When Amy got into a car crash her brother Trent is out to find the answer to his question, WHY?


1. Trent

"The light turned red then a white flash. That is all I saw.” Amy retorted.  

“Just tell me why it happened!” Trent said.

“No! It is not your business!”

“I’m your brother. Please?”

With that Amy was gone. She spun her wheel chair away and into the crowd of kids at school.  

“Just let it go man she can handle it!” Trent's friend Parker said after she left.

“ I can’t there is something she isn’t telling me”

By that time he said that Trent was gone.


At home Amy was drinking her smoothie like she always does. When I walked in she put another smoothie on the counter and said “Make it last.”  With that she brushed past me in her wheelchair and to her room down hall.  I turned and yelled down the hall “What?” But of course she never answered.





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