Crimson Fate

In a world, where gods, demons, and humans have learned to co-exist, along with many more of the supernatural, Riku Cinder Sherwood must realize his fate to protect, become the guardian of the daughter of Devil Salem Nightingale, Selene Nightingale, whilst finding his own place in life.


16. Chapter 15

Chapter 15



It was dark, smelly and dank. Not to mention with summer coming around the corner, pretty damn humid. All of which, Embry wasn’t a fan of. Shefelt embarrassed at the feel of her body sweating. She used her finger to pulled her color to allow air to travel. But the building wasn’t letting her win. It was no use. Seth, however, didn’t seem too effected. He seemed to lead the way and shine the flash light with ease, not that it takes much to wield a flashlight. Embry rubbed her hands along her arms, suddenly becoming cooler. A shiver sent an eerie feeling up her spine. She hastily scurried closer behind Seth. “Don’t you think its cold in here?” She whined. Seth halted and turned his head. First at Embry, then to scan their surroundings. It was odd. Perhaps a draft? There were no shortage of broken glass windows. A few cracks and holes here and there. “It was probably from outside?” Seth shrugged. Embry lifted her shoulders, not sure herself. Seth seemed to ponder more. He too noticed the sudden drastic change in temperature. Yes, there were possibilities open for the excuse of it was merely the cool breeze. But wouldn’t they have felt a chill before then? Seth used his phone to search up the surrounding temperature. Fifty-four degrees. However, for some odd reason, Seth had been present during the news his mother had left on the TV, and the temperature when he left to meet up for this was seventy-six. Yes, temperature changes. However, the building had no electricity. He stuck his phone outside the window and the numbers jolted back up to a reading of seventy-four degrees. Embry gave him a petrified glance. He swallowed as he too felt nervous. But. Perhaps this is what he was waiting for.

“Seth, the temperatures! Why were they so different?!” Seth could sense the stress in Embry’s voice. He tried choosing his words carefully as to not frighten Embry any further. He held the flash light so they could see each other’s faces. “It could be…that I may have been right.” Seth said slowly. Embry took a deep breath and nodded slowly. “We should find the others. I’m not liking this anymore.” She rubbed her face with a shudder. Perhaps it was wrong to involve them. Seth began to feel regret. But perhaps just not invite the girls. Riku seemed happy to come along. It could’ve been a guy’s night out. But Embry also seemed to have an interest. He wasn’t quite sure about Selene. But she seemed a tad skittish of the idea. Or, maybe it was wrong to involve them all to begin with.

A sudden scream shattered the silence. Seth jumped and dropped the flash light. The light sudden flared off. Embry shrieked and began breathing heavily from the sense of dread that began to fall. That shriek wasn’t too far. The air around them began to grow colder, their breath not visible in what little light they had from the outside moon. “Look for the flash light!” they dropped to their knees and began scampering around on the floor, swiping their hands across the cold, filthy cement. Embry’s searching grew frantic. Little clicks clopped around in the hall. It sounded like sandals, or shoes walking along the cement. The clopping seemed to be growing in volume. They were growing closer. Embry hit the back of her hand on something hard. Whatever it was, it rolled away loudly. It could’ve been the flash light. She thought she should’ve picked it up. But while swiping their hands in search for it, their desperation set it. The walking pace of whoever was coming had increased. “Damn it! Where is it!” Embry shouted. She scurried on her hands and knees towards the general area she had thought the object had rolled to. The moonlight had began to shine from behind the clouds. It was only a sliver, but it was just enough light to spot the flash light against the wall under the window. The clopping had grown into more of a run. Embry switch on the flash light. The beam of light shot from the flash light engulfed the figure in front of her. It shrieked and startled Embry yet again, causing her to fall backwards. The footsteps bounded down the hall and slowly fell silent. Embry shiver against the wall. “Embry! Are you ok?” Seth fallowed the flashlights beam form the opposite side of the room.

“I saw it! That…person who was coming!” Seth put his hands on her shoulders and held her off the wall. “What?” Embry nodded. “It was only just a second…but it was a woman!” Seth’s eyes widened and raised his eyebrow. “What did she look like?!” Embry lifted her shoulders and shook her head. “It was all too fast…” Seth slumped back. His chest tightened. Not just from shock of what had happened, but dreadful disappointment. “Maybe we should find Riku and Selene.” Seth said quietly. Embry nodded hastily. Seth grabbed Embry’s hand and eased her back onto her two feet. He took the flashlight from Embry’s hand and lead the way towards Riku’s end of the search. Maybe he could run ahead. Gain distance between him and whatever Embry saw. He thought. This could be his last chance. Only chance. “I thought I heard them!” He bolted off down the hall, leaving Embry behind. “Seth, wait!” she began running after him. She manage to keep a reasonable distance away so at least the beam of the flashlight was visible.




“That scream. It could be the bad one.” The girl stated. Selene gripped the back of Riku’s shirt. Riku put himself between Selene and whoever, or maybe, whatever this girl was. She was reasonably short. But she had a tint of light around her body, which wasn’t very transparent and Riku had originally thought. The red tint of the surrounding lighting was starting to increase. The red became more prominent and brighter. It lit up the hallway as if it were one huge spot light. Another thing he had noticed was the girl’s eyes were closed. She was closing her eyes hard as if she was struggling to keep them shut and not open them. She began wheezing and trembling. Riku noticed she had begun to cry. “Hey! Why are you crying?” Riku thought it was good idea to try and sort things out with this ghost. Or maybe he was just going crazy. “The bad one!” The girl’s eyes flashed open and the room lit up in a bright brilliant white light. A loud, blood curdling shriek echoed down the halls from behind them. The sound of loud footsteps running lead the red light down the hall, back away from them until it was no longer visible. The little girl stopped glowing and it became clear to them she had been floating. She hover down to the ground and fell over. “Hey!” Riku rushed over to her and held her up off the cold cement. “Is she ok?” Selene kept her distance behind Riku. She didn’t want to seem rude. But she couldn’t help her fear of ghosts.

