Blood-Born Children

A boy named Sam is wreaking havoc upon New York City. He is then approached by a blonde haired man named Gabriel, who then tells Sam that he can change his broken past. Without hesitation Sam accepts the offer but without knowing the conditions. Hismemories are then sealed away and Sam finds himself in a unfamiliar building with no memory. But when Gabriel reappears, a battle of life or death begins in an attempt to secure the title of God.


3. Poison

“You might as well stay here for the night, as you can see were already in a comfortable position” Kathy has been insisting that I stay with her for about an hour. Every time I try to get up and make my way out the door she gains some kind of abnormal strength and forces me back down onto the bed. For the next 5 minutes she began to repeat herself, telling me I should stay the night her breath continued to grasp onto the side of my neck, I couldn't help but enjoy the feeling but about 3 minutes in I finally grew annoyed. “Alright! I'll stay the night just shut up!” I yelled out at her, the grip she had around my chest lightened up and not a single word left her mouth. The feeling of enjoyment that grasped onto my neck disappeared, Kathy’s hand moved to the edge of the bed and tightly gripped onto its side. I got this shivering feeling that ran down the edges of my spine, this shiver soon turned to a powerful fear that made my left hand which I had resting behind the hair on my head tremble. “Kathy?” I called out to her but not one word left her mouth and no movement was seen from her body, she laid there completely still with a tight grasp of the edge. I let out a couple of deep breaths in an attempt to calm the trembling that started in my left hand. From the corner of my eye I saw her right hand which was holding onto the side of the bed slide upwards and back onto the top of the bed. As her hand got closer to the side of my body I started to feel regret rush through my body as my mouth dried up and my throat slightly clogged up. “Ka….” I tried to speak her name but my dry mouth wouldn't let me.

“What's wrong? Cat got your tongue?” She finally spoke to me but not in her normal tone, but in a tone filled with anger. She latched onto my side with her hand, she twisted my skin and pulled on it as she forced herself on top of me. “Ahhhh! Alright!” I yelled out in pain but she wouldn't let up. “Maybe if you say sorry I'll let go” her tone normalized, I was making an array of awkward faces as I reacted to the pain “If you don't apologize, those awkward faces will become a part of you” she giggled as she spoke. Her grip tightened as she continued to twist my skin, I couldn’t take it anymore so I yelled out “Alright I'm sorry!” She laughed as I apologize and let go of my skin. Kathy moved away from me and made her way to the kitchen, I felt the piece of my skin that she twisted pulsating continuously as a noticeable bright red spot was seen from the corner of my eyes.

I let out a sigh of relief calming myself down, from the entrance of the kitchen Kathy’s voice was heard “Since we're spending the night together, what do you want to eat?” She asked me.

Before answering her I thought about the situation, it seemed like she had no problem cooking for me! A guy who wasn't even her boyfriend!

“Are you sure about cooking for me? We're not even in a relationship” I said.

“We may not be in a relationship but I am in love with you so cooking for you isn't that big of a deal” she quickly replied.

Before saying anything else to her, I thought that I was in an ideal position. I had a girl who I would have to say was very attractive and she's willing to cook me dinner! I don't know any other guy that would turn down such an opportunity so I decided that I'll jump on it.

“Anything in particular you have in mind?” I asked her.

“Well if you’re asking me then I would prefer to have some steak tonight!” She yelled out, as it sounded like her mouth watered up in her desire to eat some steak tonight.

“If you can cook it then that isn't a problem but the question is, do you have any steak in this room?” She stood quiet as I asked her.

“W-well…” She tried to give an excuse before quickly changing her words “I'll be back! Just wait here” she said as she quickly rushed out of the kitchen and down the hallway that led to her room’s front door.

