hold my hand

tThis is a kyledavidhall fanfic!
you've liked kyle for a long time and you've been falling further in love with him. But will he find out?


2. the date

You and him had planed a "catch up" date. You wore a beautiful short dress with skulls all over it. You went to his house on your penny board and got there in ten minutes. he opened the door and hugged you tightly. You where surprised that he did that but you went along with it. You and him talked for a few. He talked about my digital escape and how cool every one is. I wouldn't blame him! They sound awesome!!I think me and shannon and alex would be best friends! At the end of the night he penny boarded me home. When i was at the door he looked down at me and smiled. You blushed a little and he leaned down kissing you. You didn't do anything but just your face was the brightest red every in the world. He broke the kiss and smiled at you again. You smile back and hug him. He rides of in the dark and you go inside and fall asleep dreaming of the kiss.

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