Crimson Fate

In a world, where gods, demons, and humans have learned to co-exist, along with many more of the supernatural, Riku Cinder Sherwood must realize his fate to protect, become the guardian of the daughter of Devil Salem Nightingale, Selene Nightingale, whilst finding his own place in life.


27. Chapter 26

Chapter 26





Riku was sat on the bed in the hospital bed in the room he was dragged into. He waited anxiously for the doctor come visit him next. He wondered what was happening outside. Where Embry and Seth went. Could Seth Even survive an injury like that? Riku might be able to barley scrape by, but that’s only because of his demon body. Fragile yes, but Seth’s body should be able to take more than Riku’s. A huge screw was lodged into him, no matter who, that has to leave a nasty result. Riku clenched his hands together. Partially from anxiety of waiting and not knowing, and also because there were still knives in his body.

The blonde glasses woman from when they first arrived opened the door and entered. Sweat beaded off her forehead and her glasses were slightly fogged up. She breathed mildly heavy. He removed her glasses and used her white coat to wipe the lenses. She set them back on her face and he eyes grew huge again. She clapped her hands together and gave a large smile at Riku. Riku tilted his head and scooted around on the bed. She picked up her clipboard and flipped through the sheets of paper clipped to the board. “Riku Sherwood?” She asked, her voice soft, shaky and timid. Riku nodded. She smiled again and removed a pair of tweezers from the wall. “My, you seemed to have grown.” With no warning, she eased her way over and held a tray covered in a towel with her other hand and began plucking each visible blade in his body. He cringed and shot his eyes tightly. Each knife she removed she set on the towel on the tray. She held one of blades to the ceiling lamp and focused on the feathery details carved into the blade that was at least four to six inches long.

“Um, excuse me, but I don’t think I know you.” Riku replied. The woman blinked and refocused on Riku. She gave a toothy grin and set the tray and tweezers on the counter. She moved a round, wheeled stool in front of him and sat down. “Forgive me! I’m Dr. Valentina. I was the doctor who saw you once before.” She answered. She then picked up a small light. She leaned forwards and used her finger tips to open his eye and shine the light into his crimson eyes, his diamond shape pupil shrinking and straining from the light. She clicked the light off and Riku had to blink a few times to get rid of the blurs in his eye, just before she switched to the other eye. “Say ‘Aw’!” She took a popsicle stick and placed it on his tongue and gazed into his mouth. She shined a light in the back of his throat and on his fang like canines. She ruffled the red in his hair then reseated. Riku blushed lightly as he got a glimpse of her cleavage in her doctor’s outfit that seemed too big for her. She had fair skin and young blonde hair.

“Did you dye your hair? Wasn’t that color before. And your canines were that pointed and long.” She clicked her mouse around on her computer, probably looking at the last records for when he was last checked in, whenever that was. “How old are you, Ms. Valentina?” The question sort of slipped out. She whirled around in her stool and smiled. “I’m forty-six.” Riku just about spat the glass of water that she had given him out and fallen right out of the bed. “More like eighteen!” He was tempted to shout out, but thought otherwise. A man with a greener uniform with a mouth mask wearing rubber gloves entered the room holding Riku’s katana and sheathe. “Does this belong to you?” he asked. Riku nodded and slipped off the bed to obtain back his property. Valentine gasped with a worried expression and motioned for him to be back on the bed. Riku slid the blade back into its home, embers lifted off his body and into the sword, removing the red from his eyes and hair. Valentina dropped her mouth in awe and snatched the sword. She eased the blade out and red returned to his hair and eyes. She slid it back in and embers took the red away again. She took it out again and watched the embers change his appearance. “Stop that please.” Riku scowled and held his hand out. Valentina gave him and innocent smile, sticking her tongue out with rosy cheeks. Riku shut the blade back in tightly and slipped it back in its carrying sleeve.

“Where’s Seth? And Embry? And Selene?” Riku’s voice turned stern as he slipped his sword over his shoulder, onto his back. Valentina slid on her chair back over to her computer. Riku sniffed and was tempted to plug his nose. He’s felt nauseous at the smell of hospitals ever since he can remember, even more so now that his sense of smell has been enhanced. The thought and sight of needles didn’t help and only made him want to break out even more. “Embry Green is in room 224, Seth Crowley is in room 227, and you are in room 265.” Valentina answered, dropping the sheets of paper she rolled up over the clipboard and facing Riku with another grin, which was growing irritating since Selene already has that gag. “Why am I further apart?” Riku asked confused. Embry and Seth were so close, and he was over forty rooms away. Riku couldn’t wait any longer. He felt well enough to slide off the bed and head for the door. Valentina scrambled off her stool, falling in the process of reaching for the door knob.

