St Raymonds (screenplay)

A TV series following the lives of teens at St Raymonds school. Friendships are tested, hearts are broken and memories are made as they party their way through the school year. The students are haunted by secrets, tested by lies and they can't go a day without another fresh scandal passing through the school. The series follows the mishaps and drama of a friendship group who experience a lot more than just an education at St Raymonds school.


1. Episode 1- The first day

~~The scene opens on Nate as he wakes up, slamming his hand down on his alarm clock and moaning. He goes about his morning routine, brushing his teeth, jumping in the shower then pulling some clothes off the floor and putting them on. He ruffles his hair in the mirror and sighs as he picks up his rucksack off the floor then jogs down the stairs.
Nate: I’m off (shouting as he goes to the front door)
His father walks out of the kitchen and scowls at him
Marcus: You better put the crap from last year behind you
Nate: Yeah what ever
He walks out of the house then down the road, lighting up a cigarette. The scene moves over to Lottie and Tabby as they step out of Lottie’s house.
Lottie: This is so great, we’re finally going to the same school
Tabby: (smiles) easy for you to say, you don’t have to be the new girl
Lottie: relax, they’ll be plenty of new people. Lodes of people decide to join in 6th form.
Tabby: (looks worried) I’ll take your word for it then
Lottie: (gives her a warm smile and links her arm through Tabby’s) Come on, it’s a fresh start for you. (gives her an impressed look) I still can’t believe you got in on a full scholarship
 Tabby: Well it was the only way I was going to get in
Lottie: Yeah, and they know they need to take you off the other team if they want to win any tournament this year (laughs and Tabby smiles)
Moves to Nate as he walks onto the school bus, walking to the seats at the back and sitting down next to Finn.
Finn: Surprised to see you’re coming in today after last night
Nate: (winces) not so loud mate
Finn: (laughs) I did warn you
Finn looks up as a girl walks on and sits in the seat opposite to them on the aisle and nods at her.
Finn: alright Cicely, looking fine today (winks at her)
Cicely blushes and looks away while Nate rolls his eyes at his friend who smirks.
Moves to Lottie and Tabby as they’re sat on the bus. A boy behind them leans over their seats to talk to them.
Chris: Who’s your friend then Lottie?
Lottie: (rolls her eyes) This is Tabby, Tabby this is Chris and you should just ignore everything he says
Chris: That’s not very fair, welcome to St Raymonds Tabby. Where you from?
Tabby: Wiltshire school
Chris: Well Raymonds is a much better choice (laughs and slumps back into his chair)
Lottie: (whispered) Be careful of him, he wants to get into every girls pants
Tabby raises her eyebrows and glances over at Chris as the scene moves on to the arriving at St Raymonds.
Nate is stood with Finn and Nina by their lockers as Finn and Nina snog for a moment.
Nate: So you guys are back on then?
They stop and give him a disapproving look
Nina: The argument you saw last night was sorted when you were passed out in the back of the car
Nate: (Winces) Wish I never asked
The camera shows Misty as she looks lost, her eyes darting around the corridors. She bumps into Danny.
Danny: Watch out!
Misty: (mumbled) sorry (starts to walk away)
Danny: Hey wait, are you new?
Misty: (Nods) yeah, do you know where I’m supposed to go?
Danny: What year?
Misty: 12
Danny: (beams at her) what a coincidence, so am I. Follow me.
They walk passed Tabby and Lottie as they walk inside.
Tabby: This place is so big
Lottie: Stop worrying about things, we have to go to assembly
She spots Cassie, her friend and pulls Tabby over with her.
Lottie: Cas!
Cassie: Lottie (Squeals as the two hug each other)
Tabby stands a little awkwardly to the side
Lottie: I haven’t seen you all summer! How was New Zealand?
Cassie: It was so good… (notices Tabby) who’s this?
Lottie: This is Tabby, remember I told you she was coming this year?
Cassie: oh yeah, I’m Cassie (smiles at her)
Tabby: Hey (smiles)
Lottie: Cassie was the hockey captain last year (to Tabby) you might have some competition this year though Cas
Cassie: Oh, whys that?