From one moment to the next I was left alone in her room as I laid in her bed. Kathy’s smiling face popped into my head, she was a very attractive girl so I can’t understand how she could love someone like me. Especially after hitting Bailey the way I did, even though it was out of the greater good of keeping Kathy alive. I sighed there was no point in thinking about everything that's happened so far because nothing but unanswerable questions will begin to pop into my head. I looked at the walls that lit up her room, each panel of her room had a different color. When I stepped inside this room the wall to my right was a light beige color and as you walked down to the end of the hall that leads into the main room the wall to my right quickly fades into a bright red. If you continue to look around you notice that her room resembled a miniature rainbow holding the basic colors but she was just missing a wide variety of overwhelming colors. The atmosphere in her room was quiet and calming, the colors that surrounded me made my body calm down, the blue ceiling gave me the feeling of the ocean. I felt as if I was laying on a pile of sand that had adjusted to my body and as I did so the sound of waves from the ocean would lightly echo from my ears as they crashed at the end of shore. My thoughts wavered into this image, my body began to feel heavy and my eye’s began to close on their own. This image was taking over my body and putting me into a state of sleep that comfortably coexisted with my tired body.

I don’t know how much time had passed, my mind was awake but my body wasn’t. I heard a loud bang resonate outside causing my mind to fully wake up and leave my body in a deep slumber. I tried listening to what was going on but nothing came of it the room became quiet once again and my mind had calmed down and fallen to the exhaustion that my body had succumbed to. Sometime had passed again but this time I was awoken by the sound of sizzling and the mouthwatering smell of meat being cooked over the stove. The smell vibrated through my body as I slowly opened my eyes, I noticed the ocean blue ceiling above me letting me know I was still in Kathy’s room. I lifted my body up and laid my back on the head rest of the bed, I let out a deep breath as I rubbed out the eye discharge from my face. As I rubbed both my eyes I heard someone say in a light feminine voice “Oh your awake” I put my hand down and let my eyes adjust to the person standing in front of me “Here drink some water” they reached their hand out and handed me a cup filled with water. I reached for the cup and grabbed onto the edges of her fingers instead, her fingers were soft and were a mix of slim and chubby fingers put together.

“You know you could’ve woken me up earlier” I said.

“I could have, but you were sleeping so peacefully it would be a waste” She replied.

I took a couple of sips from the cup of water I had to clear up my dry throat “Did you just start cooking?” I asked her.

“No, I started maybe a half an hour ago or so and since you just woke up it couldn’t be a better time” She responded with a smile on her face.

“So what exactly are you making?” I asked her.

“Were going to eat some steak burgers! Really simple stuff to make” She said “How many would you like?” she asked.

“I don’t know, 3 maybe?” I said in response to her question.

“Got it!” She responded.

Kathy seemed like an all-around happy girl when you really looked at her. Since she approached me earlier she's always tried to keep a smile or a happy look on her face and at times I can tell that it's obviously being forced. But nonetheless I don't bring it to her attention because I don't understand what her true intentions are. Kathy came out the kitchen holding one large metallic oval plate that had around 5 burgers resting on top, as I sat on the bed she came and sat next to me placing this large oval plate between us while keeping an awkward smile on her face. She extended her arm and grabbed for one of the steak burgers, as she brought the burger closer to her face the forced awkward smile had slowly faded into a saddened expression. As she opened her mouth to take a bite she attempted to force a smirk but failed to do so as she bit into the side of the burger. She chewed onto the piece of burger she bit into, but her expression was blank as she did so. I let out a light sigh and called her name “Kathy” it took a couple seconds before she responded to me.

“…..Yeah?!” What a late reaction.

“What's wrong? You seem down” I asked her.

She looked back down at the burger in her hand “it's nothing, really.”

“Don't give me that bullshit! If it were nothing you wouldn't be averting your eyes away from me” She tried to avoid speaking to me but I wouldn't allow it.

“…….I'm just scared” She said.

“Scared of what?” I asked.

“I don't want to die, especially not in a place like this” Under her breath she mumbled these words.

