Crimson Fate

In a world, where gods, demons, and humans have learned to co-exist, along with many more of the supernatural, Riku Cinder Sherwood must realize his fate to protect, become the guardian of the daughter of Devil Salem Nightingale, Selene Nightingale, whilst finding his own place in life.


1. Prologue




The sky was dark. A deep shade of red, much like the blood the was overflowing the ground beneath the seemingly countless corpses, surrounded by a large circle with zigs and zags, crossing and overlapping lines, neatly forming a symbol on the concrete. Their blood flowed from their bodies and fallowed the lines, mimicking each turn, overlap, and shape they created. The Black clouds above swirled and roared, gathering into on center. Stair cases lead to a large golden brazier.

"I have done what you have asked." a boy stood in the middle of the circle and piles of bodies within. Wearing nothing more than children's pajamas. He wore a blank, dark expression, perfectly showing the coldness of his heart, and emptiness of his mind. He tightly held a katana in his right hand. Dark red liquid covered it from tip to hilt, seeping off into the already seemingly endless current. 

A girl stood behind him, wrapped in nothing but a robe of torn cloth, holding a sword of her own. "Why...why must I kill you..." A tear fell from her deep dark blue eyes. Thunder cracked and hit the brazier at the top of the stair case. A crack etched into the air, light shinning through, pouring from another realm completely. A sinister cackling echoed from the crack. The girl's eyes widened. The boy raised his sword, wielding no hesitation. The girl scurried back and fell backwards on her bottom. Her sword fled her hand and spun along the ground well out of her reach. 

The sound of metal against metal clanged together, the boy's sword being flung from his hand. A woman in a long white cloak with a hood over her face knelt down and picked the girl up off the cold, bloodied cement. "The veil has been opened..." she muttered, putting the girl's face to her shoulder to shield her from the harsh gusts of wind blowing from the crack in the space. A man with the same garb grabbed the young boy's wrist to detain him. "But not completely!" 

The woman opened her eyes and mouth wide with shock. She shook her head violently. "What else do you plan to do?!" The man hit the boy on the head. He collapsed forwards into his arms. He carried him to the woman and she took the unconscious boy gently. "Are you serious?" She asked once again. The man shook his head. "It's the guardian's duty to protect his mistress." he winked under his hood. He turned away from them and walked up the stairs towards the crack and brazier. He took his sword and thrust it into the opening void. The laughter escaping the void turned to loud screaming of agonizing pain. The gusts of wind shooting form the crack suddenly began being sucked back int. The light released in a large, bright blast, breaking down the stair case and platform. "Calamity will rise...and swallow this world whole..." 

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