Opposites Attract

Annie Long is a senior in high school. She's never really found love.

She's been best friends with her neighbor Troy since she was an infant. Until, Troy's mother leaves when Troy's dad gets sick with brain cancer. Troy stops talking to Annie, but becomes a big-shot popular boy. Blah.

One day, well, let's just say......things get weird.........


3. The First Letter

A/N: Hey guys! Hope you enjoyed last chapter :-) I love this book and love where it's going. Get excited! :-)


6th period just ended. I'm headed for my last class of the day, science. Suddenly, I feel somebody walk up next to me. It's Kylie.


"Hey, Annie. Have you seen Erin or Dani around?" Kylie asks me.


"About 30 minutes ago, I saw Dani making out with Zach Greene in the supply closet. I haven't seen Erin since right after lunch. She's probably off with Grayson." I tell Kylie.


"Dani? With Zach? Ewww...he's totally a mess." Kylie sounds disgusted. "Bryan Jones just asked me out a little while ago! Tomorrow night, we're going on a dinner, picnic, date. Romantic, right?" she continues.


I'm happy for Kylie. She deserves a good boy like Bryan. Bryan's smart and really funny. I went out with him for 2 years. 6th and 7th. I'm sure Kylie remembers. Bryan certainly does. Him and I are good friends. Luckily, it's not awkward.


"That's amazing, Kylie! I'm so happy for you." I hug her.


"I know right! Oops I have to go. 7th period starts in 2 minutes!" Kylie runs down the hall toward her biology class.


Lol. I open the classroom door. This is my only class without Kylie, Erin, or Dani. But, Zach Greene, and Troy are in this class with me. This ought to be a fun period.


I slide into an open seat in the back row and open up my notebook. My science teacher, Mr. Morales, always puts questions on the board when we first come in. He makes us write down our answers to all of them in our notebooks.


I've already completed 3 of the questions when I see someone sit down in the seat next to me. It's Troy.


"Hey Annie." he grins, goofily.

"Hi Troy." I wave to him and continue answering the questions on the board.


"Want to study tonight at my house?" Troy asks me.


"Ummmm. Troy don't you think that might be awkward." I look up at him.


His beautiful, blue eyes widen at my response.


"Why would it be awkward?" He asks me.


"I don't know. It's just we haven't talked in 4 years and suddenly we're all close again? It sounds like a fairytale." I laugh and Troy smiles.


"You're my fairytale." Troy looks lovingly at me.


"Fine. I'll be at your house by 5." I nod my head and Troy smiles wide.


I finish the questions on the board and by then, Mr. Morales is ready to teach us about light.


Later that day:


"See ya Annie!" Dani hugs me and walks off with Zach, her new boyfriend.


They're going to get ice cream. I was invited, but was supposed to be at Troy's house in like 30 minutes. I didn't tell them I was going there. I just said I had to help my mom out. Kylie's going with them with Bryan, and Erin is out with Grayson.


"Bye!" I call to them all and unlock my bike from the bike rack.


I start pedaling toward my house. When I get there, it's already 4:55.


"Mom, I'm going to Troy's to study." I call to her, she's in the kitchen.


I told her Troy and I weren't talking for 4 years. I know she loves it that we're friends again, when she doesn't ask any questions.


I put my bike in the garage and knock on Troy's door. Troy's older sister, Katie, lives with him, but isn't home until 11 every night. She works at a restaurant and works late hours. Troy told me, earlier today. Speaking of Troy, he answers the door right away.


"Hey. Come on in." Troy signals for me to enter his house.


Gosh, it's been a while.


"Hi. Your house hasn't changed." I giggle.


Troy laughs with me. We head up to his room to begin studying.


"Okay, so we really need to study science." I begin.


Troy and I study for about an hour then just chill out together.


"Annie, I've been in love with you since we were infants." Troy whispers softly, pulling me toward him by my hips.


"It's always been you." Troy says, placing his hands on my face.


He pulls me in and the connection is unbreakable. Troy leans forward and brushes his lips against mine. I can't stop the mood from affecting me. So, I kiss Troy back and it gets pretty passionate, pretty fast.


"I love you, Annie Long." Troy whispers kissing my neck, and ruffling my hair.


"I love you too Troy." I moan and kiss Troy's neck.


After a while, Troy and I both pull away. For about 10 minutes, we both just stare into each others eyes.


"So, what was that about love letters to me?" I laugh, asking Troy.


He laughs too and replies, "You get one every day. Okay?"


"Okay." I nod in agreement.


Troy takes a box out from his closet and pulls an envelope out of it. It reads: I love you Annie Long.


I rip open the envelope and right away, look at the date. He wrote this when we were in 9th grade.


It read:

Dear Annie,

We haven't spoken in 1 year, now. I just met Grayson, who has become my best friend. He's popular which has made me popular as well. I'm sorry for ignoring you when you pleaded with me to talk to you. It just felt like nobody understood me. Silly, I know. Annie, you always understand me. I'm dumb, but now I don't know how to talk to you. You hang out with Kylie, Erin, and Danielle now. They're your friends. I know I may seem like a jerk now, but I promise to never act like that to you, Annie. If I do, you can slap me a billion times. That's my promise to you. There's something I need to tell you, now. I have loved you since we were infants. Annie Elizabeth Long, it feels like we were meant to be. I know that sounds dorky, but I believe it. Every time I see you, my heart beats faster than any animal or car could drive or run. That's REALLY fast. Every night I dream that you and I become a perfect couple and everyone wants to be us. It's like we're a famous couple. Like Kim and Kanye. Haha :-). I knew you'd like that one. Also, whenever I hear you speak, your voice calms me. Whenever I'm stressed, I want to hear your voice. Not only when I'm stressed, but always. Annie, your smile and laugh lights up any room you walk into. You're amazingly beautiful and greatly perfect, it's kinda scary ;-). Just kidding :-) So, I have to go because Katie needs me and I like writing my notes to you in the moment. I love you Annie Elizabeth Long. I love you more than you would ever know. I love you Annie.




I just stare down at the letter for a few moments. Tears stream down my face. I can't help it. I leap into Troy's arm and start kissing him.


"I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I LOVE YOU!" I scream to him and he laughs, hugging me and kissing me as well.


"I love you too, Annie." he whispers and kisses me.


I've never felt this way before. Nobody's ever loved me like this except my mom, but she doesn't write love letters to me. That'd be weird. It's crazy how Troy kept this from me for 4 years! I could never do that. I wrap my arms around Troy and he does the same to me.


"I'm crazy about you." Troy smiles lovingly at me.


"I'm crazier about you." I giggle.


Never in a million years, would I believe Troy and I would end up together.


Life just isn't how it seems sometimes. :-)

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