They start to walk through the crowd
Lottie: Tabs was captain at her last school, you were on the regional team as well weren’t you?
Tabby: yeah
Cassie: (raises her eyebrows) Impressive, are you coming to try outs tonight then?
Tabby: Tonight? I didn’t realise they were so soon
Cassie: Mrs Phelps likes get the team together as quick as possible. She takes it so seriously. (laughs)
Lottie: And I’ll be there to capture every second
Cassie: (Winces) can you not put me on the front page again?
Lottie: But it was a good shot!
Cassie: I looked all sweaty and… (Winces but doesn’t continue)
Lottie: It isn’t up to me anyway, it’s bloody Cicely who makes all the decisions (looks annoyed)
Cassie: How did she even become editor?
Lottie: because the teachers love her (flatly)
They arrive at the assembly hall then walk over to a row of girls who smile at them. Tabby sits next to Lottie and looks nervous as the girls chat amongst themselves. You can see Danny sat with Misty a few rows in front of them.
Danny: So where are you from Misty?
Misty: I moved down here from Liverpool
Danny: You don’t have an accent though
Misty: yeah, we only stayed there for year
Danny: Oh right, how come?
Misty: My mum’s a social worker, we kind of move around a lot.
Danny: that must be annoying
Misty: how long have you been here?
Danny: since nursery (laughs) kind of sad I know
Misty: No, it means you haven’t had to go through the hassle of moving around
Danny: true (nods)
Mr Walters, head of the 6th form, walks onto the stage and everyone stops talking.
Mr Walters: Welcome back to another year everyone, especially those of you who are new to us. The camera shows Misty and Tabby for a second as Lottie nudges Tabby.
Mr Walters: We hope that now you’ve had a long time off you’ve come back with brains that are ready to work. A levels are hard and they’ll be no time for slacking.
The door swings open and Rob Smyth walks in looking a mess. Mr Walters rolls his eyes.
Mr Walters: Nice of you to join us Rob
Rob: Sorry sir
He jogs up the steps and sits in the seat next to Nate.
Nate: (whispered) nice one mate (sniggers as Rob shrugs)
Rob: Missed the bus didn’t I?
Mr Walters: As I was saying, (raises his eyebrow at Rob who gives an apologetic smile) some of you may have thought GCSE’s were easy, well you won’t get away with being lazy this year.
Scene moves on to Tabby sat in her new tutor room and a girl sits down next to her. Finn is near the back laughing with some friends and making lots of noise catching a glimpse of Tabby and raising his eyebrow approvingly.
Becca: Hey, are you new?
Tabby: Yeah I’m Tabby
Becca: Becca (smiles at her and slides into the seat)
The tutor walks into the room and slams his books onto his desk so everyone settles down.
Mr Davis: Welcome back to another year, I hope you all had a spectacular summer that you all want to talk about but I’d rather you didn’t do it on my time. Now, let’s get what you want to know out the way. As you all probably know, being in 6th form means you have access to the common room
There’s a series of excited noise
Finn: Yes!
Mr Davis: Yeah I know Mr Lucas, it’s all very exciting
Finn gives him a smug smiling, twisting his pen around in his hand
Mr Davis: So the rules are, if you break it you fix it. No bringing people from the younger years in, treat it respectively and the TV isn’t to go on during lesson time. Mr Walters has already told you that free periods are for work and not play
There’s a series of grumbles and he shakes his head.
Mr Walters: So we have a new pupil in the tutor group, Tabby Drake (looks around)
She gestures at him and he nods.
Mr Walters: I hear you’re a talented athlete
She shrugs, looking a little embarrassed.
Mr Walters: Well, I’m sure everyone here will make you feel welcome.
Finn: (muttered to his friends) I’m sure we will
They all snigger and Mr Walters looks up at them
Mr Walters: (rolls his eyes) And don’t worry, we aren’t all like Mr Lucas.
Scene moves on to later when Misty is searching for somewhere to sit in the lunch hall. She see’s Danny on Nate and Finn’s rowdy table and bites her lip.
