Crimson Fate

In a world, where gods, demons, and humans have learned to co-exist, along with many more of the supernatural, Riku Cinder Sherwood must realize his fate to protect, become the guardian of the daughter of Devil Salem Nightingale, Selene Nightingale, whilst finding his own place in life.


3. Chapter 2

Chapter 2



Riku groaned loudly as the loud, obnoxious beeping interrupted his slumber. He irritably flailed his hand around onto the alarm clock until his finger found the snooze button. He figured five more minutes couldn’t hurt. He rolled over onto his side facing the other direction. He hated when his dreams were interrupted. This time, he was dreaming of being a dashing young man in a silver suite of armor, ready to fight to gain the affection of the gorgeous maiden. Yes, Riku had strange, and somewhat often childish dreams. But before he knew it, once he had fallen asleep again, his dream had changed. He was running. Running in a dark world, where the only source of light was a tint of crimson. In his dream, he looked over his shoulder to see a frightening beast. It was nothing he had ever seen before. He ran and ran until he was stopped dead in his tracks by the sight of a young girl that looked no older than him. She stood there in silence as she was wearing his school’s uniform. A light shined as she had drawn a sword, and that was it. Riku’s eyes flew open, the alarm clock wailing next to him on his nightstand.

He rolled over and picked it up and gazed at it. It took him a few seconds, from being so sleepy, to release the clock had said six-twenty eight-o’clock. He jolted up and let out a startled yell as he tossed it back on his night stand and swiftly rushed out of his room, belting his school uniform pants as he ran down the hall and down the stairs. “Holy crap, I’m late!” He repeated over and over again, dashing into the kitchen where is mother was standing near the stove cooking eggs and his grandfather sitting at the table. Out of most of his family, Riku’s grandfather was probably the most Japanese, if not entirely. He sat at the kitchen table eating egg over rice with miso soup and fish. Riku rushed over and grabbed a fresh piece of toast that had conveniently popped from the toaster as he had entered the kitchen. He eyed his family as he stood with the piece of toast in his mouth and tried to tie his tie and tuck in his shirt. Riku had never gotten used to such formal attire. He had even made jokes about dropping out of high school just because of their formal attire that must be worn. A black school uniform was better than any bright colors.

“Riku, did you brush your teeth?” Riku’s mother, Kanna, called form the kitchen as Riku stood near the door and slipped on his shoes. “No, mom! I got up late, so I didn’t have time!” Riku called back as he removed the toast from the clutches of his teeth. “Make sure you shape up! Good grades are a key to your future success.” His grandfather pointed at him with his chopsticks and Riku sighed. Riku’s grandfather was probably the most strict out of the family. He’s as strict as a Japanese samurai master! Well, that’s because he is. His room is even decorated and rearranged to fit the likes of a samurai. A sword stand hung on his wall as he slept on a futon instead of a normal mattress bed. He wore kimonos around the house, well, so did his mother occasionally. But Riku and Kanna were always more adapted to the western style of life.

“All good men should have good grades.” Riku’s grandfather went on and on. “Grandpa, I told you I don’t want to learn kenjutsu!” Riku exclaimed. Kenjutsu was the original form of Japanese swordsman ship. Grandpa talked about it all the time, as if he were hinting at something. Riku was suspicious but never gave in and constantly told him the same answer.

“Well, somebody has gotta take up the family sword!” Grandpa shouted over to Riku who was tying his shoes. He finished tying them and stood up angrily. “Well, I ain’t gonna do it, old man!”  Riku shouted back. “Jeez, you’re making me even more late!” Riku scolded him, as he let out an irritated groan and didn’t bother buttoning up his shirt and tucking it in and opened the door to exit. “Riku dear, at least take an egg and another piece of toast! I know how hungry you get.” Riku rushed over and held out the two pieces of toast as Kanna set a fried egg on one piece and Riku put the other piece on top like a sandwich. “Thanks mom!” He smiled brightly and rushed out the door with his bag over his shoulder, his mother waving him off.

“You still don’t think he is ready?” Grandpa looked over his shoulder at Kanna who was now beginning to set dirtied dishes in the sink. “At his current state, I do not think so.” Kanna smiled at him as she turned on the water to start washing the dishes. “Hot!”



