Me and my thoughts

This is a story of my daily life with my friends and every thing that happens! just to say this is all TRUE no lies about the actions or words. So i hope you enjoy and... yeah thats pretty much it! peace!


15. sept 20th

hey guys! I know it's been awhile since I've updated all lot of my stuff but I promise I'll get back to it as soon as posable! So right now I'm in a class just doing extra stuff and what not, to be honest I was shocked to see one thousand reads on my fanfic on jacksepticeye and on here! Thank you guys so much for reading my stuff and giving me the courage to keep writing and getting closer to my dream of being an author! I hope one day one of my books are sold and becomes a best seller or something. I think I dream to much but at least that's a good thing! But I'm happy to see that you guys like my stuff and it helps me in real life to do things I usually can't do but thanks to you guys I'm happier than ever so thank you guys so so much! I need to go, talk to you soon! bye!

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