“You're not the only who's scared Kathy, this is one of those unbelievable moments in life that just don't make sense and shouldn't make sense” I stopped my sentence for a moment before continuing “I'm scared too” I was trying to reassure her that the feeling of fear that she's feeling isn't one sided, that I also feel that same fear as well. An awkward silence filled the room, she grew quiet and the saddened look on her face never wavered away. As we sat next to each other in silence I thought of an idea that could put her fear at ease.

“So I've got an idea” I said.

She lifted her head and glanced at me, I grabbed onto her free hand and held it tightly. Her face slightly lit up of excitement “How about we do this together? Me and you will finish the competition together, while protecting each another from anyone who decides they should try to take us out” as I finished speaking her bright smile returned to her face. But this time it wasn't something she was trying to force, this time it was her actual smile that was brightly lighting up her face.

“Okay!” She yelled out in excitement, the once awkward feeling that just filled the room soon grew into something warm. She smiled at me and I couldn't help but smile back, this warming feeling that filled the room made me feel as if I was experiencing true happiness even though only the two of us were here.

About an hour passed by since we ate the steak burgers Kathy made. It was around 1O o clock in time and she was urging me to hop into the shower before I decide to go to bed “Sam can you hurry up and shower already!” She continuously repeated in a two minute cycle. If I wanted her to stay shut then a shower was in order. I stood in front of the beige painted door that lead into the bathroom, I grabbed onto the silver handle that accompanied the door and pushed the door forward, where it slowly creaked wide open leaving me an open path to the shower. I stepped inside and closed the door behind me, I walked in front of the glass mirror Kathy had and stared at my reflection for a minute before jumping inside the shower. The color on my face was much lighter than I remember, I was more of a darker shade of caramel, my body felt weak and fragile and my skin was as light as I could possibly see in any shade of caramel. I noticed that I had black bags that were lightly positioned under my eyes, I haven't been able to sleep well enough since I got to this school. I let out a deep breath and turned to the shower, I slid the curtains to the left and was met with a pair of panties hanging from some kind of ceiling like piece that was inside the shower. I stared at the panties for a moment “Haha, what a coincidence” I said in a sarcastic tone. I pulled the hanging panties down and threw them to the side, I poked my head around the curtain and reached for the silver shower handle that was aligned directly under the shower head. I grabbed onto the handle and slowly turned it to the left from cold to hot, as the hot water gushed out from the tub faucet, as the water came down I pulled onto the diverter that was above the faucet and water sprinkled out from above me. I began to undress, when I pulled off my shirt I realized that I still had the bandages wrapped around my stomach area. I gently rubbed my left hand onto the bandages, I ran my hand around my stomach and sides and felt no pain. I assumed I was healed to a certain extent so I started to unwrap the bandages from my torso area. I unwrapped the bandages continuously and as I did so I saw the injuries that surrounded my torso from the incident with Chris. I had cuts all around my stomach and chest area that had barely started to heal. I also had visible bruises that showed positive signs of fading away.

“Man that dinosaur fucked me up” I joked to myself but it didn't last very long because the image of my bloody hands holding the stake piercing Chris’s eye flashed through before my eyes. “Did I do the right thing at that moment?” I questioned my actions. I hurt one person to save the lives of two, to later lose the life of one, it just didn't feel right. As I lose one the other is losing them self, leaving me in the thought that maybe I should've turned my back on the situation. As I thought to myself I took the bandages I just unwrapped and threw them to the side, I lifted up my left leg and stepped into the hot water that was sprinkling down from the shower head. The little droplets of water fell onto every part of my body and a feeling of relief corroded my body, I was finally able to slow down and take a breather. I started to think about everything that’s happened in the last 24 hours. Chris, Bailey, Christian, that dinosaur, Kathy, and the dream that I had last night.

