Amnesia {C.H.} {L.H.} {M.C.} {Mpreg}

Luke and Calum were friends when they were toddlers what happens when Luke moves away and comes back into his life when they are 16? Will there be heartbreak or love? Please don't steal my story if I'm stealing someone's story please tell me I do not intend to steal thank ya!


1. Moving

A/N First Chapter of Amnesia hope you like it!!


::Luke's POV::

"Calum promise we will be best buds forever!?" That is what 4 year old me said I'm 16 now and so is Calum and I'm moving back to Sydney today. I finished packing my last box when Jack and Ben walk in telling me my flight leaves in one hour cause I'm going first so I get my suitcase and go to the airport texting my online friend Michael he says he lives in Sydney so he said he would pick me up with one of his friends. I board the plane and put my earphones in listening to Green Day

::Calum's POV::

So Michael said he's picking his friend up at the airport and bringing me with him so that is where we are headed now. We are waiting at the gate for him and I see him and I get up and run and hug him Michael giving me weird face. "Michael how are you friends with Luke?!" I ask Luke hugging me back smiling Michael looks surprised "Luke and I lived here in Sydney when we were toddlers until he moved" I say excited Michael gets a bit annoyed that I know him


::Michael's POV::

Yeah. I'm annoyed because I have feelings for Calum and he's hugging Luke! Calum has been hanging with Luke for the past 4 days and it's annoying that Calum is hanging with my so called friend 

::Luke's POV::

Cal has been helping me unpack and shit and Michael is angry with me Cal has been playing songs with me on YouTube and Sydney is great to me


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