Me and my thoughts

This is a story of my daily life with my friends and every thing that happens! just to say this is all TRUE no lies about the actions or words. So i hope you enjoy and... yeah thats pretty much it! peace!


1. april first

Today wasn't as good as i though it would be. One of my friends Caleb put itching powder on my arm and all day my arm was red from itching it! God i was to hit him so badly but i can't cause i'd get in trouble but I DON'T CARE AT THIS POINT!!!!! But the plus side of today my crush Luke was looking at me all day making me laugh and smile. I really want to date him but he can't date me, his parents wont let him date me AT ALL until eighth grade! Can you believe that?! I wish us teens can make our own choices! I just want to kiss Luke every time i see him! But it would make our friendship go down the drain. But my friend Mia helps me out when i need it most. Mia is the best person in the world to me but Luke is still in my heart. peace diary.

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