Crimson Fate

In a world, where gods, demons, and humans have learned to co-exist, along with many more of the supernatural, Riku Cinder Sherwood must realize his fate to protect, become the guardian of the daughter of Devil Salem Nightingale, Selene Nightingale, whilst finding his own place in life.


10. Chapter 9

Chapter 9



The police officer that escorted Selene and Seth to Riku’s home fallowed Seth’s directions, even though Selene and the officer both noticed he was not the best at giving instructions. None the less, they made it to the Sherwood residents in due time. Selene hastily opened the car door and sprinted towards the house. She pressed the door bell, and did a little dance of impatience as she waited for the door to be opened. Seth groaned as he jogged up beside her.

“I don’t think this is the time!” he told her and opened the door. Kanna turned around in the kitchen and Grandpa Sherwood set his newspaper down. “Excuse us! But this is urgent!” The police office said as he rushed in beside Selene and Seth. “Where is Riku’s bedroom?” Selene walked up to Kanna and asked. Kanna pointed to just around the staircase. Selene, knowing her Japanese blood and thought of it polite to bow her regards before rushing up to his room. Selene entered his room and closed the door in front of Seth that fallowed right behind her.

“Hey!” He shouted, rubbing his nose from the painful collision with the door. The police officer reached for the handle to open it. “No! Please!” Selene ordered. The officer looked to Seth, expecting an explanation with a raised eyebrow. Seth shrugged as to say he didn’t really know her.

Selene scanned the bedroom. He didn’t get rid of it, did he? He couldn’t have! That sword is his treasure. Or, needs to be. She opened the closet. Nothing. She stood on her tippy toes to try and looked on the highest shelf. She was only four or so inches shorter than him, but she still didn’t see anything close to a katana. She practically tore his room apart looking for it. She looked under his bed. She spotted a guitar case and pulled it out from underneath. She stopped halfway and figured it was only a guitar. She sat up on one knee and turned around. She caught a glimpse of an instrument in the closet. She focused her attention to the closet and spotted a guitar. She swiftly pulled the case out from under the bed once again and unlocked the hatches. And there, inside, was the sword, still in the red covering. She knew taking it out the door would capture unwanted attention and blow Riku’s secret. She opened the window and checked for any passer byres. A few people were watched the cop car at the house from afar, but none would spot her. She leapt from the room down to the pavement, her demon body being stronger, and sturdier than a normal human, so she was unhurt. He began her long trek to fallow her nose to lead her to Riku.

Riku had noticed it was taking him a lot more to run out of breath than before. This perk, and the speed increase, were the two things keeping him from being eaten alive. The Shade had no other interests as it crawled fast after him, not too far behind. He tried his best not to glance over his shoulder just to check how far the Shade was advancing. He decided to chance it. He peeked over his shoulder only to find the Shade pouncing for him. He lost his balance and slipped just under it, but found himself rolling down a hill and into a little river the bridge that you crossed to get over to a large field and park. The Shade hissed as it reared its head towards Riku and let out a screech, almost sounding like a screaming, demonic child.

“Damn! That’s loud!” Riku covered his more sensitive ears as the wail pierced inside his ear canals. He leapt down the hill and dived towards him. Riku, still reeling from the shriek was too stunned to try and evade. The screech had left him in a daze and knew he would not make it out of this things attack. The vile creature swung its talons down towards him. A gasped echoed from under the bridge. Selene rolled across the ground, large gashes across her back. Riku looked towards her, horrified. He stood up and rushed to her aid.

“Selene?!” He knelt down beside her and held her in his arms, starring down at her with widened eyes filled with fear. Selene cringed as she felt the sting of Riku’s hold pressed into her back wounds. She opened her eyes and managed that smile of hers. “I knew I would make it…you seem unhurt.” She said softly. Riku gritted his teeth and shook his head. “You idiot! You’re the one hurt!” He said he took off his sweat shirt and tied it tight around her back. Selene let out a pained moan and began to tear up in pain. “Please, don’t move!” Riku said, swallowing, his throat dry from thinking of the worst that could happen. He held his head low and whimpered. “I’m sorry…! I never meant to cause you pain…!” A voice in the back of his head told him this was his entire fault. Making her cry, and now causing her to get injured. Selene touched his chest. Riku felt a familiar shape, and he grew warmer. He looked down to see that sword held into him by Selene. She smiled softly and her hand grew colder and limp. Riku held her wrist with one hand and grasped the sword with the other.

“I’ll save you…” He whispered. He let her hand fall gently and he stood up to face the Shade. He turned his head and his eyes burned with crimson, his pupil folded into a thin diamond. “You bastard! Hurting my friends like that!” He roared back at the demon as it hissed and crouched into a position to pounce again. Riku felt his blood beginning to boil, his body temperature rising. He held his sword out in front of him and gripped the red handle with his dominate hand. He forcefully pulled the blade from the sheathe and a torrent of flames erupted around him and the Shade. He dropped the scabbard and pointed the sword to the creature. “You and me!” Riku snarled, his hair glistened to a red color, dark black fallowing behind, his ears forming a point. He was too enraged to wait for the Shade to make the first move and charged. The Shade fallowed the gestured and roared and scampered forwards. Riku gripped his hilt with both hands tightly and stomped a foot forward and forced the blade downwards and began cutting through the Shade’s body. The creature let out a pained shriek as it felt its body being cleaved in two. Flames poured form Riku’s blade into then out through the Shade’s body, combusting very quickly after the initial slash. The ground around Riku became dark and free of grass. He turned around to see Selene lying on her side.

“Selene!” He rushed to her side, picking up the scabbard along the way. He knelt down beside her and untied his sweatshirt that was around her. He eyed his sword, feeling its hot embers emanating from the blade. He had seen this trick in movies, but that was a movie. But he had asked why they did what they do, and figured it must be true. He lifted her shirt and pressed the hot steel against her wounds, he cringed and looked away at the sound of her painful cries. He sheathed the sword and, as he predicted, the transformation was going in reverse, back to his original form. He tied his sweatshirt back around Selene’s wounds and held her in his arms, his sword in his mouth as it was the only way to carry it. He slowly made his way back to where he remembered there were a large group of police around the mall. It grew darker, and gray. He felt a rain drop plop on his nose. Great. The police heard his footsteps as they began setting up tents and umbrellas. He stood facing them, breathing heavily and his limbs shaking.

“Please…bring us to the…Nightingale residence.” He could take it anymore and dropped to his knees, dropping the sword and Selene spilling out from his arms. He felt his eyes grow heavier as he watched the police crowd around them. His vision blurred. He felt cooled form the wet, cold pavement. He closed his eyes as exhaustion defeated him and he drifted off, the noise of the officers and distant sirens fading. 

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