“Please, do wait! I haven’t even checked your injuries yet!” She begged and begged. Riku sighed and showed her where the knives have stabbed him through holes in his attire. She shifted her glasses and narrowed her eyes at the cuts that had already been more shut when she removed the blades. Valentina pulled her glassed close to her eyes and leaned in to examine. Her face lit up and she twirled around and removed scalpels, syringes, and other pokey hospital tools and held them between her fingers. “I simply must examine! Be a dear, and do let me?!” Riku felt unsafe on how cheerful and innocent dissecting and cutting him open sounded. “Like hell! Just take me to my friends!” Valentina let out a pouty, quiet “boo” noise and dropped her utensils, not seeming to care they and scattered amongst the floor. Riku hopped back so the sharp objects wouldn’t land on his feet, or step in them.

“Very well! Fallow me then!” Valentina exclaimed, trying to cover up her disappointment in her voice with her normal outburst of cheer. She gestured towards the door and opened it for Riku to exit the room. She lead him down the large hallway with rooms on each side. It made Riku nervous that some of the rooms were open and he could see the injured patients, some in worse conditions than others, the wounds and surgeries that were inflicted upon them, and the tools that had been used to treat the patient, some even had doctors in the room, some were even working. Riku gulped, feeling his stomach twist. He covered his mouth, feeling cold in his head. Valentina stopped and in front of a door with the numbers 227 labeled on a plaque. “Are you feeling ok?” She noticed Riku’s nervous and white face. “Y-yeah…It’s just hospitals put me on edge and seeing some of these things makes me a tad queasy…” he waved his hand as if to say it wasn’t a bother. Valentina tilted her head. She let out a small breath then grabbed the handle to the door. Riku felt his throat tighten. Seth got hit by a huge screw in such a nasty way in such a vital area. He could be on the verge of death. After all the years they had spent together could end here. But Riku had to see. They opened the door. Two nurses in rather tight and short uniforms huddled around Seth, one feeding him jell-o from a tiny cup and the other dressing his wounds. He had a smug grin on his face with red cheeks and seemed relaxed in their care.

“Don’t be afraid to tighten those bandages a little tighter! And you can give me some water now!” He seemed too lost in his fantasy come true to even notice Riku was now present. “Yes, Seth!” the nurses answered him in a sweet, high pitched voice, like a maid from some anime. Riku cringed and gritted his teeth and with a hard, clenched fist, slugged Seth over the head, causing it to bounced forwards. “You dumbass! I’m still hurt!” he shouted, rubbing his head. “I’m the dumbass?! I was worried about you for nothing!” Riku argued. Seth’s eyes widened and his face warped into shock. “What do you mean for nothing?! I could’ve died!” He sat up in his hospital bed. Riku leaned down to match his gaze, which wasn’t much since Seth was taller. “Seems like you’re doing just fine!” the two of them glared at one another. Their eyes getting caught up in the fire lighting up between them. It wasn’t long before either of them could keep a straight face and burst out with laughter. Valentina looked on with confusion and bit of amazement. Riku held his side as it began to hurt. Seth cringed and groaned from laughing too hard with a hole in his gut. Riku lifted up his hand and pointed a finger at him.

“That serves you right for getting hit like that, dumbass ginger!” the laughing grew louder again and intensified. Seth held up his middle finger at him in return. “I still looked cool, pyro-freak!” Valentina chuckled awkwardly and closed the door as passer-byers. Stopped and stared at the commotion they were causing and the noise that echoed in the room into the tin walls. They both raised their fists and bumped them together.

“Yeah, I’ll admit, it’ll leave a cool battle scar.” Riku admitted. “And that move you did was pretty slick for you.” A knock came from the door. Valentina hesitated to open it, fearing it was the other staff or a patient coming to complain about the ruckus. She slowly opened the door and was met by Salem driving Embry in a wheel chair. She sighed in relief and opened the door fully and stepped aside for them to enter. Salem steered Embry’s wheel chair to the foot of Seth’s hospital bed. “Well, it’s nice to see you two morons are still breathing.” Embry mocked them, trying not to laugh. She clamped her hands on her sides, trying to suppress the pain in her ribs. “It looks like you’re doing better now too.” Riku let out a sigh of relief.

