Weak for you

Caleb Hemingway has it all, good looks,best friends,money,girls all over him and perfect future planed from his parents. But there is one important thing missing what he doesn't think he needs. Love. He don't do feelings. His life turns upside down when he starts to catch feelings towards girl named Faella.


2. two

Her soft smile made my heart tingle in a weird way. "Cal." She called softly smiling widely to me. She was wearing a blue summer dress and wind touched her long curly hair. Her brown eyes were full of happiness. I don't know how long i had been sitting there just watching her play with our dog but i could stare her for ever. "I really love your family's new dog. Its so cute and adorable." She spoke as she walked over me and sat on my lap. "I really love you." I answered as she sat on my lap and ran her thumb gently on my cheek. Her smile grew. "I love you more." She whispered before placing her lips against mine.

~~~~ Caleb's point of view ~~~~

I stared at the white ceiling. What the fuck was that?! I took cold shower trying to focus to the real stuff and not let the weirs dream about Faella distract me. I didn't need her. She wasn't my type.i made my way to kitchen and opened the fridge. I had no food. I took my car keys and locked the door. "So tomorrow there is gonna be this super crazy party. And we my brother. Are going." Elliot my best friend since diapers said as we sat in coffee shop eating breakfast well it was more like lunch since it was one pm. "I don't know man." I said taking a bite of my spaghetti. Who the hell even eats spaghetti for breakfast? "Are you shitting me? What in the earth could be more important than pool party? Come on man! Hot chicks in bikinis and throwing them selfs to us,good music and alcohol!" Elliot said. "Jeez. Whatever." I said. Even though i did not feel like going maybe this was what i needed. To forget Faella. Stupid Faella. "Cal,wasn't that your last chick?" Elliot said. I saw Faella enter the room with group of girls they were giggling and talking. "Mmmh." I hummed. "She's hot.i bet she was good." Elliot said. I rolled my eyes. "I don't know." I said. "You fucked her, right?" He asked. "No i didn't." I said. "What? Are you kidding me? Me and others thought that she must be some tiger in bed,since you kept her for months." Elliot said. "Shut up. Lets not talk about that." I snapped. "Okay okay, peace." He said raising his hand up for defence. I focused on my food as Elliot kept staring Fae and her friends. "Do you think Alyssa and Diana are still friends with her? They could invite her to the party. I would love to see that body in bikinis." Elliot said. "Stop it. Seriously." I said getting up as i had finished. I put my jacket back on the door opened and Alyssa walked in with her cousin Tanner. Tanner is at our age but he never hangs out in same group with me. I don't know him. Alyssa is in good terms with him, of course because they are related but they aren't so close. But the point was why did he come here. "Hey guys." Aly greeted to us. "Whats Tanner up to?" Elliot asked. "Oh he just gave me ride to here since he said he was going to meet up some friends. Of course Tanner was walking to Faella. Fae's eyes light up like kid in christmas as she hugged Elliot. I narrowed my eyes that hug was too long to be only friends hug. "Lets go." I said. Alyssa and Elliot followed me as i walked across the room. Faella's smile turned to frown as her eyes met mine. She still looked beautiful even though her eyes were full of emotions mostly hurt and confusion. She quickly turned to Tanner who had his arm on her waist. What the fuck.

"Ouch, what happened?" Alyssa asked as we got out. "

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