I was wondering, who was the one that pulled the trigger that lead to Christian’s death. But even if I spent the entire time I was in the shower looking for that answer it would never reveal itself. As much as it pained me I brushed away the thought of his death and focused on Chris’s behavior the next day. When I walked into the classroom he didn’t even lift his gaze up at me, he also had his right eye bandaged up cleanly. But as I stepped forward and took a small glance at him when walking by he seemed to be in deep thought about something and being the guy who had put a wooden stake through his eye just the other day, I decided that it would be best to continue making my way to the back of the classroom. As I walked to my seat in the back I felt someones hate filled stare watching me as I sat down, but when I looked up there was no one watching me. I rested my forehead on the wall that the shower head was placed on, the hot water ran through my hair and down my face. I let out a sigh that was drowned away in the sound of the droplets of water hitting the ground.

“Bailey’s losing her mind” I said to myself. Since the killing of Christian she's been drowning in her tears and just losing her sense of humanity. Her mind is so set on mourning his death that words won't reach her. But even so I want to help her at least set her mind straight, make her understand that no matter how many tears you shed he’ll never comeback. I close my eyes and lift my back, I stare up at the bathroom ceiling. The water droplets from the shower head ran down my face, a cold shiver ran down my spine and a feeling of fear shook my core. The image of the little girl in my dream with long black hair and light green eyes ran through my mind “That girl” I thought back on the dream that haunted my mind only a few hours ago. Who was that girl? I remember seeing her appear in front of a doorway that lead into a hallway, she called out to me. I was trying to remember what she had said but every time I tried her voice would muffle up and those words that left her mouth could not be heard.

“BANG, BANG, BANG!” The bathroom door was being pounded on “Sam how long do you plan to be in there?!” Kathy’s voice echoed through the bathroom door. She disrupted my chain of thought, I decided to shut the shower off and make my way out. I grabbed the white towel that was hanging on the backside of the bathroom door, I rubbed the towel all around my body and eventually stopped around my chest and stomach. The wounds surrounding the front side of my torso were slowly beginning to heal so I decided to take the used up bandages and throw them out, I felt that wrapping my body again would be a waste. I put on my boxers and white undershirt, I grabbed my school clothes and opened the bathroom door where I found Kathy already laying in bed. “Put your clothes in front of the bathroom door I’ll fix them up for you in the morning” She said in a cheerful voice, I closed the bathroom door and dropped the clothes right in front just like she said. I looked over at her and noticed that she had her arms spread out and was signaling me to get closer with her fingers, I sighed “What do you want?” I said as I walked over to her “Give me a hug damn it” she responded. I got close enough to her when she wrapped her arms around my waist and pulled me closer to her while yelling out “Come here!” I fell forward and on top of her.

She tightened her hold on my waist and I felt a slight surge of pain “Those injuries are no joke” I thought to myself. I was hunched over Kathy, both my left and right hand were placed each on opposite sides of her head, my right knee was in between her legs and our faces were especially close. I took a minute to actually look at her, I had always noticed that she was pretty but when I was this close it opened my eyes a bit more. Her colored eyes mesmerized my mind and kept my attention on her, she had full luscious pink lips that I just wanted to kiss, her dark colored hair was all over the place but it also covered parts of her face. In my eyes she looked utterly gorgeous and I couldn’t help myself, I licked my lips and slowly lowered my head closer to hers, as I got closer she closed her colored eyes and our lips interlocked. The tight grip she had around my waist loosened up, even though our eyes were closed I felt tears swelling up inside. It feels like this has happened before, I slowly lifted my head and the tears that were swelling up dripped onto her face “What’s wrong?” she asked me with a concerned look surrounding her face.

“Why does this feel so familiar?!” I said to her as my voice was filled with tears. She looked at me as if she had something she really wanted to say but she held it back, she tightened her grip around my waist again and whispered to me in a very soft voice “I really want you to remember, so I can’t tell you” on her face was a look of pain. Seeing this face made my tears strongly burst out “Don’t make that face” I looked at her face and felt like I had seen that pained expression once before and I didn’t want to see it again. Kathy slid her left arm up the side of my torso and brought her hand closer to my face, she laid her left hand on my left cheek and slid her thumb up and down my face “I won’t let you make a face like that again” I told her and she stopped moving her thumb. Tears swelled up in her eyes and she began to nod her head in agreement ferociously, she pulled me closer to her and hugged me tight. After a moment of silence she finally spoke out in a soft shaky voice “Let’s get to bed okay?” her eyes were filled with tears, I wiped the tears from the part of her eye away “Yeah let’s do that.” I flipped over to the right side of her and interlocked our fingers tightly as we laid in silence “Night” she said as she moved over closer to me. I felt her let go of my hand to wrap her arm around my waist and latch onto my body with her legs “Night” I replied to her. We laid together in the darkness of her room, the grip she had around my body tightened as she slowly doze off next to me. Her blue ceiling mixed in with the darkness that was around us, I continued to stare at it as it brought me the feeling of relaxation. My eyes began to get heavy and the feeling in my body started to diminish away.

