Who Knew A Letter Could Change My Life

One concert, one letter and several dreams all at once. This is my story and how he became THE ONE.


1. Beginning

I have a fucking cold! Jesus Christ, how on Earth have a got a fucking cold? I have been counting down this day for over 110 days and this is the gratitude I receive? Tomorrow is The Vamps concert. My best friend, Elise, brought me the ticket for my birthday. The night before and I get a cold. I mean SERIOUSLY?! Why does life hate me? I have a headache, cough and I'm full of the bug. I should be picking out my outfit, sorting my bag out and then sorting it out again, just to kill some time. I have already chosen my outfit, BUT STILL! What if I had of left it to the last minute? It would have killed my sanity. I'm in bed and looking at my calendar, the day marked with a big red circle and 'THE VAMPS CONCERT' in my best handwriting. My life sucks but how is yours? Anyway, my name is Becca but most people call me Boo. I am 15 years old, I am pretty much the definition of a geek and I am not a fan of social interaction. I do try really hard to make friends but being me seems to be a big problem for people.I am not considered cool at all. 

I am on the way to the concert. Nearly 4 months and the day is finally here. I wait by the entrance and then head over to the merchandise cart. I decided to buy a t-shirt, a lanyard and a brochure. I head into the O2 and I find my seat. I am up in the Gods! I can barely see Connor's cute little smile! I just carried on listening to them play and soon enough, it was over. I was so sad! My one chance to see the boys that make my day shine just a little brighter. I ran on to the street and sat on the curb. I decided to call Elise. 

"Hey Boo! How was the concert?" she asked. I just started crying.

"Thank you so much for the ticket but I couldn't see a thing! My one chance to see Connor is ruined. I will never be able to tell him-" I started.

"Tell me what?" a stranger asked behind me. I recognised the thick Scottish accent well. I turned around behind me and looked up. And there he was, Connor Ball! "So, what's the matter? Why are you crying?" 

"It doesn't matter," I whispered. 

"By the way things sound, you are pretty fond of me. Tell me what is going on," he put his hand on my shoulder and then took my hand. 

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