There's 4 types of Witches.
Type 1, Golden WItches. Known for their golden locks and good magic.
Type 2, Shadow Witches. Evil magic is their speciality. Have a taste for blood and loves killing.
Type 3, Silver Witches, or Water Witches. Lives in water and don't react with humans.

Type 4, Unknown. No one knows if this type even exist. Some call it a myth, some don't believe they've existed.

Ashley Parker is known in her school as the 'City Witch'. She's considered strange and scary. Everyone is scared of her. That, until a boy starts in her History class.


3. Chapter 2


I couldn't help but to wonder, 'Why can't I hear his thoughts?'. I mean it wasn't a problem to hear the others', but it's because I can't control my powers that I can hear theirs. So why can't I hear his? Is he special? Weird as me? Is he a witch too? I mean, Wizard...? Or was he something else? A god? Is that why I can't hear something from him?

As my mind flew away to these different thoughts, my pen started to doodle onto my notebook again. I didn't notice before I moved my gaze towards it after the teacher had called my name for attendance. It came as a shock, I hadn't even touched my pen, and it didn't make any sense to me. A name was written all over the first page. 

"Joshua White?" I looked up to see Mrs. Thompson look up from her binder, her gaze was on the new guy, the guy with the deep blue eyes and blue striped shirt. I moved my gaze towards him. He sat two rows away from me. I only had to turn my head to the side to see his face. He smiled as he answered Mrs. Thompson her question with a small 'yes'.

It didn't take long before he saw me looking at him, and his smile turned into a small smug. I quickly moved my gaze back to my notebook, hearing how my heart pounded against my chest. 

I could feel the thickness of the air, as if the devil himself had walked into our classroom to take me back to hell. I could see it, his red horns poking out from his black hair and black tail sticking out from his modern jeans as he hid himself behind a pair of fake glasses. Not even the priest would have noticed him.

As soon as the class ended I was the first one out. I walked directly to my locker, trying to be quicker than usual. I needed to get away from all this. Or more over, I needed to get away from that Joshua White. I didn't know a person could do this, shut me out from his mind. It gave me such a headache, trying to get inside his mind. I felt nauseous and I had to fight the feeling of puking.

As soon as I got to my locker, all the doors to the other lockers flew open. A lot of scream came from everyone as they looked at me. I kept my head down as I took my bag and ran out the building. As I came to the school entrance, the glass doors blasted. The glass broke into thousands pieces and flew in the air. I couldn't stop it. I didn't want this, and I definitely didn't want to have a scar on my cheek just because I couldn't handle my powers so the glass broke and blew right towards my face. I could feel how the hot liquid ran down my face. It was not good.


I dropped my bag on the floor as I shut the door with a bang. 

"Oh my god. Ash, what happened?" Maryann, the woman who takes care of us, asked as she got up from her seat next to Pieter and Ryan, the twins. 

"Nothing." I said as I went to the bathroom. I needed to stop the bleeding before something bad happens. Not that the things at school wasn't bad, they totally were, but you know... Before Maryann decides to call FBI on me. 

"But you're bleeding! Did someone hurt you? Do we need to call the cops?" I sighed, mostly in pain as I washed the cut with some water. 
"I'm fine, no one did this to me. I...fell..." I said as I looked into the mirror. 

"Oh you fell? Getting a cut on the cheek?" Ryan asked, laughing at my mistake of telling Maryann that I fell. 
"Oh shut up will you?" Pieter said as he elbowed his brother. Pieter was the responsible of them both, smartest too.

"Will you be okay?" Maryann asked as she looked at the cut. She sighed as she took my arm. 
"Sit." She said as she made me sit on the chair next to Pieter. Maryann went towards the aid-kit, searching for a plaster. As she found one she made me look up as she plastered it on my cheek. 
"There you go." She smiled as she sat back down in the chair next to me.

She looked at me, and if I couldn't read her mind I wouldn't know if she was angry or not. I sighed, 'here we go again'. 
"Boy trouble?" She asked and I shook my head. "I don't do boy problems." I said as I looked at Ryan who started laugh. 

