My thinking dairy

just some of my thoughts. my mom told me it would help me if i wrote down what i was thinking and this seems like a good idea. you can look at it if you want but i don't it would be very interesting.


7. April 4, 2016 3:56pm

So In health today we were learning about drugs and the effect they have on you and he said the reason why people get addicted is because your brain releases this chemical thats makes you happy when you take this drug. So for some odd reason I started thinking what if this is why psychotic people kill and feel no guilt or remove is because there brain is realsing the chemical that makes you feel goo when you do it. So there brain is a little messed up it feels good to them to murder people i asked the teacher and he said yes so ik i'm right. I know it's weird but i've always wondered how psychotic minds work well now i know a little bit more.

like i said weird thoughts that go through my head i'm a weird person.

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