry so much? You purposely let the kidnappers take him, and told them not to report. And when they were at the hospital, you said that you were busy at work. You could have taken the time and came over seen them and all that. And why the fuck were you that surprised to see Allen? You knew he was home."

"Debbi I don't want to here this from you." Dad responded.

"I said that I wasn't trying to start anything, but. . . So if you took it that way then, shoot, I ain't apologizing."

"Like I said before, I didn't want people to worry about us and give us sympathy. I just wanted to live a normal life." Mom cried out. She pressed her fingers against her temple while her head rested in the palm of her hand.

"People in this neighborhood don't look twice at us. And we are distant from our relatives. And there is clearly nothing wrong with Allen." Debbi kept talking and talking. Letting dad and mom hate themselves even more.

"It's okay. I forgive them." Allen finally spoke. He hasn't spoken since they arrived.
"Yes, but that's not right! If you didn't care to take care of a kid with problems, then would you have done the same things to us if we were one?" I saw Debbi tear up. "Would you do the same thing to us?!"

My mom shook her head no, while my dad was speechless.

"I think we should go go bed." My dad finally spoke.

"Yeah I think that is a good idea." My mom responded.

They left the room after giving everyone a hug. Damian, Samuel, and Debbi wanted to stay but I nudged them out. While Lee, Allen, and I stayed in my room.

I understood Debbi's point but I do feel sympathy for my mom and dad. After feeling bad already of what they did, Debbi when and started to bring them down even more.

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