Finally We Meet

Zane, on his fifteenth birthday, got a letter from his parents saying that he has a twin brother and that he had been stolen from the hospital after the birth. The next day Zane saw his twin brother on a website being force to sleep with older men. Can he find him?


8. Lawyers


I haven't seen Zane in months and I really haven't been around his family in a while. I don't know, if he is ever going to come back.

They keep moving from place to place in takes, to where I don't know where the main place is. I want to believe that he is going to come back, but everyone is doubting his return, except his siblings and Samuel.

I was in the kitchen, just sitting during dinner. Except eating, I was playing with the mash potatoes. "Eat Lee." My mom told me, turning my plate.

"I don't feel like eating." I responded back, hearing the clank of the fork as I placed it down on the plate. I got up from the table and walked to my room. I sat in my computer chair and turned around to look at my computer screen. When I was typing in my password, my phone started to ring.

"Hello?" I answered. No one called me on my phone, so that was a surprise.

"Lee!!!" I pulled back the phone from my ear from the sudden loudness.

"Yes?" I slowly inched the phone back to my ear. Now knowing it was Damian speaking. "Do you need anything?"

"Lee! You are needed in the hospital! There is a surprise waiting for you at the hospital! Two to be exact!" He sounded over joyed. And I heard a voice, telling him to stop yelling. It took me not even a second to relies that they found Zane and Allen.

I ended the call without saying anything else, and I ran out of my room, crying and yelling.
"Mom! Mom!" I ran into the kitchen. Mom jumped out of her seat and ran to me.

"What?! What happened? What's the problem?!" She yelled, grabbing my arm and pulling me close to her.

"Zane and Allen! They found them! They are in the hospital right now! We have to go!" I kept nudging her to move, but she was still. "Lets go!"

"I'm just so happy that they found them sweetie. I've never seen you so expressive in my life. I was just surprised at the moment." 


We arrived at the hospital, and once we got out of the car I saw reporters everywhere around the building. We squeezed our way passed them to faced the receptionist. She already looked pissed off, but when we approached her, she was even more pissed.

"I'm here to see Zane Cherry and Allen Cherry." I told her, looking in her cold eyes.

"Sorry family members only." She responded, her facial expression still the same.

"I want to see him now." I said, demanding entry to his room.

"I'm sorry, but I still can't allow you to go."
I pulled out my phone and called Damian. I explained what just happened at the reception desk. And he said that he would be right down.

A few minute later Damian finally came down. He talked to the receptionist, and with a couple of minutes of persuasion, me and my mom finally got the permission to go see them.

"Thanks a lot." I said to Damian. We were in the hallway, walking towards the elevators.

"No problem. When you called me, Zane was listing as well and he forced me to come down. He was happy when he heard your voice." He mentioned to me. We held the elevator door for two people when we heard them yelling from across the hallway. They rushed in and thanked us as the doors closed and the elevator started to move.

It was silent for a little while until one of them spoke. "I see you are going to the same floor. Did your child. . . You know." He broke the awkward silence, just to add more awkward.

"Yes." Damian uttered. He didn't even look at the two people but kept his body facing the door.

Once the door opened, we let the two people off first and then we walked out. Damian lead us to a room, where the next thing I knew someone jumped on me. It felt like a python had taken hold of me.

"Lee!" The crying of Zane filled the room, as I looked uncomfortable while the people in the room looked at me. I patted his head while mom just looked at me.

"Why are you looking like that? You were crying yourself at home. And about to when the lady said you couldn't come up here." Mom made known to everyone in the room. I looked at mom with a shard eye. "Don't look at me like that I am your mother."

"So this is Lee?" An old lady asked Debbi.

"Yes Aunt Sheryl." She responded back sarcastically. "Didn't you not hear Zane yell out his name as he jumped on him?"

"Don't get sarcastic on me. I brought you here."

"I could have drove us here myself but your stupid ass had to take my car keys. You jackass."

"Don't talk like that Debbi. You always had a mouth like that since I met you." My mom jumped in.

"She's like mom. She didn't even want to come here because she had work today. That's why mom isn't here because of stupid work. She said that she is unable to come to see him." Debbi declared. As she kept pointing to Zane. I looked around the room and I didn't see Allen at all.

"Where's Allen?" I asked Zane, still holding on to me.