Lottie: You look like you need someone to sit with (holding a cup then gestures for her to follow her)
They reach a table where Tabby is sat with Cassie, Valerie, Sam, Rob and Clair. Misty sits down opposite Tabby and Lottie sits next to her.
Lottie: Tabby’s new as well
Tabby: Hi (smiles at her)
Lottie: What’s your name?
Misty: Misty
Lottie: Wait, you’re in my art class aren’t you?
She nods as Lottie smiles
Tabby: It’s all a bit daunting isn’t it?
Misty: Definitely, there’s so much to take in
Sam: (yelling) Ready?
Rob, Clair and Valerie bang on the table as he shakes a piece of pasta in his hand then throws it up and catches it in his mouth. They cheer and laugh. Lottie rolls her eyes.
Lottie: How old are you? 5?
They laugh and Sam shrugs.
Sam: 6 actually
They laughs harder and he winks at the girls then Cassie nods at Rob.
Cassie: Loved your entrance to assembly this morning Rob
Rob: (moans) don’t remind me
Clair: It would be you thought wouldn’t it? (Laughs)
Scene moves on to Nina and Nate smoking in the field out of sight of the school
Nina: Do you know if Finn even likes me?
Nate: (rolls his eyes) Well he had his tongue down your throat this morning, I’d say that means he likes you.
Nina: But you know Finn, he’s so hot and cold all the time
Nate: We don’t discuss all that shit
Nina: Yeah, but he must say some stuff. I mean we’ve been seeing each other a long time
Nate: You guys have broken up so many times that I have no clue what’s going on
Nina: He’s so impossible sometimes!
Nate: Alright, don’t take it out on me!
Nina: Sorry (muttered) he just winds me up.
Nate: Maybe you should tell him this
Nina: Finn doesn’t do serious conversations.
Nate: Yeah I know (sighs)
Scene moves to the common room where the girls are sat on various sofa’s talking while the boys argue over the TV remote and hover round the pool table. Danny is playing Sam.
Danny: You’re so going to miss that shot
Sam hits the ball and misses the shot while the crowd around them makes moaning noises and laugh.
Sam: You put me off!
Danny: Now watch the master (hits the white and it bounces around the table, potting two balls)
Finn: You’re a force of nature mate
Danny takes a bow as people clap and laugh. Misty watches Danny from the sofa and Valerie notices.
Valerie: (whispered) he’s single (winks at her)
Misty smiles shyly and Valerie laughs.
Valerie: His dad is also loaded so good pick (smiles)
Lottie: He throws the best parties.
Cassie: yeah, we haven’t had a Danny Dire party for ages
Lottie: Hey Danny (he looks over at her) when’s your next party?
Danny: (pauses) Friday
Finn: nice one
Danny: everyone’s invited
People cheer
Lottie: (To Tabby) You should come to mine to get ready, like the good old days (laughs)
Tabby: (laughs) What? The school discos you mean?
Lottie: Yeah, we looked so cool
Tabby: I remember when you wore that dress with about a million sequins on and covered the hall in them
Lottie: (laughs) good times
Cassie: Did you go to the same primary?
Lottie: Yeah, then she left me to go to Wiltshire
Tabby: Hey, it’s not my fault I couldn’t afford to follow you here
Cassie: How’re you here now then?
There’s a silence as people frown at her then she shrugs.
Cassie: just a question
Tabby: I’m on a full sports scholarship
Cassie looks a little weary at this.
The conversation moves on and the scene moves to after school. It shows Lottie walking Tabby to the sports hall and pointing out the changing rooms. They see the girls all hovered around a window looking into the sports hall.
Lottie: What are you all giggling at?
Clair: Mr Mathews
Lottie rolls her eyes and camera shows Logan talking with Mrs Phelps in the sports hall for a moment
Tabby: Who’s that?
Lottie: He was the new sports coach last year, total fitty
Valerie: look at those muscles!
Clair: Just imagine him working out, all hot and sweaty
Cassie: ew, I think that’s taking it a bit too far
Clair shrugs
Clair: I find that sexy
Lottie: (laughing) I’ll see you guys later, I need to find Joel
Scene moves to Finn, Nate and Nick stood on the sports balcony watching the girls warm up for hockey dressed in their rugby kit.
