Crimson Fate

In a world, where gods, demons, and humans have learned to co-exist, along with many more of the supernatural, Riku Cinder Sherwood must realize his fate to protect, become the guardian of the daughter of Devil Salem Nightingale, Selene Nightingale, whilst finding his own place in life.


2. Chapter 1

Chapter 1



Light from the large, brilliant, warm sun in the sky shined through the glass windows and stretched along Riku’s face. He felt his face become warm and twitched in his sleep, the sound of his music from his ear buds slowly returning as he gradually came back to reality of school from dream land. He opened his eyes, a mistake on his part. The blinding source of natural light caused him to immediately shut his eyes closed. He moved his head to the other side of his book, the only thing it’s really useful for is a pillow, and one of his ear buds popped out from his ear. He groaned in irritation and heard the voice of his teacher which made him cringe.

“And that is how us humans, demons, and gods are at peace today.” Mr. Cross said as he read the lines from his book in his hand. He looked up from the book and scanned the class. He noticed Riku at his desk near the window with his head down. “Mister Sherwood, you wouldn’t happen to be sleeping, would you?” Riku swallowed nervously. “Wake up!” Mr. Cross struck him on the head with his book. Riku shot up straight and rubbed his head. “Ow! What’s the big idea?!”

“Maybe you should be focusing on the lesson, instead of sleeping in class.” Riku looked up to Cross. He wore an eye patch around the right side of his face and, what only Riku can describe it as, is the shirt underneath a tuxedo. Riku sighed. Mr. Cross sighed not to long after Riku. “Were you paying attention at all?” Riku almost seemed hesitant to answer the question. All Riku really got form Cross’s speech was about the gods, humans and demons relations, characteristics and customs. The only thing important to Riku about these different races was, demons had pointed ears, like elves, and cat like eyes. Gods had symbols on their foreheads corresponding to their faction, and…well, as far as Riku was concerned, that was it. He could look around his class room, and see a variety of races. All three resided in his class room. “So no.” Riku had almost forgotten Cross was there. “Err…Yes!” Riku was obviously lying. “Ok, mister wise guy. What was the year that the restoration for our peace amongst all races established?” That was it. Just saying the words “How long ago” immediately stumped him.

 “Umm…2021?” Riku raised his shoulders with a nervous bead of sweat running down his forehead. Cross instantly face palmed. Everyone broke out into laughter. Except for one girl in the row across from Riku’s desk. Riku sighed as he was embarrassed and greatly upset. He noticed this girl wasn’t laughing. Instead she looked around with a somewhat sympathetic look on her face. She noticed Riku’s gaze and their eyes met. Riku froze and couldn’t find the effort to pull away from the dead lock. Then, she suddenly gave a little giggle and put on a smile, which only seized his attention more. The bell rang, which lifted a huge amount of relief off of him as he began to pack his book into this bag and fallowed everyone else outside the door, but was sadly halted due to Cross. “Riku, can I have a word?” Riku immediately froze in his tracks. “Y-yes…teacher?” He slowly turned around, ready for the lecture. “What’s up? It’s not like you to fall asleep in class. Well, not like you to do it four times a day.” Cross said. Riku sighed and shrugged as he rubbed the back of his head. He didn’t really feel like telling his teacher, since he hardly ever told his own friends. Cross stood up from his chair and put his hand on Riku’s shoulder. Riku looked up into Cross’s deep blue eyes.

“Riku, you know as your teacher, I’m here if you need it.” Riku eyed Cross’s leather glove that was placed on his shoulder. Riku swallowed and could really find the word to respond and just nodded. Cross let out a quiet sigh as he patted Riku’s shoulder. “Now run along. Try to get a good night sleep tonight. I expect you to be ready for tomorrow’s lesson.” Cross sat back down into his chair at his desk. Riku nodded solemnly. “Yes sir.” Was all Riku said before heading out the door towards the lunch room.

He spotted several people around a lunch table and wondered over. “I’m here.” He said as he sat with everyone. He reached into his bag and pulled out a Japanese packed lunch and set it on the table. “Ah, Riku! Finally! Did Mr. Cross give you another lecture?” Asked a god, or, in female sense, goddess. She wore a knitted cap on her head and a flowing dress. “Sadly, yes.” Riku sighed as he opened his lunch. “Oh wow! How come you always get the good lunches…all I can afford to bring is a bag of chips.” Seth, a close friend of Riku since middle school, whined as he gestured to the bag of Funions in his hand.

“Yeah, I had forgotten your family is Japanese.” Embry, yet another one of Riku’s band of strange since middle school, says as she peeks inside of Riku’s lunch box. “Well, not entirely. Our family’s Japanese blood line pretty much died out once I cam rolling along.” Riku shrugged as he rubbed the back of his head, chuckling awkwardly.

“Yet you seem to have a Japanese style life style.” Embry stole a slice of omelet from Riku’s lunch. He eyed her and hit her hand and moved the lunch away from her. “It’s mostly my Grandpa. Or maybe just a stereotype.” Riku shrugged as he picked up his chopsticks and picked up a piece of his lunch and put it in his mouth.

“It kind of reminds me of the girl in our class. You know the one who sits a desk away from you, Seth?” Embry said as she struggled to steal another morsel from Riku, but each time she tried to snatch at it, he would move it away swiftly and poke her hands with his chopsticks. “Oh, yeah. What was her name?” Seth crumbled his hand up into a fist and tapped it on his forehead softly as he struggled to remember. “Selene.”

Riku had no idea why her name came to him. He starred into space, confused on how or why her name instantly popped into his brain without any hesitation. Sure, they share a class, but Riku though his attention span wasn’t large enough to remember so many names. “That’s right! How did you know her name?” Seth hooked his arm around Riku’s neck. “There something you ain’t tellin’ us?” Riku got annoyed at the look Seth gave him. As if saying they had been going out without them knowing. Riku used his chopsticks to pinch his nose. “Get your mind out of the gutter, dingus.”  Seth rubbed his nose. Still. Riku couldn’t help but feel odd at the mention of this girl’s name. He eyed her as she sat alone at a single lunch table in the back and ate. Again, their gazes met. And a soft smile stretched out her lips.  

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