Weak for you

Caleb Hemingway has it all, good looks,best friends,money,girls all over him and perfect future planed from his parents. But there is one important thing missing what he doesn't think he needs. Love. He don't do feelings. His life turns upside down when he starts to catch feelings towards girl named Faella.


3. three


"Who's party is this again?" I asked as i sat on the edge of the pool and drank beer. "Some guy named Matthew. Who cares. Now let loose. I am going over there those pretty ladies are looking at me." He said winking at me before swimming to the other way to some girls. First time i felt out of place. I got up from the pool and went to changing rooms to change. I walked out the house. "Where were you!" My mothers voice snapped as i walked into my apartment. "Oh hey." I said. "I was out with Elliot." I said and she nod. "How have you been?" She asked. "What?" I asked. "Can i be interested of how my son is doing?" She said. "Watch wrong." I asked sitting next to her. "Dad and i are getting divorced." She said. "And?" I said. "I just wanted you to know. Nothing will change. The company will still be ours but we just live in different address."she said. "Okay." I said. "Are you okay with that?" She asked. "Yeah. Its your marriage. Its not like you are around or something." I said. "I know. I am sorry about that. Its just hard. Your dad loves working. I though that maybe if i work more with him i would get some relationship with him again. But all he does is work. Even though we work together its not that we spend time together. I have tried to fix things. But its too late. I don't know if i even love him anymore." She said. I really didn't know what to say. I felt bad for her. Dad was total jerk sometimes and mum tried hard. "Thats why i don't do girlfriends. Feelings. Falling a love. Its dead end." I said. She looked at me with wide eyes. "No. Love is the best thing in life. Without it, what if the point of living if you don't love. Son. I am sorry i failed. I failed my marriage with Robert and your childhood. You need love. What about that girl. What was her name Faella. How is she doing. You should invite her to lunch sometime.it should be nice to see her again." My mother said. I was lost of words. I didn't answer. Why did everyone keep talking about her! "Oh no." Mum said. "Why? She asked. "Things didn't work out. We were never even together and she just. She is too complicated. I don't need her. I don't need anyone. I am going to bed. Goodnight." I snapped storming to my bedroom.


"Where do wanna go first?" I asked as we entered to fun park. "I want to go to ferris wheel!" Faella smiled widely. "Ferris wheel it is." I said taking her hand as we ran to the queue. I sat next to her in to the cart and it started to move slowly up. "Last time when i was in this i was so small. I didn't remember that its so cool. She said shyly. "Yeah. Its pretty cool." I said. "Thanks for taking me here." She smiled. "No problem." I said. I like the way she looks at me before she leans in and kisses me. "Okay. Lovebirds." Voice cut us. The ride had ended and the ticket man was standing there with bored look on his face. "Lets go." I said taking her hand as we got of. Her cheeks were bright red. "Are you blushing." I teased. "Yeah.well the man just caught us kissing." She said shyly. "Aww. So you haven't never kissed someone in public?" I asked. "Well no. Its awkward when people are kissing like middle of store. And you just stand there like. 'Yeah,thats great. Happy couple." She said. "But what if i want to kiss you right now. You wouldn't let me?" I asked taking her by her waist and pulling her closer while smirking to her. "I-i don't know i am not used to do PDA in front of everyone." She said biting insides of her cheeks. "Faella. I really want to kiss your right now." I groaned leaning in softly pressing my lips against hers. Her cheeks were still shade of pink. She was just to cute and irresistible.


My eyes snapped open. I threw my pillow to the wall. "Fucking hell." I groaned. I can't believe i just had deja vu dream of our first date.

"Cal! Where did you go last night?" Elliot asked as we walked down the school's halls. "I had to go home. My mother wanted to see me." I told him. Well it wasn't really a lie. She didn't call me to come home but she still had things what to tell me. "Today is the big game. You ready?" He asked. "Yeah." I said. I was captain of schools football team and today was the game between north's and East's Colleges.

The colleges stadium was full. And i saw my friends on the front seat holding sings with my name on it and all dressed up to support the team. I don't know how, but i spotted Faella from the crown. What was she doing here? Probably for Tanner. He played on the team what we were against today.i was so gonna kick their ass. I tried my best but everyone kept fucking up the game. We were gonna lose. "I heard you had a thing with Faella. But you should know. We are gonna date soon. And she will be all mine.i don't even like her. But that body is to die for and i have heard she is virgin. I am gonna change that tonight at the party." Tanner dirty voice spoke as he was next to me on the field. That was when i lost it. Everything was blur. His words pissed me of. My coach ripped me of him. The stadium was silent. "What the hell do think you are doing." My coach yelled. "Don't you dare to lay your hands on Faella.or i will fucking rip them off." I my voice echoed around the stadium. "Fuck this." I said throwing my helmet to the ground and walking to the locker rooms. "Man what the hell happened there?" Elliot asked. "Tanner." I said as i had changed my clothes. "What did he say." Elliot asked. "Disgusting things about Faella." I said. "You know you might have just lost your position as a captain." He said. "Fuck this. Football has always been just a hobby. I can do something else." I said. "You are leaving the team?" He asked. "Yeah. You would be better captain anyway." I said. "See you tomorrow." I said walking out the locker rooms. The game had ended and everyone was cheering Tanners team. "Look who it is." Tanners voice yelled after me. He had some nasty bruises on his face. "You came for another beating." I asked as i turned around. Tanners friends stood like warriors next to him. "Tanner stop." Faella said as she walked in front of him. "Lets go." She said. Oh no. "We are not in good terms Fae but you have to listen to me." I said. Elliot and James had walked next to me. "I don't want anything to do with you." She said but her tone told other. I took step closer. "Please." I said. "Get away from my girl." Tanner barked. "Are you dating this moron." I asked. "No,tanner i am not your girl. We arent dating." she spoke. "But soon we will,right baby?" Tanner said. She looked at Tanner with wide eyes. "No?" She said. "We are just friends." She said to him. "But i could tell you want me." Tanner spoke arrogantly. "Don't make me kick your ass again. Lets go Faella." I said taking her by her arm. I expected her to protest but she willingly followed me. We walked to my car. "Get in, i can take you home." I said. "I am not going anywhere before you explain." She said. "What?" I asked. "Don't act stupid. Why did you punch him like that. You said that you don't care about anyone. You don't care about me."she said. "He said some nasty things about you. I just couldn't stand it,okay." I said."what things?" She asked. "Please don't make me say those things. He just spoke how he don't like you that way, he only wants to use you. Your body." I said looking my shoes. She let a laugh. "What?" I asked. "Isn't that the exact thing what you though of me. Isn't that the reason why you were so sweet,nice and took me to places. You acted like you really cared about me,like you really were interested of me. You know.i am tired of you. Ever since you said that you don't want anything serious and you don't care everything we had changed. I realise now that those moments were not real.you weren't serious. It was just part of an act." She said. Her words hit me like a bus. I am a fucked up. "I was serious. I wasn't faking." I said. "Okay." She said and got into my car.

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