The Deal


4. Quatre

"Hey Mitchell" i said as i walked in and sat down. "Hey wassup" she said as she looked up from her book and smiled. "Nothing just tired as fuck" i said as i took a seat. "Yea me too, i stayed up all last night just to finish my home work" she said rolling her eyes annoyingly. i giggled, but i noticed 2 guys looking over at a guys magazine. I looked closer and saw that i was on the cover. Oh shit...Mitchell noticed that i was staring at them and looked over also and started to gasp. "Mia why the fuck are you on the cover of that magazine?" "Ugh you see what had happen wa-" "No save your bullshit i thought we told each other everything but no i see that you like keeping secrets aye? well did i tell you that the reason Mark broke up with you is because we had sex?" "MITCHELL WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU DO THAT HE WAS THE ONLY PERSON I EVER FUCKING LOVED AND YOU DID THAT?!" i suddenly started punching her in her face while kicked her. At this point the whole classroom was watching and people were recording us. After a few minutes i got sent down to the ISS room (In School Suspension.) I sat in there for the whole day and honest;y it was better than being in those shitty ass classrooms. "Ugh" i groaned. I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. Mikey said we were going to Jack's party, i didnt even feel like arguing so i just said sure and went on with my day. After school we drove over to the party, and i actually made friends there and got their numbers i put them all in a group chat. We decided we were all going to hang out tomorrow night which i had no problem with like shitttt i would love to hang fuck you mean. "Bye" i said to them as Mikey lead me to his car. He opened the door for me and once we both got settled in the car i leaned over and started to kiss him. After we finished kissing i looked down and saw that his thingy was popping out and that i was straddling him. He started to laugh as he saw that i was blushing. I got off of him and put on my seat belt he kissed me on the cheek before he drove off. I told my mom i was gonna crash at a friends house. i wasn't completely lying cause Mikey was my friends but that could turn into something more. I went straight up to his room and fell asleep he came up moments later and we watched movies and fell asleep i smiled as he put his arms around me. i heard him whisper "I love you" "I love you too" i said as i fell asleep right there in his warm arms that i could not resist. "I love you" i kept thinking inside of my head. "I love you"...

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