Me and my thoughts

This is a story of my daily life with my friends and every thing that happens! just to say this is all TRUE no lies about the actions or words. So i hope you enjoy and... yeah thats pretty much it! peace!


16. sept 23ed

Hey guys! Today has been a stressful day already and right now it's extended period and the teacher was yelling at me for changing my shirt! Like who does that? The shirt is for the nami walk which is a thing where you walk for a mile or run for three miles. I'm going to walk, the walk is to get money for a charity for people with depression and things along those lines as well as anxiety. So I'm happy to do it! Also there's all lot of drama and just plain out rude things going on at my school and I just needed to vent it. I'm glad you guys read and understand what I do and I'm happy to have friends like you even though we don't know each other that well! I need to go and sorry for cutting this short. Until the next time I update, peace!

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