Riku struggled. As he ran, his bag was pulling down his black formal shirt. He groaned yet again and had to stop at the cross walk to fix it. He took the time it took for the signal to show he could walk and fix his tie that was nearly just wrapped around his neck. He sighed. Today was no doubt was going to be another day. The same route to school, the same classroom, the same teacher, the same students, the same routine. He was growing tired of it. All he had ever wanted, something different, something interesting to happen in his life. He held his breakfast sandwich in his and set his bag down and began to tie it. He struggled to tie the knot and scratched his head. Kanna had made it look much simpler. But now that he is trying it by himself, he just can’t wrap his brain around how this could possibly work. He looked up to see the signal switch to the white figure, indicating to cross. He yelped and grabbed his bag and jogged across and took a bite out of his sandwich. He then caught a glimpse of a figure out of the corner of his eye. It was that girl from the day before. The one that gave him that smile, not once, but twice.

He had almost forgotten she was living across and down the street from him. He sees her walk to school every day. She always walked the same route, the sidewalk littered with cherry blossoms  along that traveled along the far side of the school. She always stopped at the minit mart to buy a honey bun and ate it along the way. He only knows what she buys because he always goes to the minit mart to get a one of those glass Starbucks cold coffees. Sadly, he had no such spare time as he was running late. Which then made him realize, this girl was also running late. But she totally seemed like one of those goody-two-shoes who was always positive, always on time, and got good grades all the time! Riku stared, lost in thought as she hastily strode down the side walk. A large breeze picked up and nearly blew his poorly tied neck tie straight off of his collar. He grasped it tightly so it would not be blown away. He shielded himself from the oncoming barrage of cherry blossom petals that had been picked up in the gust, their gorgeous, and bright color shining in the sunlight.

Riku blinked as he felt several bash into his eyes. He turned his head to see he was now on the other side of the sidewalk, not too far behind the girl. From there, he got a better look at this girl. Of course, she wore the school’s black uniform. Only, compared to the boy version, instead of pants, it had a skirt, and the shoes were replaced with heels, and the neck tie was arranged to be a bow.

The girl stood there. Riku stopped as well, thinking it would be too awkward if he just walked passed her as she was lost in thought, or seemed like it, especially after yesterday. She ran a hand threw her black hair and starred into the distance as Riku shielded himself from another battalion of racing cherry blossom petals from another large gust of wind. Riku couldn’t help but stare at her. Form this distance, she was close enough to determine…that she was actually kind of cute. The wind had blown the scent of her perfume Riku’s way. He exhaled as the scent somewhat relaxed him. It was the scent of white plums.

But the only problem with this scene, as marveled as Riku was, she was standing in the middle of the road. Riku’s attention was stolen by a loud horn that belonged to a semi-truck. The girl snapped out of it and turned her head towards the oncoming vehicle with wide eyes. “Hey, watch out!” Riku shouted as load as he could over the roaring truck. Out of instinct, he bolted up the hill towards the girl. He grabbed her hand and yanked her back with enough force to fall back on her bum. Riku stumbled forwards and fall on his hands and knees as the truck swerved slightly before continuing to drive. The girl stared at the truck then at Riku, who was panting on the ground.

“Jeez! I didn’t see you as the oblivious type.” Riku said, breathing heavily, filled with adrenaline, and the question of why he just did that. Though, he thought the answer was clear. Because it’s not like he wanted to see her die, or wanted her dead.

“My name is Selene.” She finally spoke. Riku looked up in surprise. He turned his head to her and she gave him a soft smile. Riku went blank for a moment, and forgot he should probably return the favor by mentioning his name as she frowned and tilted her head. Riku stood up and patted himself  off before holding out his hand to help Selene to her feet. “Riku.” He replied with. Selene then smiled and gave a soft giggle. “Thank you for saving me! I tend to become oblivious at times…” She hit herself on the head a couple times softly. Riku starred, confused and not quite sure what to do or say. “Oh no! we’ll be late now!” She suddenly grabbed Riku’s hand and began to swiftly jog up the hill. He didn’t know how to describe it. Or really what was going on. But something was soothing about her soft hand clutching his. 

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