Opposites Attract

Annie Long is a senior in high school. She's never really found love.

She's been best friends with her neighbor Troy since she was an infant. Until, Troy's mother leaves when Troy's dad gets sick with brain cancer. Troy stops talking to Annie, but becomes a big-shot popular boy. Blah.

One day, well, let's just say......things get weird.........


5. News and necklaces

A/N: Thanks for the kind comments guys! I was struggling with ideas for this chapter, but I decided to just write it and see what comes out. :-)



Ding! Ding! Ding! I crane my neck to silence the awful sound escaping from my blue and green alarm clock. It's early morning, and I am not prepared to wake up. Yet, I do. Checking the time, I realize I'll be late if I don't get up now.


Hurriedly, I hop out of bed. I grab my phone and shuffle my Spotify playlist. Lost Boy by Ruth B comes on and I start singing along.


"I am a lost boy, from Neverland. Usually hanging out with Peter Pan." I sing, opening my closet.


I pull on a floral crop top and a pair of high waisted jeans. Since, I'm close to being late, I comb my hair and quickly side braid it. I brush my teeth and slide on silver sandals. Tiredly, I trudge downstairs for breakfast. I eat my normal breakfast-cashews, almonds, and yogurt with a cup of milk.


"See you later, Mom!" I call upstairs to Mom.


I get my bike out of the garage and start pedaling down the street. All the while, I'm thinking about Troy. His wonderfulness and his amazingness.


It's crazy how we went from not talking for 4 years to boyfriend and girlfriend. Arriving at school, Dani and Kylie rush up to me.


"Where's Erin?" I ask locking up my bike.


"Ummmm....didn't you hear? Aren't you her friend? She went crazy with Grayson and got expelled! We're freaking out!" Kylie gushes.


"Oh my gosh. I have to go see her tonight. You guys up for that?" I ask Kylie and Dani.


"Sure. Sounds great, Annie." Dani smiles, but Kylie looks upset.


"Ugh, I can't. I have cheerleading practice until 9!" Kylie sighs heavily and Dani nods.


"It's okay, Kylie. We can also go tomorrow. We can't just abandon Erin." I smile reassuringly at Kylie.


She nods and we head into the school. Someone rests their hands on my shoulders. I spin around to see Troy standing there with a small gift box.


"What's this?" I giggle, lovingly.


"Oh just something for my favorite girl in the whole wide world." Troy smiles adorably and locks eyes with me.


"Your sister?" we both burst into laughter.


"It's for you, Annie." Troy smiles and puts his hands in mine. "Open it." he hands the box to me.


I lift the lid off of the box. Inside, something sparkles. A piece of jewelry it appears. It's a necklace with a "T" on it. Troy takes the necklace from me, gently, and locks it around my neck.


"Thanks, baby." I smile and give Troy a kiss on the cheek.


"I love you, Annie Elizabeth Long." Troy kisses me on the lips, just as the first bell rings.


"I love you too Troy. I have to get to homeroom. Bye, baby." I hug Troy and run off to my locker.


I grab my books for second period, language arts. I like to be prepared. I slide into a seat in the front row and Dani sits next to me.


"I'm shocked about Erin." I tell her.


"I know. Crazy, right?" Dani glances at me.


"Yep." I nod.


"Students. Please pay attention to the newscast playing in front of you. We will discuss the issues of the world, afterwards." my homeroom teacher Mrs. Duffman smiles and clicks play on today's Good Morning America newscast.


The room gets silent, and I pay attention to the video. Still, my mind wanders to Troy. He's just so perfect. Dani snaps me back into reality once the video is over.


"Someone tell me one issue that really stuck out to you." Mrs. Duffman looks around the room.


I stare down at my desk, not wanting to be called on. Luckily, she calls on a girl named Rachel.


After school, I ride my bike home with Troy.


"Want to go to the park today?" Troy asks me.


"I wish I could, Troy. But, Erin got expelled and Dani and I are going to visit her. Tomorrow, though, okay?" I smile at Troy, upset in my eyes.


"Okay, it's fine babe. Let me know how Erin is." Troy kisses me passionately and wraps me in a warm hug as we pull up to his house.


"Will do. Love you baby. See you!" I wave goodbye to him and head into my house.


"See you, Annie!" Troy calls just as I close my front door.


Mom is in the kitchen baking cupcakes.


"Hi Annie. How was school?" she asks me, cheerfully.


"Great. Except, Kylie and Dani told me that Erin got expelled for doing things with Grayson. In a half hour, Dani's picking me up, and we're going to her house to chat with her. Sound good, Mom?" I question her.


"Sounds good, sweetie pie. Tell me how Erin's doing, okay?" Mom says.


I nod and toss my bag on the floor.


HONK! HONK! Dani beeps her car's horn outside.


"See you Mom." I call and exit the house.


And there we went. To see Erin. This ought to be fun :-)


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