Finn: (watching the girls) fresh meat (claps his hands together and looks at Tabby as she bends over to stretch in her skort) Thoughts on the new girl?
Nick: definitely a 10
Nate: what about Nina?
Finn: Nina what?
Nate: I thought you were dating again
Finn: (shrugs) there’s no harm in looking
Smiles smugly at him and Nate rolls his eyes.
Nick: Well if you’re taken means I’m defiantly going after her
Finn: Damn being in a relationship is hard
Logan pokes his head around the door
Logan: Lads you should be out on the pitch
Nate frowns at him and Logan walks back out
Nick: Your brothers here for another year then?
Nate: (muttered) unfortunately
They walk out and camera shows the girls playing hockey. Tabby plays well, scoring quite a few goals and tackling Cassie on the other team and she doesn’t seem pleased about it. It shows Lottie running around taking photos then jogging over to Joel.
Lottie: You should be taking photos of the rugby
Joel: (camp) what, no way it’s all muddy on that field and these shoes are not made for it.
She rolls her eyes and walks out to the pitch. She takes some shots and you see various characters running around and Finn notices her.
Finn: Hey Moore capture this
He turns around and bends over and she laughs taking a photo.
Logan: Finn quit messing around
Nate watches him and scowls
Lottie: Hey Mr Mathews
He looks over and gives a short wave before continuing to run up the pitch with the boys.
Scene moves to the end of the Hockey with the girls gathered around Mrs Phelps
Mrs Phelps: Today wasn’t bad ladies, I’ll get the team list up as soon as I can then training will start on Thursday after school so go and get a well-deserved rest.
They all start to walk out of the pitch
Mr Phelps: Tabatha could I speak to you please?
Tabby stays behind as the other girls glance over their shoulders at her then walk back over to the changing rooms
Mrs Phelps: (when they’ve all gone) You played well
Tabby: Thanks
Mrs Phelps: You’ve definitely made the first team but for now I’m not going to make you captain
She nods
Mrs Phelps: I know you were at your last school and I’m not doubting your capability of it I just think the girls need to get used to playing with you first. I’ll rethink after half term maybe
Tabby: Ok, thanks Miss
Logan starts to walks across the pitch as Tabby turns and walks passed him. He glances at her for a moment as she passes, both of them making eye contact. She looks away and hurries over to the changing rooms. Logan reaches Mrs Phelps.
Mrs Phelps: (Nods after Tabby) Very talented that one.
Logan: Yeah, I’ve got a good feeling about the rugby team this year, I’m not sure whether to put Finn Lucas on the first team though, he gets distracted easily
Mrs Phelps: maybe putting him on the seconds for a few weeks will make him take it more seriously
Logan: That may be a good idea
Moves into the girls changing room as Tabby walks inside, Lottie is sat down clicking through her photos.
Cassie: What did she want?
Tabby: Just to say welcome me to the school (shrugs)
Cassie narrows her eyes as she pulls her blouse on
Valerie: Get any good shots Lottie?
Lottie: I got a nice one of Finn Lucas’s bum
The girls giggle and gather around her to look at her camera
Cassie: That boy knows a few tricks
Clair: What does that mean?
Cassie: (shrugs) He’s good in bed
Valerie: No way! You slept with him?
Lottie: When?
Cassie: At Sam’s party
Clair: that was, like, 2 weeks ago!
Lottie: Why didn’t you tell us? (Looks a little annoyed)
Cassie: Hey, my sex life is private
Valerie: Not to us, you know you have to share all your secrets with your team mates
Lottie: And photographer
Clair: Isn’t Finn with Nina?
Cassie: Finn told me they were on a break (shrugs)
Valerie: (frowns) Finn isn’t known for telling the truth though
Cassie: So what if he and Nina were still together? That girl needs to wake up and realise Finn isn’t relationship material
Lottie: She’s our friend Cass, you shouldn’t do that to her
Cassie: (scowls) we were drunk ok? It didn’t mean anything (shrugs)
Clair: Still, you shouldn’t do it again
Cassie: Fine (rolls her eyes) how about you Tabby? When did you last do the dirty?