The girl slowly opened her eyes. She sat up and looked around. Riku was a tad surprised his hands weren’t phasing through her. Perhaps not all ghosts are that way. Or maybe this was all a prank. “You two are demons.” She blinked at Riku and Selene. Riku swallowed and rubbed his chin trying to think. “Well…but we aren’t bad ones!” He tried to reassure her. Maybe the demons she was referring to were evil ghosts or something. “I know. We all live happily together!” She gave him a bright smile. Riku titled his head. Selene felt brave enough to kneel down beside her. “So you are a young ghosty?” she asked. The girl nodded as she continued scanning around them. “So…how did you die?” Riku wanted to know, but in the back of his head, he felt the question was insensitive of him. The girl looked down from their gazes. “I was a freshman at the school. This building was going to also carry the new theatre. I was in the drama club. We were going to perform a play of Sleepy Hallow. I was so excited to show my big sister! I talked about it for weeks! But…there was an accident. Some kids thought it would be funny to pull a prank and dress up as ghosts and flew around the theatre. Apparently they were hoisted up with rope of the stage. But…when they tried to lift themselves up, a sandbag that was holding the rope dropped. I was practicing my lines beneath it when it happened.” Selene sniffled in between the story. Riku raised his eyebrow and looked to her. “Are you crying?” he asked Selene sniffed and shook her head. “It’s just…so sad! Her sister never got to see the play.” Riku offered his sweatshirt sleeve for her to wipe her tear filled eyes on.

“What about the bad one?” Riku asked the girl. “I don’t know…but she had been keeping me here.” The girl said as she was now hugging Selene. “Is that why you can’t move on?” The girl went silent. She shook her head. She fell silent and made herself comfortable in Selene’s arms. “I can’t move on because I want to find my big sis. And perform the play.” Riku had the thought of teller her that this place was in no condition to perform a play in. But maybe she obviously already knew that. Or didn’t know, and him mentioning it would make her even worse. “Well, Selene here is a demon princess and I’m her guardian. I’m sure we can get you out of here.” The girl turned her head. She had a bright look in her eye. “Really?” Riku nodded. “Riku, you can’t just tell everybody! It’s actually pretty embarrassing…” Selene puffed her cheeks with a scowl and blush on her face. Riku chuckled and put up his arms. “By the way, what is your name?” Selene casted her look down to the girl. “My name is Blair. And I know I’m short. I’m actually the around the same age as your boyfriend.” Blair pointed to Riku. Riku felt his own cheeks flare up as he spotted Selene’s do the same. “N-no! we’re friends! Besides, I’m her guardian! You know, like a body guard!” Riku frantically tried correcting her. “Y-yes! It isn’t like that! Just friends!” Selene seemed worse than Riku. She flailed and her face was redder than a tomato. Blair titled her head, seeming a bit confused. “Anyways, we should find Seth and Embry and get out of here.” Riku help the two girls stand. Selene nodded. “She can stay with me for a bit. Or for the time being.” Blair nodded. “I don’t mind. I hope you’re family is nice.” Selene smiled at her. “Just be aware, they get weird.” Riku added. Selene huffed her cheeks again. “We aren’t that weird! Then, you’re weird too, Riku!” Riku flung his hand up in the air. “Wait, how am I weird?!”

“Because, if my family is weird, so are you! Because you’re my guardian!” Selene seemed more frantic. Riku paused. Selene gasped and covered her mouth out of embarrassment. “I mean…of course you’re like family. You protect me.” Riku rubbed the back of his head. It was only really twice. But he does watch over her every day. And go to school with her. It hasn’t been that long. Has she really felt that way? He hadn’t really had family time before. That dinner where he first met Selene was amazing. He hadn’t felt part of something before. His mother always did things around the house. Always busy. His grandfather practically never leaves his room. Only to come down to eat or collect the newspaper.

“There you guys are!” Seth shouted as him and Embry breathed heavily and came to a halt. “Hey, you guys found us.” Riku said, crossing his arms as Selene pointed the flash light at them. Seth held his own flashlight up. “It wasn’t too hard. We fallowed you guys screaming and then a light.” Embry said finally catching her breath and rubbing her arms. Riku and Selene both blushed. Hopefully they didn’t hear why they were yelling. “Who’s that?” Embry pointed to Blair. “This is Blair. She’s…” Riku swallowed and looked to Selene. She shook her head. “She got lost. Her parents are out of town and she doesn’t know the way back to town.” Riku replied. Seth nodded slowly. He eyed the girl. She tilted her head at him. Seth shook his head. “Well, I think we should all go home for tonight. This place gives me the chills.” Embry shuddered. “I agree.” Selene sighed, happy to finally be leaving this place.

Blair seemed to know the exact way back to the entrance. It wasn’t too surprising since she mentioned she had been “trapped” in the building for a pretty long time. From there, they each knew the correct way home. The streetlights were a beacon of delight from being in a dark abandoned building for hours. They had each said goodbye and went on their marry way back to their homes. Riku walked with Selene and Blair back to her home. 

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