“Haaa, haaaa, haaaa” I heard someone desperately gasping for air as I found myself standing in a dark room with my right hand against the soft warm skin of someones body. “Y…y…you’re meant to be dead!” a familiar breathless voice yelled out in front of me, from one moment to the next I felt my body turn ice cold and my movements became lifeless. I saw a clump of long black hair resting on my right hand and the green glow coming from in front of me “You’re mean to be dead!” I yelled back at the person in front of me. The person pushed there head forward and I realized that I was stuck in that dream once more, she showed her evil smile that was filled with hate “You can’t kill me!” her voice grew extremely loud “You’re a little bitch! Can’t hurt a fly” she continued to yell at me. “Even after I just saved you!” my anger finally caught up to me “Your complaining after I saved you!” I put more pressure onto her throat and slammed her head back into the wall. I gripped the large metal knife in my left hand and raised it up “Maybe you deserve to end up like mom and dad” I said as a tremble shook through her entire body “What your scared now?” I questioned and her trembling only got stronger. I swung my arm around directed the knife to side of her neck and right when the tip of the knife was going to pierce through her caramel skin, I woke up.

When I opened my eyes I saw the ocean blue ceiling, I was in Kathy’s room still. “I didn’t kill her...” I whispered to myself, I heard the sizzling of something being cooked on the stove in the kitchen. The smell of it traveled throughout the room “Bacon?” I assumed and then I heard a light voice humming a tune “Hm, hmm, hmmm, hm, hm, hmmm, hm, hmmm” each hum followed the same melody and continued endlessly. I sat up and laid my head on the head rest behind the bed, at the same time Kathy came out the kitchen with a plate in her hand “Oh your up” she said as she noticed my eyes staring at her. “Yeah” I said as she came over and sat down next to me, she placed the plate in between us and ran her hand over my forehead “Why are you sweating so much?” she wiped the sweat off my forehead with the palm of her right hand “It’s nothing” I told her. She grabbed my hand and looked at me, but eventually let go without saying anything “Here’s breakfast” she picked up the white plate with frills that was in between us and handed it to me, on the plate were two bacon and egg sandwiches. “What are you going to eat?” I asked her, she smiled at me and stood up “I was awake before you, so I made sure to eat before you woke up” she said as she made her way to the bathroom “Don’t peek!” she yelled and closed the bathroom door behind her.

I ignored her words and finished eating the sandwiches she made me and as I did so I decided to look around her room again. The different colors on each wall blended well together giving you a different kind of atmosphere with each color. But something at the corner of my left eye caught my attention, there was one spot that was slightly lighter shade than the rest of the bright red wall. The spot seemed to be much more of a light pink color than a bright red, I stood up out of bed and walked closer to the shaded spot. With the first step I took my head started to spin, I continued making my way forward but the memories in my head were being juggled around. I felt like something in my head was trying to make me see something I once could not see, it spun and spun and spun and spun trying to show me something of the past that I could not remember. Before I realized it I was in front of the obscure spot on the wall “K…” I had a word on the tip of my tongue that I couldn’t get out. I lifted my right hand up and slowly reached out to the wall, my finger tips slid across this oddly colored spot and the spinning of my thoughts had gotten stronger causing my body to stagger a couple of steps backwards. “Ki….” Whatever it was I was trying to say I couldn’t get it off the tip of my tongue, until I heard the bathroom door behind me slowly creak open. Something clicked in the back of my mind, I quickly spun around to face the bathroom door, and I took one quick step with my left foot and slightly ducked my body and dashed towards the door. Within a couple of steps I was face to face with a door that was open by the smallest crack of space, I clenched together my right hand and hit the door as hard as I could, a “BANG!” was heard and then a sudden “Thump” the door swung open and the pathway to the bathroom was open, I looked around and saw Kathy on the ground holding the back of her head “Kathy?” I said in a raspy voice. I dropped down on one knee and began to breathe heavily, my thoughts continued to spin around in my head without stopping “Ki….” That word I was trying to say earlier came back into my mind and rested on the tip of my tongue.

