I shouldve told you...

This is MY story. THIS was MY experience... :) :(


1. Meeting a new Friend

We all have had a first crush right? I know I did. We've all had secrets too. Some dark and scary and some, well just plain embarrassing... This is the story, of My secret. The secret that I shouldn't have kept. It was the year of 2010 or 2011 or 2012, I cant really remember. I was in 1st grade. The sun was bright, the cool breeze of the classroom fan was going, the day had just began. As I put my backpack on one of the hangers in the classroom I gave a short but noticeable sigh. "Well, a new year in a new class." I said to myself as I, usually talk to myself." I just hope I can make it out alive!" after adjusting my things I stop dead in my tracks as I, looked upon the most beautiful thing I have ever saw in my life. It was a girl, dressed in a Pink polka dotted dress with hair as blonde as mine. (Now I know I was young, but that doesn't mean I cant fall in love!) Anyways, for once in my life I felt as if I had butterflies in my stomach, a feeling that I had before but only this time, it was real. All I could do was stand there and gaze as my heart pounded out of my chest. Then she looked over to me. As she stood there, facing me, I could do nothing but stare into here eyes as blue as the ocean, and the sky oh so high. Then as I snapped out of that trance I quickly walked to the morning meeting circle, as this was a regular thing. I sat down I noticed someone was staring at my left arm, as I was born without a left hand and with 1/2 an arm. We all introduced ourselves and when it was "her" turn. I listened more carefully, and stared more deeply. All I could focus on was her force. At that moment I heard a song more beautiful than a birds. As snack time rolled in I sat by myself. Than I noticed someone on my left side. It was "her". She spoke to me in the most beautiful voice I've ever heard saying "Hi!" as she gave a soft smile as she waved. I was good with stuff like this so I replied "Hiya!" "What happened to your arm?" she asked. I told her I was born that way, moving it around. "That's super weird! But in a good way!" she says but in a playful manor, sorta, giggling. "Heheh, Thanks!" I say giving back a smile. "My names Budd!" I say. "What's yours?" I ask. I cant remember her last name, but I know she gave it to me. She gave the most beautiful name I've ever heard. "Scarlett!"          

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