Saving The Hero's Shade

Entry for "Press Start To Join Competition". Join Leo and Cynthia on their quest as they try to save Link from meeting his terrible fate, or never go home again...


1. One

Her tears wouldn't stop. At first the boy didn't know what to do, and just stared at his poor sister; the never ending stream of sadness running down her face. It was actually quite remarkable that the room hadn't already been flooded at this point, but he knew this wasn't the time to be thinking of such things. He watched as she gripped her dark hair tightly in fists, as if tearing it out would also take the pain she was feeling deep down inside with it. The fluid that she was losing from her body was surely going to give her a headache later on, though it seemed to calm her as it smoothly trickled down her face.

Slowly, he approached her, carefully putting an arm round her shoulders and pulling her close. His little sister gradually began to calm down, and he waited before her crying was reduced to mere sniffles before opening his mouth to speak.

"Cynthia, what happened?"

Her mouth trembled slightly, and Leo barely had the chance to mutter "oh no" before she burst into tears once more.

"ITS TOO SAD!!! HE SAVED THE WORLD, YET NO ONE WILL REMEMBER HIM BECAUSE ZELDA TRAPPED HIM IN A TIME LOOP!! POOR LINK!!! MY FEELS!!!!" She cried even louder, clutching the Majora's Mask video game case to her chest.

Leo just stared at her, wondering why he'd even been so worried in the first place.

"Fangirls," he muttered with a roll of his eyes. He should've known better.

After a few minutes longer, Cynthia looked up, her big brown eyes gazing at her older brother.

"Huh? Onii-chan~? Why are you glaring at me like that?" She shrunk back slightly. "Scary..."

"Okay," Leo began, making sure to use a tone that was as serious as possible to gain his sister's full attention. "First off, I was really worried something bad happened! I see you crying your eyes out, rush over here, and find out that I'm worrying about someone who isn't even real! Look, I get you have a fictional crush on Link and all bu–"

"What? NOOOOO!!!!! Baka!!!! Dark Link's the one I truly love~!" Cynthia clasped her hands together and sighed dreamily. He had to blink a few times because he swore that hearts appeared where her eyes should be.

"Cynth, you've never even met the guy," he crossed him arms and raised an eyebrow.

"Yes I have!!" the girl defended before returning to her original pose, "in my dreams~."

"Yeah well, isn't he the evil version of Link or something?"

"Yes, he's his shadow, created by Ganondorf using all 'evil' emotions inside Link to create a being with the soul purpose to destroy him," she stated, but that didn't last for long as straight after, she went right back to fangirl mode, "but that's what makes him dreamy~!"

He stood there, dumbfounded. Would he really get the girls by being a complete jerk and destroying all happiness? If only it were that easy...

"Every time I see a picture of him or he appears in the game, I'm literally shouting at the screen 'TAKE ME, DARK'! I just wish he'd lock me away in the dungeon of his castle... Far far away in the Shadow Realm where no one can save me... Hehe~!"

Okay, now Leo was scared. Cynthia was only thirteen, too. What weird things went around in her head...?

"Secondly, what's with all the random things you're shouting out? Was it... Ahnee-chan and Becca? Hey, isn't Becca the name of your friend?"

His little sister smacked her face with the palm of her hand, "Onii-chan means Big Brother and when I called you a baka, I called you an idiot. It's Japanese. Geez, don't you learn anything from me?"

"Ohhhh~," he nodded his head in understanding, "Wait up! You called me an idiot?! I'll have you know I've never scored below an A minus–"

"Yeah, yeah, whatever," Cythia cut him off, rolling her eyes. "Well, Mr Smarty Pants, you really should learn Japanese. It'll help you out big time in the future - you'll be thanking me!"

"For the last time, Cynth. An Otaku robot army is not going to take over the world!"

"Tell that to Hatsune Miku..." She muttered

Leo blinked, "who?"

"Yes they will! Me and Lozzie have been talking and we think Utkarsh has been helping Mandy-senpai to begin building it! Haven't you seen the way that they're always exchanging glances and evilly shoving their glasses up their noses? And she's been getting her boyfriend to imitate Ghirahim whilst she records it on voice memos! I swear, she's up to something... Can you imagine, an army of Ghirahim robots?! FABULOUS BUT VERY SCARY!!!!!"

"Lozzie and I," he corrected. "You watch way too much anime. I think I'm gonna ask Mum to ban you for a while. Wh- HEY!!!"

Cynthia got on her knees and grabbed Leo by the shirt, looking up at him with the cutest (or as she'd call them, kawaii) puppy dog eyes she could muster. "STAYING UP ALL NIGHT TO BINGE-WATCH BLUE EXORCIST IS NOT WATCHING WAY TO MUCH!!! IT'S WORTH IT TO SEE RIN'S BEAUTIFUL SATANIC SMILE!! PLEASE DON'T TELL MUM!!!! I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT ANIME!!!! IT'S EVERYTHING I LIVE FOR - IT'S MY LIFE!!!!"

Leo awkwardly patted her head, "...Fine... Just don't look at me like that. Honestly, I dare anyone else to try living with an Otaku for a sister..."

"YAYYYYY!!!!!" Cynthia brightened up immediately, doing her best to imitate an anime girl cute pose, "THANK YOU, ONII-CHAN!!! NOW LET ME FINISH TELLING YOU ABOUT WHY I THINK NAVI LEFT AT THE END OF OCARINA OF TIME!!!"

Oh boy, it was going to be a long night.

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