"He's getting tested for something. You will meet him soon." He told me. "Let's sit down."
We sat down on the bed, and Zane released his grip on my body but held on to my arm instead.

I saw Samuel come out of the bathroom and came over to me. "Hey Lee, I haven't seen you in a while. How's it been?"

"It's been well."

"Okay okay. Well now since Zane's back, your love life can continue." He took hold of my hair, and messed it up. He walked over to Damian, and sat on his lap, giving me small hints.

"I can't wait to go back home." Zane said as his expression rose. "I really missed you. And I don't want to be separated from you anymore. Did you believe that I was ever coming back?"

"I. . . Yeah I did. I mean everyday was just heart whelming, that I had second thoughts. But you were still in my mind." My reply caught the attention of my mom. She looked at me in confusion. Her face showed that she was thinking very hard. I haven't told her that I was gay yet. And this bunch isn't making it very better at hiding it. I looked at Zane, but he just had a big smile on his face and I didn't want to say anything.

It was a while, but mom wanted to see Allen as much as I did. And she wanted to know details. So we waited and waited, until we saw a doctor came in with a boy behind.

"Sorry for the wait, I am Doctor Gale. And again sorry for the wait, but I had to double check him to make sure my examination was correct." The doctor spoke. "But there is nothing wrong with Allen Cherry. So you have nothing to worry about. But he needs to go to a psychologist for his trauma. And I would like Zane to go too."

"Why do we have to go? I'm alright. And Allen is too. He doesn't have any problems." Zane pronounced.

"I recommend it, you don't have to go. It's just to express yourself and not have to hold it in for the rest of your days."

Zane didn't say anything else. Their doctor was saying extra things that made me sound dumb. But my mom loves to get in to people's businesses. I think that's a part of a lawyers life.

"So how long are they going to stay?" Zane's aunt questioned.

"Until tomorrow evening. The police is coming over to talk to the teenagers that was in the trouble act of the use of their bodies. And they are going by alphabetical order by their last names. And Zane and Allen are going to be questioned together since they are brothers and more over twins. So they are going to be done before the evening time." Doctor Gale informed us.

"Ugh I have work and I can't miss work twice. Um Lee's mom, can you check them out for me."

"Are you that selfish?! And what about us? We want to come back tomorrow. And you are going to ask a woman a favor that you have never met?! Stupid bastard." Debbi swore.

"I wouldn't mind. I'm just going to do it because of Lee." My mom replied. She looked at me, making me know that she know. "And hi Allen. I'm Lee's mom nice to meet you. Just call me Mrs. Julio. You look so adorable."

"Mom." I said through closed teeth. "Sorry. My names Lee. I hope we can get along and be friends." He just looked at me while I held my hand towards him. He took hold of it slowly, but kept the nonchalant look.

"Oh yeah Lee, the one Zane kept talking about. I keep forgetting." Allen finally spoke. But it was in more of a whisper.

The whole time we just talked, well mom, Samuel, Damian, Debbi, and Zane. Mostly Debbi was cussing her aunt out. And Samuel and Damian sweet talking the whole time. And my mom, with the doctor plus Zane.

Once we got home I hurried into the house. I was walking towards my room until my mom called out my name.

"Where are you going? I want to talk to you." She spoke in a loud voice that could attract dad.

"We can talk tomorrow can we? I mean I am super tired and all." I told her.

"We can talk in your room. Or out in the open where your dad can hear."

"No no. Fine, but I really don't want to talk about it."

"I don't care. We are going to talk about it."
We walked to my room and she shut the door behind her. I took my shoes off and slowly walked to my closet to stall time.

"I know what you are doing. Come sit." I walked over to my bed and sat beside her.

"Yes mom?" I mumbled.

"I don't mind if your gay Lee, but I do mind if you keep it from me." She told me.

"I didn't know I had to tell you."

"Well you did. Because I want to know everything." I didn't respond to her selfish comment. But just stared at my computer. "I won't tell your dad okay. And you are not going to tell him either, until you are eighteen or out of the house and living on your own."

"Why?" I asked confused. Why can't I? And why at eighteen?