"Stop being such a pervert." I told him, knowing exactly what he thought. "You're only thirteen, stop thinking about adult stuff." I said and Pieter smiled. 

"Finally someone stopping him." He snapped and Ryan glared at him. 
"How do you do that? It's like you're reading my mind!" He shouted, both in anger and in awe.

"I have my skills." I said as I looked at Maryann. "May I go to the library?" I asked. She sighed, smiling, and nodded.
"You need answers?" I didn't answer, I just went. 

In the house we have two libraries, kind of. One is a real library, the second in where I have my books. A secret place inside the library. It was a secret room, only I and John knew. John was a friend of my family, supposedly. He wasn't a wizard, or anyone that knows how to deal with magic. He was something far away from that. He was actually a 'lost soul'.

 He wasn't actually 'lost', he just wasn't where he should have been. John had been dead for 200 years. His soul had escaped hell many times, and one of those times he apparently met my mother and decided to stick to her until she gave birth to me. 

Before she and dad died he promised to keep an eye on me, protect me and stuff like that.

"Ash, what happened to your cheek? Was it a hard day in school?" His breath tickled my neck and I turned around.

"Don't try that shit again, John." I said as I walked towards the sitting bag I had inside the hidden library room. I picked up some books of what described what I was. 

"Have you known anyone that are immune to my powers? Or any powers that matter?" I asked John who sat down on an invisible chair that was in the air.

"No, have you?" He curled his slightly blonde hair as he looked at me. 
"Just met one today." I said as I turned pages after pages. "I couldn't read his mind, and I got nauseous after trying." I told him.

"Was he a wizard? Oh it's been a long time since I've met one of them." He sighed as he looked up, rested his head on his left hand and dreamt away. 

"I don't think so Mr. 1800-century-guy-that-loves-other-men." I said as I desperately looked at the next page.

"Well excuse me Miss I'm-a-grumpy-teen-that-don't-know-what-witch-I-am-because-I-can't-figure-out-how-to-control-my-feelings-even-though-there's-only-5-days-left-to-my-birthday-girl." He had thrown up his hands in the air as he sassily moved his head.

"Where have you learned all this sass from?" I asked, half laughing. 
"Well, when I was in hell for those 10 years, I met this pretty young black lady who would always use her sass to the poor souls."

"That's racist." I pointed out. 
"Uh, she was the devil. Well, more exactly, she was a demon who tortured us. Such a fine lady actually." He smiled and looked up.

Uh, I don't even want to know what he was thinking. John was someone old fashion, and he loved pain. Especially to himself, that's why he went back to hell once in awhile. 

It's been almost three hours and I couldn't find anything. Not on the internet and not in any of the books. I didn't know what I was dealing with. And this wasn't the time for trying to find something that maybe doesn't even exist. 

Maybe he's one of a kind. Maybe he's here for a reason? I mean, why didn't he show up until now?

When there's only 5 days left until the moon is the closest to the earth and I will be chosen into one of the three or maybe the four different categories of witches. Is this just a coincidence or not? 

I mean he even smirked as he looked at me, I can't read his mind, and, he didn't seem to be surprised at all when he was me.

What are the odds? One to a hundred? One to a thousand? I think the chances are very small that he's just a nobody. Some dude that just doesn't have anything to do with me, and is just someone that started in the same school as the 'City Witch' without being scared of anything or me. I mean, who is he?! 

"Not to interrupt your thinking, but I think you should go now." John said as he looked at his fingernails, inspecting the see-through fingers that he had since 17th century, or something like that.

"Hani just heard that you were home, she's coming towards the library doors." I nodded as I closed my eyes. In a second I was on the other side of the bookshelves, with nothing but a wall with books behind me. No trace of a secret room could be seen because the only way of getting in is through magic. 

The doors opened and the small girl came running with a big smile on her face. 
"Ash!" She shouted happily as she ran towards me. I smiled as I picked her up. 
"Time for dinner?" I asked and she smiled, nodding her little cute head. 
"Okay, let's go." I said as I put her down and took her hand. We walked out the library and left John behind us. 


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