There's 4 types of Witches.
Type 1, Golden WItches. Known for their golden locks and good magic.
Type 2, Shadow Witches. Evil magic is their speciality. Have a taste for blood and loves killing.
Type 3, Silver Witches, or Water Witches. Lives in water and don't react with humans.

Type 4, Unknown. No one knows if this type even exist. Some call it a myth, some don't believe they've existed.

Ashley Parker is known in her school as the 'City Witch'. She's considered strange and scary. Everyone is scared of her. That, until a boy starts in her History class.


1. Prologue, Witches

There's 4 types of 'witches'.

Type 1 is the 'good' witches, The Golden Witches. They're called that because of the golden locks they get when they're 'transformed'.

Type 2 is the 'bad' witches, Shadow Witches. These are the witches that cursed the humans with the plague. They love the taste of human blood, and sometimes animal blood too. Their passion is killing and they all have black hearts that the devil himself has. 

Type 3, Silver Witches. Lives underwater and never really comes up on land. Don't really connect with humans, not bothered by them either. 

Type 4, Unknown. This is just a myth, some says, other says that there's only 3 types. Ashley thinks Type 4 did exist. Others think they're just made up.  

Ashley Parker is a seventeen years old girl, orphan, who knows magic. In a world where it's not 'normal' to have these powers, she becomes an outcast. The other students in her school calls her the 'City Witch'. Things are complicated for her as her powers grows bigger by the day, and the moon is coming closer to the earth to decide which of the 4 types she will become. 
With all of this on her shoulders she have to face the reality, the magic and the love she never had dreamed of. 
All because of one boy. A special boy that will change her life. But for the good, or the bad?

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