"Because on you dad's side if the family, they are so religious. And if he finds out before you are off to college and out of the house. He will kick you out, and I wouldn't have a say in it, well I would, but his family will back him up, and they will win. And I can use the law in it, but it will drive his family insane and I don't want to deal with that for the rest of my life. And plus one time when he kept sculling me about my past sins, I told him I wanted a divorce. But he kept telling me that his religion said otherwise. So when you leave for college. I can secretly pay you or come see you, see?"

I nodded my head, surprised that she said that at all. "So what sins did you have in the past?" I questioned her, wondering how bad they were.

"Oh, having sex before marriage and drinking." She said, her tone the same.

"That's it?"

"Yes, but to your father, it's a really bad thing. So he just kept on and on with it. Pushing me and pushing me with my past. When you get to college, you want to try new things. So that's what I did. Went to parties, drink, and other stuff that I will never tell you." She left it at that and got up from my bed, and walked out of my room.


The next day, Debbi called me on the phone and asked, when we leave to go pick them up, can we go pick her and Damian up as well. I asked my mom, who was in her office and she said yes.

When the time came, we asked Debbi for directions and of course the address. We struggle for a bit. Going around in circles or missing a turn. My mom cussed a lot, getting angry. But when we finally arrived, she calmed down but told me to go knock on the door and get them.

"Sorry for asking you to come pick us up. This neighborhood is really hard to find." Debbi apologized.

"Oh we had no trouble coming here." My mom lied. And it was a terrible lie too, because her face is still red from anger. 
While we were on the road, Debbi kept talking to my mom. "Can I sue my parents for this?"

"I need to know your reason." She responded back.

"Well first off she let Allen go through what he's been through, by not caring that he was stolen from the hospital. And then doubting Zane's return. That is fucked up parenting."

"If you put it like that, then you probably have a chance of winning."

"Mom don't push her!" I yelled, thinking she was really dumb for telling her that.

We picked up Zane and Allen and arrived to their house than their aunts. Zane started to jump around after Damian opened the door. While Allen looked around the place. Zane grabbed his hand and mine, taking us to his room. I looked back at mom, while she just shooed me on. 'I'll pick you up tomorrow. That's why I packed a bag for you to stay.' She told me, holding the bag in her hand.
Zane closed the door behind him, and sat us on his bed.

"Now since we are alone, Allen can talk comfortably now." Zane said, bursting with energy.

"So what do we talk about?" I asked him.

"Well about what happened of course. If rather talk about the things with you more than my sibling because I know how they are going to react. Debbi in rage. And of course Damian with that said puppy look the whole time. But you just have that expression that doesn't give a person shame when they talk about things with you. And Allen wanted to talk to you too, since I told him about you."

"Okay, but I don't want to hear it, because I am going to wail my eyes out, hearing you talk about what happened to you. It was painful enough that I saw you getting kidnapped before my eyes. . ."

"Did you forget I am in here too? Or that you both are just ignoring me?" Allen finally spoke.

"Um, I'm sorry. So what do you want to talk about?" I questioned, thinking that was a wrong question to ask.

"Well Zane said you are easy to talk to so I might as well talk to you." He said, how he spoke sounded like he was well educated.

"Well I kinda feel lonely. I usually have men touching me right now, but since I got rescued, the only time I got touched was with the doctor. Even though the men were rough, I still felt comforted."

"I don't know what to say to that. Because I don't do psychology things. But in my opinion, I would rather stay with my family, than with random man."

"But my parents didn't want me! I don't belong here. I want to go back to what I was doing. At least they cared about me over there."

"Allen, like I said before, our parents are douche bags. And they were think only about themselves. But don't forget Debbi, Damian, and me. I got kidnap to save your butt. So I say that I was thinking about you and cared about you. And to inform you, for all my life I thought something was missing from it." Zane expressed, his voice rising.

"I wasn't talking to you. I was talking to Lee, because I knew you were going to say that. You don't know how I feel, all these years thinking that rapist was my real dad. But at least he raised me, he didn't hit me or anything, I was well treated. But once my real mom and dad come back, what are they going to say to me? I know they are going to treat me way differently than you."

"You know what? I am hungry, how about pizza?" I jumped in, wanting the conversation I end.

"Lee you know I don't like pizza. You forgot didn't you?" Zane reminded me.

"Hehe, sorry. Let's ask Debbi, I know she is going to go way out with food."

"Fine by me. I want nachos, with a whole lot of spicy salsa."

"Nachos?" Allen asked.

"You have lot to learn."

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