What the future may hold. (A Supernatural story)

When Sam and Dean were looking for a way to help Cas, they meet Dani. A confused, socially awkward teen who seems to have knowledge about the future. Dani wrote the predictions of as dreams, but what if there's something more to it? When Sam meets Dani while shes working at the library, Sam realizes that Dani may know what he and Dean can do to help Cas, and if its even worth it....
(This is just for fun, so there may be huge time gaps between chapters)


7. Explain.

        I sat on the chair next to the table that Sam had sat me in. I was looking down at my hands, unsure of what to say. I knew that if they wanted Cas back bad enough, they would force me to do the ritual. And, I also knew that even if i didnt know  know them, i still had had so many dreams about them, it felt like I did.  Dean cleared his throat.

    "So, Dani. You gonna tell us what happened or are you gonna just stare at your hands all night?" I heard a shuffle and then Dean mumble "ow Sammy"

   "No, I just, its....its hard to explain everything."

   "Explain the best you can." Sam said. I sighed    

      "Ok, so as you know the angel that just popped in here all of a sudden did something to me." Both boys nodded at thesame time. " But all she did was give me info.Her name was Haley. She knew Castiel and was part of his"angelic army" i guess? The one that Metatron had him put together. Anyway, she was one of his soldiers for,like, a week. But she trusted him and believed in him. Even when she went to Metatrons side. When she heard that he had said yes to Lucifer, she started to do some digging around on how to save him. And she found some answers a few days ago."

    "So this Haley," Dean cut in, " Looked up to Cas as a sort of role model?" I nodded and he scoffed. " Well, who would want to be Cas? Hes been through hell...." I cleared my throat. 

     "If you dont mind, i was talking" Dean slumped in his chair and motioned for me to continue. "So anyway, she was digging around and found out that almost every prophet was bound to an angel. And if an angel is possessed by another angel or a demon or even if the angel is dying, the prophet that the angel is bound to can be part of a ritual that can bring that angel back to their former state of health and whatever." 

         "Ok one, we dont have the proof that Cas is even bound to a prophet, and two-"

  "Uh Dean? Why do you think Dani said she would have to die?"  Sam said.Dean looked surprised.

    "Oh." He looked over at me "Oh."

     "That's all you have to say?" I asked. 

      "Well, i honestly dont have a good answer." He laughed. Me and Sam just stared at him.Noticing, he asked, "What?"   I shook my head and went on.

          "And like you have seemed to have figured out, i will need to DIE to make this work. And, Castiel needs to be with me when we preform the spell, otherwise it wont work and you'll have a dead prophet and your angel buddy still stuck in his mind. Or wherever he is."

     "Well how are we supposed to get Lucifer here?"  I sighed.

      "If its okay with you, i wanna see if Haley has more information on that subject. Do you think you can summon her?" 

    "Um. Try praying to her. She should be here soon if you do. Thats how we always got Cas to show up." Sam said.

       I groaned and leaned over in a praying position. I wasn't sure what to say, so i whispered, " Uh, Haley? Its Dani, the prophet.  I was just wondering if you have more info for me?" I looked around. "Er, do you hear  me?" I heard a muffled laugh and turned to glare at Dean, who only laughed some more. I heard a fluttering of wings and turned to see Haley standing in front of me.

       "You prayed?" 

         "Um, yeah i did. I want to know more about the ritual to save Castiel." A look of confusion mixed with concern flashed across her face.

     "So why  are you ok with dying for someone you've never even met?" 



        Lucifer sat on the throne that Crowley used to hold. He stared at the row of prophets lined up before him and sighed.

     "Cally! There arent enough prophets!" Cally ran up to his side and looked at the row. 

       "We got as many as we could find sir." She answered.

       "Well its not enough. Send a group of disposable demons to find more." Cally nodded and turned. She went a few steps before spinning back around. She hesitated.

        "If you dont mind me being so brave, sir. Can i ask why you are going through this much trouble to stay in that vessel?"  Castiel stirred in the mind he shared with Lucifer. He hated the fact that Lucifer was trying to stay forever inside his body. Which wasn't even his body in the first place, it was Jimmy's. Before he died anyway. Castiel hadn't realized until he learned of Lucifers plan to stay that he had held a shred of hopetaht Dean and Sam would save him. Or die trying to find  a way. Now, of course that hope had been crushed. He would have tried kicking Lucifer out already if he didnt need him for killing Amara. 

            Lucifer, sincing Castiels thoughts, smiled. "Well Cally. I want to stay in this vessel because it is a very strong one. Also, i want to cause those Winchesters as much pain as i can. And what better way to do that than make them lose their precious pet angel forever?"




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