Who Knew A Letter Could Change My Life

One concert, one letter and several dreams all at once. This is my story and how he became THE ONE.


3. Sweets

"What?" I asked. I didn't believe it. 

"I. Like. You," he said. He had to break it down for me. 

"You do? I thought I was just a weirdo," I said.

"Well you are defenetly a weirdo..." he said, getting closer to me. "But you are pretty, smart and sweet. That letter really made me happy. Seeing how much you thought good of me. I realised there is more to you than just a fan." he said. He picked up my head with his index finger. There was a beautiful silver band ring on his finger. I took his hand and ran my thumb over it. 

"This is beautiful." I said randomly. He smiled. 

"This is what I mean. You make me laugh so easily and you always pick on the smallest details. I really think I'm falling hard." he said. He looked away in embarrassment. "Can I stay the night?" he said hopefully. 

"Of course you can. I'll sleep on the sofa then." I said, about to get up. He grabbed my hand and pulled me in to him. 

"No. Stay in here with me. I'll keep you safe." he said. He turned the light off and pulled me close. He put both arms around me and held me tight. I could smell his aftershave and felt his nose ring on my neck. I fell asleep stoking his hand. 

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