“It would seem, demon boy. It brings me joy knowing you are still safe.” A new voice rang in their ears. A cold chill ran up their spans, a deep pressure weighing down on their shoulders. It was as if time had stopped, that everything around them did not exist aside from the room and the people that were in it. The focused echo of shoes clapping against the marbled ground loomed closer and closer. Until reality returned and time was restored once the footsteps reached room 227. A man with brown, light chocolate colored skin and long black hair in a pony tail stood in the door way, wearing a familiar white suit and a yellow tie. He had a soft, gentle, quiet face to match his voice. He held a cluster of blue roses in his hands. Everyone whirled their heads towards the door way. “When did he…?! I didn’t even sense him coming!” Riku felt his heart sink deeper in his chest. Even Salem seemed nervous, a drop of cold sweat trailing down the side of his forehead. Embry froze in her wheel chair. She flinched and gasped when the man knelt down on his knee and offered the blue roses to her.

“They are your favorite flowers, no?” the man asked. Embry’s skin drained of color. Her eyes were huge and fixated on the flowers in front of her. Her face tightened up. She screamed and smacked the flowers out of the man’s hands. She flailed and struggled to get away from him. Her wheel chair tipped over and she started crawling along the cold floor. Riku rushed to her aid to help her not injure her ribs further. The man gawked and watched as Embry cowered in Riku’s arms. She was shaking and closed her eyes tightly and started biting her lip, as if she was trying to wake up from a nightmare. “Forgive the intrusion. I merely wanted to pay a visit to an old friend.” His voice remained rather calm for a scene he had just instigated. “Until next time.” The sound of wings flapping filled the air and feathers floated to the ground where he once stood.









It was dark and dank, offering no cover from the oncoming rain. The site of a constructing building offered little in terms of comfort, but was the closest place to retreat to after suffering from such an attack. Dmitry sat on a pile of beams that were to be added into the structure for support of upper levels. Alvis sat against one of the beams that had already been placed. He stared into a puddle that had formed from the rain which had begun to pick up. Dmitry eyed him and scoffed. Alvis remained silent, his hand placed over his body where Riku had struck him.

“Are you just going to sulk all night?” Dmitry seemed agitated. Alvis turned his head, but only for a moment before looking out into the gray clouds. “That young man. Riku, I think it was. He had no intent to kill me, regardless of the situation.” He finally spoke, remaining calm and gentle. Dmitry groaned and rubbed his neck, turning it harshly to crack it. Alvis flinched at the sound. “He increased the intensity of his flames to overpower the cutting of his katana.” Deep within the vacant, empty building came the sound of footsteps.

“Yet, you still lived. And did not continue to pursue. Explain yourself, Alvis.” It took Alvis just a glance at the visitor’s white suit and yellow tie with a glimpse of tanned skin. “Barachiel. It was nothing but a fluke. It will not happen twice.” Alvis stood to make eye contact with the angel. Barachiel smiled. He ran his fingers long his pony tail and tossed it over his shoulder before walking to the edge of the building in progress. He set his hands behind his back and took in a deep breath of the cold wet air. “Lord Jupiter and Lord Yormundgar made their order clear. May I remind you the consequences of not retrieving the girl?” Barachiel held out his hand into the rain. The clouds stirred and loomed closer and grew blacker. Light flickered in the sky and with a roar struck Barachiel’s hand, leaving blue static crackling around his hand.

“You are our servant, my underling. Fallow orders precisely.” Alvis gulped, feeling a cold sweat come over him, a chill slithering up his spine and wrapping around his throat. He could practically feel the chains subdue him, tightening more and more with each reminder of his duty. He closed his eyes and let out a silent shaky breath. He stood up and nodded. “Yes, Barachiel. I will not fail next time.” Alvis bowed his head. Barachiel gave him a gentle smile. A blue rose appeared in his hand and he gently inhales its scent. “I sent Aria back to the hospital. While in a state of confusion, that lot won’t see her infiltrate. You did plant your feather inside the wound of that S.S.A agent correct, Dmitry?” Dmitry nodded. “I made sure to plant it nice and good!” Barachiel smiled into his blue rose. “Oh, Embry Green. Things would be much easier if you did not make such a fuss.”

“In the name of Lord Salem, we will no longer accept scum like you in our territory!” the angels turned their heads back to see just as many demons, all clad in red and gold trimmed royal soldier uniforms. Barachiel tilted hi head. “The seven star uniforms of the Nightingale clan. I am assuming you are nothing more than patrollers. Very well, we were getting agitated just sitting around.”








