Weak for you

Caleb Hemingway has it all, good looks,best friends,money,girls all over him and perfect future planed from his parents. But there is one important thing missing what he doesn't think he needs. Love. He don't do feelings. His life turns upside down when he starts to catch feelings towards girl named Faella.


1. one

~Fae's point of view~

It's been a month since i last saw him. A month since he broke my heart. "Faella. I am going to dance with Ethan see you later." My best friend Caroline said before walking to the dance floor with her boyfriend. I ordered more drinks. Wanting to get drunk and forget my misery. I was tipsy and felt my feeling turning to numb. I didn't feel broken i felt nothing. That was good thing about getting drunk is that you kinda know that it hurts but you don't feel it at the moment and you don't have time to care. Dj started to play avicii and i just had to dance. I danced alone in dance floor full of people. I recognised few familar faces but i was having too much fun to care. First i though my eyes were playing with me as my eyes met his cold blue ones but it was him. At least he looked real. He hadn't changed a bit. He looked attractive. He made his way over me. "I need to talk with you." He. Whispered his tone was harsh almost as he was angry with me. "I do not have anything to say to you." I spat ignoring him. He took my by my arm pulling me out from the night club to the dark street under the street lights. "What do you want? Where is Vivian?" I said annoyed. "Why did you sleep with Ashton? To make me jealous." I saw the anger flash in his eyes. "I did not sleep with him." I said. "Well it sure looked like it." He said. "But I didn't. You know damn well I don't have feeling towards him.i was just drunk." I said. His glare softened, he didn't say anything.. "Why do you care anyway. Its not like i am yours, in fact i think i never was." I cried out. I was drunk but it still hurt. His eyes met mine again and i knew damn well that look. His arm wrapped around me pulling me against him. He kissed my lips gently but the kiss soon turned heated.i missed his lips. Kissing him was like a drug. His hold was gentle and rough at the same time.

My back hit the wall softly as he kicked the door close. Our lips never left each others as we stumbled our way to bed. The moon light was the only light in the room. I watched at him as he undressed and as his hands sneaked behind my back un zipping me. "Gosh you are so beautiful." He said huskily. My heart melted to those words even though they surely were lies. He gave me a sloppy kiss before moving to my neck to leave me kisses all over my neck and chest. I enjoyed the feeling moaning his name while trying to bite my lip. "I missed you." He spoke. Lies lies. "I missed you too." I spoke knowing that i was the only on telling the truth. Was i really going to give my virginity to him. I think i was. But when his fingers pulled the waistband of my pants i snapped out of the spell. I pushed him off me. "What are you doing." He breathed. I looked away from him. I knew i was not able to speak those words to him what i was going to say. "I haven't done it before. Its not that i am saving myself to the marriage. But i do have some self respect. I am not going to lose my virginity to you. You are using me. You know how much i like you. I like everything about you. Not only that you are rich and absolutely attractive. I like you so much. I think i might even love you. But i mean nothing to you. You are heartless and arrogant. Find someone else to fuck. I can't give you that. I can't just be some random fuck to someone. You don't care about those things i could give to you. Goodbye Caleb." I said zipping my dress and running out of his apartment.

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