Tabby looks a little startled
Valerie: Don’t worry if you haven’t, Clair has yet to swipe her V-card and Lottie is waiting for love
Clair frowns and Lottie glares at her
Clair: Thanks Val
Cassie: Well?
Tabby: I had a boyfriend but we broke up in the summer
Lottie: You never told me you and Dean broke up?
Tabby: (shrugs) It didn’t come up
Lottie: (raises an eyebrow) I didn’t like him anyway
Clair: how come?
Tabby looks away and continues getting changed, looking a little worried by the memory of it
Lottie: He just seemed kind of rough, wasn’t he in gang Tabs?
Tabby: (nods) yeah, he clashed with my brother a bit. I don’t really want to talk about it
Clair: you have a brother?
Lottie: Yeah he’s well hot!
Tabby frowns
Lottie: Sorry Tabby but he is (laughs)
Cassie: How old?
Tabby: 22
Cassie: Well Clair if it doesn’t work out with Mr Mathews you can totally get with him
Clair glares at her while everyone apart from Tabby laughs. She looks a little cross as she puts her uniform back on.
Lottie: Shit, we’re going to miss the bus if you don’t hurry up
The girls all stop laughing and start changing quicker. The scene moves on to Nate and Finn on the bus.
Finn: Mate, I’m knackered I didn’t think it was possible but your brother has managed to work us even harder than last year already
Nate: can we stop referring to Logan as my brother
Finn: (frowns) fine but denying it won’t make it any less true
Nate: (shrugs) It’s just annoying that I always have to see him at school all the time
Finn: (laughs) well he better put Paul on seconds this year cause he did nothing for the team last year
Nate: You’re still holding a grudge against him for not charging at that guy from Moline?
Finn: Yeah, he cost us the game
Nate: That guy weighed about 20 stone
Finn: If he wants to be a rugby player he has to risk it
Nate: (frowns) just because you don’t care about having your head smashed
Finn: alright mate!.... anyway, you coming out tonight or what?
Nate: No, Mr Baltimore has already set a shit tonne of work
Finn: Don’t tell me you’re going to be boring this year
Nate: No, I just don’ want to go out tonight
Finn: Alright I’ll take Nina, it’s cool.
Moves on to Tabby rushing over to a desk inside a reception
Tabby: I’m not too late am I?
The lady at the desk looks up at her
Receptionist: Late for what?
Tabby: Visiting hours
Receptionist: No, you still have 20 minutes, who are you here to see?
Tabby: (breathes a sigh of relief) Gale Drake
She taps on her keyboard
Receptionist: And you’re the sister?
Tabby nods
Receptionist: You can got through.
She presses a button and there’s a buzzing noise and the door opens. Tabby walks through the door and into a room where there’s a lode of people meeting with other prisoners. She sits down then watches the door. Her brother eventually walks through in an orange jump suit. He smiles in relief at her then walks over.
Tabby: (as he sits down) Sorry I’m late
Gale: it’s ok
Tabby: The hockey trials were tonight and the bus was late back and…
Gale: Tabs it’s fine (chuckles)
She stops and smiles at him
Gale: How was your first day?
Tabby: It was alright, the coach told me I’d made the first team
Gale: No surprise there then (laughs looking at her fondly)
Tabby: And you’re alright in here?
Gale: (shrugs) I’m surviving…. Is Lottie’s mum still ok with you staying over?
Tabby: Yeah she’s totally cool with it
He raises his eye brows
Gale: And Dean….
Tabby: Is totally out of the picture…
The scene moves on to Nate’s house when he goes down to eat dinner, Logan is sat at the table.
Nate: what are you doing here?
Logan: Nice to see you too
Nate: Sorry (muttered)
Logan: I thought I’d get a proper cooked meal for once, my cooking ability hasn’t improved (laughs)
Marcus: Logan says you made the first team
Logan: You weren’t supposed to tell him
Nate smiles as he sits down
Marcus: I’m proud of you son, don’t let us down yeah?
