One or the other

"One day I get to spend with them!"
"You have to pick one Lily."


3. London

~3 years later~

As I walked to the exit at the airport I saw Zayn in his car waiting for me in his black car. I ran to the car. "How did you get here without anyone noticing you?" "One I took the long way other people take and two the boys think I'm sleeping so they went out." "Nice!" "Ya" so I got in the car and he drove off. He pulled up to a mansion that had 5 rooms. I was like wow he laughed when he saw my face. "Hey go hide by the stairs and jump out when I say 'someone is gonna visit' k?" "K" I said walking by the stairs and hiding.

~20 minutes later~

"Wassup Zayn!" Louis yelled. "Hey Tommo,Lili,Hazza,and Nialler!" "Hey" all the others said at the same time. "Hey um I invited a fan over to visit." "What!"Liam said "You know you can't bring fans to the-" and with that I jumped from the stairs. All the boys jumped up and yelled but Zayn. We all laughed as Louis came to hug me. "Lily don't ever scare my like that again." "Oh Louis. Telling me not to makes me want to." I said with a haft smile. Louis grinned walking upstairs. I walked to the couch"So where am I sleeping?" "Well we didn't know you were coming Lils." Harry said Zayn stood up and said "Well I did so I made a room every time you all left the house." He pulled at curtain down with a blue and purple room with white dots that looked like stars. I ran to Zayn and gave him a hug. "Thank you Zayn! I love it!" Louis came in "Ok mates let's take Lily on a tour!" "Yay Louis where to first? I asked like a 5 year old. "We'll Miss.Lily we will got to the eye." He said just like a tourist. I jumped up and down just like a 5 year old and said "YESS!

~1 hour later~

Best day ever right Louis." "Yes but I have to ask you something." "Ok" Louis got on one knee and said "Lily will you..."

What is Louis going to say? What will Lily reply with? Be posting real soon so watch for it.


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