Me and my thoughts

This is a story of my daily life with my friends and every thing that happens! just to say this is all TRUE no lies about the actions or words. So i hope you enjoy and... yeah thats pretty much it! peace!


8. april twenty ninth

Today was alright but not great..FREAKING CALEB HAD TO BE A JERK YET AGAIN!!!! For gym we played baseball and i play softball so i know what to do! BUT CALEB DIDNT LISTEN TO ME AND WE LOSTED!!!!!!WHY DOES HE DO THIS TO ME!!!! And the shitty part of my day Kyle might break up with me and i have no clue why!! I wish i had a normal relationship!! But to be honest i can date anyone. Which means...I'm.......Y-ya know what i can tell you guys tomorrow! y-yeah! tomorrow! Uh.. Peace!!

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