What the future may hold. (A Supernatural story)

When Sam and Dean were looking for a way to help Cas, they meet Dani. A confused, socially awkward teen who seems to have knowledge about the future. Dani wrote the predictions of as dreams, but what if there's something more to it? When Sam meets Dani while shes working at the library, Sam realizes that Dani may know what he and Dean can do to help Cas, and if its even worth it....
(This is just for fun, so there may be huge time gaps between chapters)


2. Dani's dream


        I woke up , gasping for air. My smooth black hair was stuck to my forehead. I was sitting in a chair in the middle of the room. My hands and feet were strapped to it. Loud voices were coming from the hall.

       "What do you mean she knew who you were?!" A man shouted.

      " I dont know Dean. She was shaking really bad and then asked for my name so i told her. She said she had a dream of me and then she passed out"

      "Well maybe she's a prophet." Dean answered. A prophet. Thats what he called me. What the hell is a prophet?  I wondered idly on this but decided to continue listening.

   "Ok. Did she have an I.D.?" Dean asked.

   "Yeah right here." There was a small rustle as my I.D. was passed between them. "Her name is Dani Wallace. She's 20. And as far as I can tell still lives with her parents but is looking for places to rent."  How does he know so much about me?

     "Well then why didn't you take her HOME Sammy. Dont you think shell be a little freaked out waking up here?"

   " That's the thing Dean. I did. I had every intention of taking her home but... well lets just say shes an orphan now."  WHAT!? I thought.

   "What happened." Dean asked.

   "There was sulfur on the windows."

    "So great. Demons are looking for little orphan Dani here." There was a silence. 

  "Maybe we should go check on her." Sam said

 "Yep." The door was pushed open and both men entered the room. I stared at them for a second and then glanced at my feet.I heard a sharp gasp as they realized I was awake.

      "So....uh. Your Dani." Dean said stepping forward. I nodded  and looked up at him.

 "And your Dean. I have had dreams about you.....and your brother." I glanced at Sam and then looked back at my shoes. Deans eyes widened in shock and he looked at Sam. Sam shrugged.

    "Um. Do you happen to know why you have these "dreams"? " Sam asked.

  "No. All I know is that I woke up one day having dreams of you two. I thought it was just my mind or something. I dont know whats going on. And why am i tied up?"

  "Oh yeah. " Dean said. He lurched foward and undid the straps on my hands. I pulled them up to me and started rubbing my wrists. He then leaned down and undid my legs.  I sat up and put my hands in my lap.

   "We wanted to make sure you werent possessed." Sam explained. I stared at him.

 "Possessed? Like, demons?" I asked. Dean nodded and i shivered. "Did. .. did you say my parents were.. dead?" 

 ""You heard that?" Dean asked. I nodded. He looked to Sam who shrugged. "Yes, we did."

 "Ok." I said. The shock on their faces was enough to makee me hurry on. "No its just.. i have had dreams where they were killed by these guys with black eyes ever since i was  five."Sam and Dean exchanged  a glance.

"Black eyes?" Sam asked.


"Can you tell us what they looked like?" Dean asked. 

"Um...... one was tall with short blonde hair, and the other one was tall and chubby and he was bald."

 "Thanks" Sam said. "Im gonna go see what i can find on them." He smiled at me and left.I looked around theroom for the first time and noticed that the chair i was sitting in was in the middle of a large pentagram. The walls of the room were bland and cracked. No windows. I noticed.

      "Is this the bunker?" I asked.

         "How did you know?" Dean asked. A look of surprise on his face

       "I saw it in one of my dreams."

       "Now i know your a prophet. Can you tell me about your dreams of me and Sam?."I bit my lip and looked down at my hands.

    "What?" He asked.

    "Well theres to many of them."

      "Tell me the first one you ever had." I sighed and glanced at him. He was smiling at me sweetly, very unlike the Dean I had seen in my dreams. The one who would fight for whatever he believed in, whether it be humanity or his brothers life.I could feel my cheeks turning red. I didnt want to embarrass myself and i wasnt good at telling stories.

        "Come on Dani. Please. This could be important. " I nodded and sat up straighter. I looked him dead and the eye and started to tell him of that very first dream 





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