I fell down on my hands and knees, sweat dripped down the sides of my face and my head began to pound ferociously “Ki, Ki, Ki, Ki” that word wouldn’t leave the edge of my mouth and the memory that followed behind it was forcefully trying to open up to my mind. My heavy breathing continued “Haaaa, haaa, haaa” I couldn’t understand what my brain was attempting to do on its own. I felt a gentle touch caress both of my shoulders, I felt the fingers of this person slightly squeeze onto the edges of my shoulders. I then heard a light whisper breeze into my right ear “It’s okay Sam” a light and soft female voice filled my ear “Kathy?” I said as I slowly turned my head to face the person lightly holding onto my shoulders. As I turned my head around fully I was met with that pain expression I didn’t want to see on her face “It’s okay” she said to me while lightly holding on to me by my shoulders, she then wrapped her arms around my neck and brought her face closer to the side of my right cheek. I felt her soft pick lips on the side of my cheek and then she whispered “Come on get up” I felt her let go of my body and reach out her hand. I grabbed her hand and she helped me pull my body up “Get ready or we’ll be late” she said to me as she left the bathroom and closed the door behind her. That kiss she gave me on the side of my face even if slightly had calmed me down, the word that sat on the tip of my tongue had disappeared and the memory that was forcefully trying to open itself had also disappeared, I looked at myself in the bathroom mirror and noticed the amount of sweat dripping down my face. Within the next 20 minutes I got ready and met Kathy outside of her dorm room.

I closed the room door behind me and met Kathy who was waiting “Took you long enough” she said as she held my hand and locked our fingers together. We walked down the hall and past the other dorms before reaching the front of Bailey’s room, I stopped our pace and looked over at her door. I felt Kathy tug on the edge of my sleeve on the blazer “I’m sure she’ll be fine” she said, but as I would consider myself her friend I couldn’t just say she was fine and leave it be “I’ll come by after class to check up on her” I said and Kathy’s had let go of my sleeve “Want me to come with you?” she asked me but I shook my head in disagreement “After what happened yesterday it would be best if I came here by myself” I told her and the expression on her face became a bit sour “Then I’ll wait for you in my room” Kathy had said as we started walking back down the hallway again.

We eventually got by the metal doorway that separated the male and female dorms leaving us with a clear path down the moving walkway and to the front of the classroom. Kathy held our hands together the entire time, with her free hand she pulled out her ID and scanned it on the doors scanner. As the door slides open the air of the classroom hits the both of us, from where we stood outside it seemed like each seat had someone occupying it, but once Kathy and I took one step forward I noticed that there were two empty seats excluding ours in the classroom. One in the front of the classroom, in the same seat I saw Chris in yesterday and the other was all the way in the back next to my seat which was Bailey’s. A feeling of distress filled my stomach as I walked by Chris’s empty seat in the front “I’ll see you later” Kathy whispered into my ear as she let go and made her way to her seat. As I walked passed Bailey’s seat in the back an even stronger feeling of distress filled my stomach, I pulled my seat out and sat down. I waited for Gabriel to come in and begin his speech to the class, but this feeling of distress that sat at the very bottom of my stomach only grew stronger. “Hello everyone! Great day isn’t it” speak of the devil I thought, he walked in with a smile on his face as usual. He stood in front of the class and stared at each and everyone of us “Even though your experiencing a situation of life or death, I’m still obligated to teach some kind of material, because this is still a school of sorts” he got fidgety and started to walk back and forth “But I must warn you this place is no safe haven that guides you away from the walkway of death.” He stopped fidgeting around and stood in front of the classroom again “So let’s get todays lesson started!” he yelled out in a cheerful voice.

