Opposites Attract

Annie Long is a senior in high school. She's never really found love.

She's been best friends with her neighbor Troy since she was an infant. Until, Troy's mother leaves when Troy's dad gets sick with brain cancer. Troy stops talking to Annie, but becomes a big-shot popular boy. Blah.

One day, well, let's just say......things get weird.........


6. Rejected

A/N: Hey, guys! If you were wondering about her second note, don't worry! I remembered. This chapter and the next will still continue on the same day as the last chapter. Please don't freak out if the note isn't in this chapter, it'll be in the next :-) Keep reading!


The crunching of leaves beneath me and Dani's feet is the only sound to hear. Up Erin's front lawn we walk, quietly pondering what's going to happen in just a few short minutes.


"I'm freaking out!" Dani suddenly shrieks.


"We'll be okay." I smile warmly and ring Erin's doorbell.


"Oh, hello Danielle and Annie. What can I help you with?" Erin's mother Mrs. Patterson answers the door.


"Hi Mrs. Patterson. We're here to speak to Erin. May we?" I ask kindly, using my manners.


Erin's parents are very formal people. If you don't use your manners in their presence, bad things happen. You don't even want to know.


"Girls, Erin did bad things the other day and broke her promise to God. She may not speak to any of her friends until further notice. Also, she may not leave this house until further notice. Good-bye, girls." Mrs. Patterson waves, holding a straight face.


I forget to tell you. The Patterson's are very religious.


"Good-bye Mrs. Patterson." Dani speaks quietly, and disappointedly.


Dani's secretly terrified of Erin's parents. They're stricter than anyone else we know. I'll give it to her, they're scary.


"Well, that went well." I mutter as we hop back into Dani's car.


Once again, the car ride is silent. Finally, breaking the silence, Dani turns on her radio. The first song to come on is My House by Flo Rida.


"Welcome to my house!" We both sing at the top of our lungs.


People in other cars stare at us, concerned with a bit of fear. We don't care, though. We just keep singing. Dani can't hang out for a while so I wave good-bye and open my front door.


"You were quick." Mom is standing in the kitchen doorway.


"Yep. Mrs. Patterson said Erin's not allowed to speak to any of her friends or leave her house until further notice." I grumble and take a seat at the kitchen table.


Mom sits down handing both of us bowls of soup and pieces of bread. Yummy.


"Oh, I'm sorry Annie. enjoying the food?" Mom smiles, trying to cheer me up.


"Yeah, it's super yummy." I giggle, happily.


Tonight might've been a letdown, but Mom sure was cheering me up. Especially, when we went out for ice cream!








A/N: Sorry this chapter was short :(. I struggled quite a bit, but I promise the next chapter will be WAY better! :-)

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