My thinking dairy

just some of my thoughts. my mom told me it would help me if i wrote down what i was thinking and this seems like a good idea. you can look at it if you want but i don't it would be very interesting.


5. April 3, 2016 10:34am


So yesterday I went to the movies with my friend and some family, we went to watch Batman VS Superman. So I felt three emotions through this whole entire movie first one was BORED- the begging of the movie took a little to long to get to the fight, PISSED- because superman died, and Happy- because superman at the very very end comes alive. As you can see i'm a superman fan. I didn't really know who to pick at first so I picked batman because he could fight without powers, but then i'm watching the movie and batman becomes ignorant and I hate ignorant people plus Superman was doing more good. So then I started rooting for superman until superman died saving everyone from that beast then I just got pissed I wanted to say fuck this and walk out the theater but I couldn't my aunt was there she would have smacked me in my mouth. So I really wanted to stop watching this movie because superman seemed like he wasn't bout to come alive but sense i'm forced to watch the rest I kept watching at at the very end superman coffin starts to do this weird thing so you know he's alive so YAYYYY!!.

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