Nate: Yeah
Moves to Finn’s house where he walks passed the kitchen to go out. His mother watches him walk passed
Mary: Are you going out?
Finn: yeah
Mary: Oh please stay and help with Teddy, I’ve been with him all day and I’m so tired
Finn scowls
Finn: No I stayed with him all of yesterday, he’s your son
She makes a noise of annoyance
Mary: You can be so selfish sometimes
He shakes his head and walks outside, ringing Nina
Nina: (picks up) I can’t come out tonight, my mum… she’s… it’s kind of hard to explain
Finn: Whatever, see you at school (looks irritated)
Nina: Don’t be angry at me!
Finn hangs up then scrolls down his caller list then finds Cassie’s name and clicks call.
Moves to Misty who walks into the house and into the kitchen
Misty: how’s Jack?
Joan: He’s been good as gold (smiles)
Misty smiles at the baby in his highchair and takes him out, hugging him closely to her
Joan: How was your first day?
Misty: Not bad, I was invited to a party on Friday
Joan: (frowns) are you sure that’s sensible I mean last time….
Misty: It’s fine mum, I won’t be that stupid again
She nods, raising her hands in defence
Joan: I was just saying…
Misty: We promised not to talk about it (stokes Jack’s hair)
Moves to Lottie’s house as she sorts through her photos that she’s put onto the computer. She stops on the photo of Finn and smiles at it. It then shows a scene of Finn with Cassie as she lets him into her house and leads him upstairs. It then shows Nina helping her mum upstairs and running her a shower as she hands her some pills and a mug of water.
Nina: It’s ok mum (mutters)
She looks at her phone and the text she sent to Finn
‘Sorry, I’ll make it up to you’
He hasn’t replied and she sighs, putting it on the side then undresses her mum.
Scene moves to Danny as he sits on a bench smoking with Nick
Nick: Did you see Joel Adams today in that fucking scarf?
Danny: (laughs) yeah, the guy is a little wacky
Nick: He’s a bloody puff, what do you expect?
Danny: yeah (doesn’t sound enthusiastic)
Nick: So your party is definitely on?
Danny: yeah, my dad’s out
Nick: Great, I’m totally scoring that new chick
Danny: Misty?
Nick: Who?
Danny: you said new girl
Nick: yeah, Tabby Drake… who the hell is Misty?
Danny: Oh, she was new as well
Nick: Is she fit?
Danny: I guess so… she’s Asian I think…
Nick: Nice one, you should go for it mate, I swear you haven’t pulled in ages
Danny: I have standards
Nick: Alright no need to get like that!
Goes over to Tabby as she says good bye to Gale. One of the other prisoners leans over to him when Tabby has gone.
Prisoner: Nice girl you got there (winks at him)
Gale: (scowls at him) She’s my sister prick
Prisoner: That mean she’s single? (Laughs)
Gale gives him a look of disgust and stands up, storming passed him and out of the visitor hall
Shows Tabby getting off a bus then walking over to a door and unlocking it revealing she’s walking into an empty flat. She dumps her bags on the floor then sighs as she sits on the sofa. There’s pictures of her and her brother on the wall the some of her playing hockey and some trophies. Her phone goes and it’s Lottie. The screen splits to show both of them. Lottie is sitting on her bed painting her nails.
Lottie: Hey, have you started Miss Carters prep?
Tabby: No, just been eating dinner
Lottie: oh, tell Gale I said hi
Tabby: yeah, he’s just trying to work the washing machine right now
Lottie: I’d like to see that (laughs) It’s so cool that you live with your brother there’s no one to lecture you about homework and stuff
Tabby: Yeah, it’s awesome (doesn’t sound that enthusiastic)
Lottie: I’ll talk to you tomorrow then, I have a feeling I’m going to be stuck on this essay about bloody Henry VIII and his 5 wives for hours
Tabby: Its 6
Lottie: What?
Tabby: (laughs) he had 6 wives
Lottie: oh yeah shit! I’m going to have to start all over again
Tabby laughs
Tabby: Well good luck with that.
Lottie: Talk tomorrow
She hangs up and Tabby puts the phone down, looking around the empty flat and sighs.
End of episode.

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