Crimson Fate

In a world, where gods, demons, and humans have learned to co-exist, along with many more of the supernatural, Riku Cinder Sherwood must realize his fate to protect, become the guardian of the daughter of Devil Salem Nightingale, Selene Nightingale, whilst finding his own place in life.


11. chapter 10

Chapter 10



Riku felt his body beginning to sway. His head bumped into the window of the police car he awoke in. He squinted in slight pain and rubbed the spot the window attacked him. He scanned his surroundings. He slightly panicked at the sight of him in a police car. He looked out the window and recognized the street. He walked this path everyday to travel to school.

“You awake kid?” Came a voice from the front of the car. The grate was closed and he could not see the driver. “Yes, sir.” He answered. “We’re about to the Nightingale residence as you requested.” Something about the officer’s voice seemed…familiar. Eerily familiar considering he didn’t know any cops, or had been arrested before. Riku nodded and slumped back in the seat. He shot up straight and frantically looked around. “That girl that was with you is in the ambulance.” The driver explained. Riku looked through the window behind him and saw the flashing red and blue lights, hearing the siren as well. It was now dark, and the rain had grown restless.

It wasn’t long before they parked in front the ramen shop that belonged to the Nightingales. The driver didn’t say anything to Riku who forcefully unbuckled himself and opened the car door and jogged to one of the officers carrying Selene.  He walked beside them as they knocked on the door. Esther was the one that opened it up. She gasped and waved for Salem. He gestured for them to walk in. The officer carried Selene to her room, lead by Esther. Riku sat on one of the couches and twiddled his fingers. Salam took Riku’s sword from one of the officers. Riku’s ears still rang from the Shade’s bellow, so he couldn’t quite make out what they were saying from the distance from the living room to the front door. Before he knew it, he fell sideways on the couch and passed out.

He felt a hand touch his leg. His eyes flew open as he jolted awake. Shepard, or, Salem stood over him with a gentle smile. The light from the kitchen behind them was the only source of light, the house being totally dark. He heard the faint sound of rain hitting the windows repeatedly. He felt embarrassed, having fallen asleep so randomly in someone else’s home. Especially Selene’s family’s home. She had to have told them what he had said. Why else would she run home with tears in her eyes? Riku starred at Salem, not really knowing what to say. He pulled his legs around to sit at the edge of the couch. He rubbed his head and blinked, trying to clear his eyes of sleep.

“Rest well? You were out like a light.” Salem sat down beside Riku with a soft chuckle. Even after this, he still acted this way? Hadn’t he known what Riku said? He wished he hadn’t. Who knows how a demon father would react. He shrugged and nodded slowly. Salem scratched the back of his head and let out a sigh as Riku hugged his knees.

“Riku. I understand that you are scared of what has happened to you recently.” Salem began. Riku felt a chill and shivered. He swallowed and his heart sank. So he did know. At least to some extent perhaps. Riku had a good feeling on what he would bring up next. But he was silent. They sat in utter dark and silence for what seemed like an eternity. Riku gave it thought. Maybe his demon is his true self? Everyone had said it was dormant. Which meant he was demon beforehand. He had the mindset that but also knowing, it was someone else’s fault. But that should never be the case. Selene had only awakened his demon powers. Meaning, perhaps eventually it would come to the surface. Selene had also saved him. Twice. Each time had caused her pain. What about next time? Could she potentially die from saving Riku from his foolishness? Not only that, he drove her away from doing practically nothing. In fact, she was trying to aid him. She was so nice, so kind. And all he showed her was disrespect. He let out all his anger out on her. He hugged his knees tighter and swallowed.

“I…change my mind.” He said quietly. Those were the words that came to him the swiftest before Salem had the chance to mention anymore. Salem looked over to Riku with eyebrows raised. “I was wrong…I didn’t truly mean what I had said.” He continued. Salem held up his hand for Riku to stop. Riku eyed his hand and looked over at him. “I think someone should hear this more than I.” Selene emerged from the hallway. Riku’s eyes widened and he shot to his feet. “Shocked? Demons heal pretty fast. Though, she is also more fragile than others.” Salam said, smiling at his daughter who had awakened from her sleep. She nodded and flashed her bare back, no wounds or scars visible.

“Selene, I’m so sorry! Please hear me out!” Riku pleaded. Selene tilted her head, then gave him a beaming grin. She nodded and plopped down on the opposite couch in front of him. “I’ve been giving it some thought. I didn’t mean what I said…I was only angry. But I guess…truly angry at myself. I took it out on you…and that isn’t right.” Riku said once again. Selene’s smile shrank as she began to recall those words. “I-its fine…” Riku could tell it very much so wasn’t.

“No, it’s not. But also…I was reconsidering what you had previously proposed. It was my fault that you got injured trying to save me. Maybe it was a good thing I was awakened, to better understand myself. And you showed me such kindness…Selene…what I am trying to say is…please…I want to become a guardian.” Riku looked up, feeling word out from the abundance of words he had unveiled, and also from the pure emotion he had poured into his speech. Selene’s eyes went huge. Her cheeks turned a light pink color as her eyes glistened in the reflecting moonlight. Even Salem looked taken back. Selene’s smile grew brighter as she nodded. “Yes.” 

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