Amnesia {C.H.} {L.H.} {M.C.} {Mpreg}

Luke and Calum were friends when they were toddlers what happens when Luke moves away and comes back into his life when they are 16? Will there be heartbreak or love? Please don't steal my story if I'm stealing someone's story please tell me I do not intend to steal thank ya!


7. Gone Too Soon

::Michael's POV::

"AJ had a twin he died last year. Thomas got hit by a car and never made it." I started to sob but Ashton held me close "Shhh Mikey it's fine I got AJ you go to bed" he said and I obeyed but Luke walked in my room and slept in there and I realized I was slowly pushing him away but he is the actual reason Thomas died he would still be alive to see his daddy if Luke didn't let him play in the street

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