What the future may hold. (A Supernatural story)

When Sam and Dean were looking for a way to help Cas, they meet Dani. A confused, socially awkward teen who seems to have knowledge about the future. Dani wrote the predictions of as dreams, but what if there's something more to it? When Sam meets Dani while shes working at the library, Sam realizes that Dani may know what he and Dean can do to help Cas, and if its even worth it....
(This is just for fun, so there may be huge time gaps between chapters)


9. Stuff

     Dean led me out of the room and down a long hall. Right before we reached the end of the hallway, he turned and shoved open a door. Inside the room was a type of storage room. There were metal shelves on each wall, stuffed with things, some dusty, some looking recently used. Dean walked over to one of the shelves and pulled them out toward him. The shelves moved out of the way to reveal a small dungeon-like room. In the middle of the room was a table. And seated at the table was a woman with, long, tangled red hair. She looked up when the door opened with a sigh.

      "What do you want?" She asked Dean. She had a heavy accent that seemed to suit her.

        "We have been over this Rowena, youre in my dungeon...." Rowena threw her hands up, and that was when i noticed the chains that were wound tightly around her wrists. They made a heavy clanking noise as she moved her arms.

      "Yes. I've got it by now. But what do you want?" 

     "I want you to make a spell that can knock out Lucifer. Not like with... Cas.." He choked out "but a spell that will literally knock him out for a few minutes." 

     Rowena sighed "i can make one, but it will only last a  at least five minutes." At that i stepped forward.

      "Thats all we need" i said. Rowena looked up at me as if noticing me for the first time.

      "Well who do we have here?" She said, grinning.

      "Thats Dani, and its none of your damn business. Now make the spell. Ill get you what you need." Rowena groaned and rattled off a list of rhings she would need. Dean nodded and raced out of the room.

       "So, Dani. What are you doing here?" Rowena asked.

        "Um. Its a long story." I laughed. "But i guess everybody has a long story dont they?" Rowena smiled. 

        "Yes. Very long stories." She looked me up and down. "So, what are you?" 

       I grimaced " im a prophet. Which i didn't know until.." i counted backwards in my head multiple times, " twelve hours ago?" I couldn't believe that it had only been that long. The time i had been here felt longer. 

         "Thats ok deary. Ihave a feeling you wont last long anyway" Rowena said casually

      "Excuse me?" I asked. I was getting annoyed 

       "Well, the last prophet the Winchesters talked to was murdered by an angel, that of course,was possessing Sam. And the girl, Charlie. Well she-" Rowena was cut off by Dean entering the room.

        "That's enough Rowena" he said, dropping a box on the table. "Here. Do your magic. We dont have long" He leaned down and undid the chains around her arms, putring new ones around her legs. She sighed.

       "Alright, give me a few minutes. And i will get thhis done... under one condition" 

    Dean groaned. "And what is that?"

     "That youll let me walk around this room. I dont care if i have to have chains stuck to one of my legs. I just want to be able to move" she said.

     Dean nodded. "Fine. But get this done" he then walked over to me and ushered me into the corner. "Whats your plan?" He asked.

        "Well......" i leaned around him to see if Rowena waslistening and then put my lips close to his ear, explaining my plan


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