The air was still and quiet in the hospital. It was so unbearable Seth couldn’t even fall asleep. He could only lay there with closed eyes, hearing the slightest sound. It was almost unsettling how still the atmosphere was. No traces of sound anywhere. It was the perfect opportunity for a certain infiltrator to slip her way inside. Her body emerged and phases through the ceiling, as if some sort of magic trick. Her distinctive navy blue suit and red tie easily gave her away as an angel. She spotted Seth awake and sitting up in the bed, crossing his arms. The angel giggled.

“You don’t seem to have objections to your death. What, embracing it with open arms? Sadly, I cannot kill you yet.” Seth scoffed at her words. “Why, because you need info? Maybe if I wasn’t in a sorry state, and you weren’t an assassin, we could talk over lunch.” The angel girl giggled and waved her hand in front of her face like a fan. “Aren’t you one with words. But if I must, I, Aria, will torture the information out of you!” Aria reached her arm out and lunged forwards at him. She froze in her steps and Seth’s smirk. Riku and Embry popped in from behind her, sword and chains armed at her back. Realizing she was now caught in an ambush, Aria whirled her leg around at them. Embry used to chains to entangle Aria’s leg. She yanked on the chains and brought her back and slammed her against the wall. “Damn, an ambush!” Riku took the chance to raise his sword to strike. Aria became translucent and her leg phased through Embry’s chains. It became a physical form again just before swinging up into Riku’s chin.

“Damn it, Embry! I thought you had her!” Riku shouted angrily, rubbing his chin and moving his jaw around. “I did! She just, went through them!” Aria giggled and the floor beneath her began to ripple as she seeped down in the floor. Riku swiftly spotted where she reemerged. “There!” he exclaimed, sending a torrent of crimson flames her way. “Ah! Hot! Riku your fire!” Embry Exclaimed. Seth flung himself out of bed and crawled underneath it to avoid the storm. Aria screamed, only getting grazed by the large torrent of fire. Seth lifted his hand up and rammed it into his wound. “What the hell?!” Embry stood up and put her hands on his bleeding hole. “This is what they used to find us, right?” Seth held up a shining feather. “You better back up Embry…” Embry tilted her head. Seth shut his eyes tightly, black picking at the edge of his eyes from the immense pain in his stomach. He bit his lip and used the bed sheet to bite down on even harder as he ran his finger tips along the bleeding opening.

“Seth! Are you insane!?” Riku turned to rush in and stop him before he killed himself by bleeding to death. “Don’t let her see! Stall her, please! For just a few more moments!” Riku gulped. He tightly gripped his sword and faced Aria. Whatever it was he was planning, all he could do was put faith in his actions. “Suicide? How cowardly! I commend you finding our tracking device but…” Aria paused. She tilted her head around Riku. Her eyes lit up in horror. She stumbled back, raising her arms up as if defending herself from an invisible foe. “No! Why is that there?!” Seth’s shaky hand had finished tracing out a circle with what looked like angel wings in the center with an X over it. Embry grew pale. She yelped and dashed away from him. “An anti-angel circle. It will detect any angel within a fifteen foot radius. Well, I didn’t have time to draw a stronger one, but this will do!” Seth slammed his palm in the center. Aria shrieked as a beam of light and pressure erupted beneath her, feeling her body press and pull and constrict. In a large pop, and burst of light, she fell to the ground unconscious.








Dust covered over the ground in a thick blanket. Blood splattered on the pavement and beams. Dents in the metal frame. And an uneasy, thick coat of death lingering in the atmosphere. Barachiel calmly sniffed his blue rose, whilst holding one of the patrolling demons above the ground by the neck. “As I had originally thought. Nothing but low class dogs.” He tossed the lifeless body off the structure. Dmitry tossed the two remaining bodies after and watched them plummet. He cackled at the sight of them splattering on impact to the ground below. “Oh man! Music to my ears!” he exclaimed. “But, did you not notice it?” Alvis asked, brushing off his suit and fixing his tie. “They all died laughing at us.” He ran his hand through his silver hair.

“So be it. They think their Devil can save them? The peak of Salem’s reign has long come to a closure. Not since “that incident”.” Dmitry slammed his fist into his palm. “Yeah! We can easily take them!” All three of them froze and shivered. Barachiel frowned and walked to the edge of the structure. “Aria. Her grace has vanished.” He held his blue rose out into the wind and the petals could no longer cling to their stem and were plucked off one by one by the wind and fluttered off. “Demons, Angels, and Humans. All after the girl. It’s high time something interesting happens.”  

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