For the next couple of hours Gabriel continuously walked back and forth trying to give us lectures about every possible subject you were able to teach a group of students in a single day. But after a few hours he called for a dismissal and sent everyone on there way “Were done for the day!” he yelled out, the sound of multiple chairs sliding back echoed throughout the room and everyone who occupied those seats had made there way outside. Gabriel and I were the only ones left in the room, the air that surrounded us was suffocating as if I was being pushed into a box with no hope of being freed. So I slid my seat back and stood up, I walked past Gabriel who had his back leaned into the board behind him “Sam before you go, can you go check on Bailey?” I stopped walking as he asked me “How convenient, I was headed there already” I said as a large smile grew on his face “Alright then, mind telling me her condition after your done?” he spoke as if asking me a question but at the end of his sentence he stood up off the board and made his way out the room. The cold emotionless look in his eyes met mine as he passed by, a small smirk grew on his lips and his cold breath met the side of my right ear “Good luck” he whispered to me, I heard the front door sliding open and his footsteps following right after. Ever since Christians death he's become a lot more dedicated to this competition, always around each confrontational situation, observing whether a student ends up losing there life or not. The look he keeps on his face is always a smile of someone so excited to see what happens next, as if he's waiting for the next chapter of a new book or a new episode of his favorite T.V. Show. Each day his smile grows abnormally large and the structure of his face becomes a lot darker in feeling, he anticipates everyone's possible death with every waking second that passes us each day.

“Prick” I mumbled under my breath as I stepped up to the metal sliding door in the front, as it slid open I stepped out and made my way up the hall and onto the moving walkway. I stood on the moving walkway before finally reaching the large metal door that separated both sides of the dorms. I looked at the scanner “4 digits?” I pulled out my ID and scanned it, I found 4 numbers in a tiny print under my name. I punched it into the keypad next to the door, the green light that was emitting from the glass screen that covered the top half of the keypad changed. “Access denied!” The light that emitted from the keypad had changed into a dark red color as the speakers that were placed at the edges of the metal wall went off. “Ahh, what the actual fuck” I said to myself, I stood in front of the locked door and leaned my shoulder against the large metal wall. “I could probably blow this door up” I mumbled to myself, but that option was out of the question because I had no explosives to work with and I couldn't just dig in my pocket and pull out some kind of bomb.

“Click” the sound of something being unlocked was heard. The sound came from the door that I was leaning on, I grabbed onto the doors silver handle and turned it to the right. I pushed on the door and it slowly creaked open “Somebody opened it?” I questioned but when I looked around hoping to find an answer to my question there was nothing, the hall was as empty on this side as it was on the other. I wondered how the door was open, I looked around and found no one to be in sight, the hall was empty. I checked the hallway over and over, I felt an overwhelming feeling of being watched but no one could be seen. I took a step forward and heard the sound of a cameras lens slowly zooming in behind me, I spun my body around. No one was behind me but I heard the same sound again, the lens on a camera slowly zooming in and out trying to get the perfect picture. In an empty hall like this the functionalities of a camera can be easily heard, but in this case it can be heard but not seen.

From the top corner of my right eye I noticed a reflective glare clearly visible to the naked eye. I focused my eyesight onto it, until the glare became clear enough to see what was hiding behind it. The glare slowly faded off the dark reflective glass that was behind it, a dim red light can be seen from the inside of the glass and then the sound of a camera zooming in was heard “Fucking cameras” I mumbled to myself. No wonder Gabriel knew everything that happened each day, he would watch us through those video cameras like a little pervert on a Sunday morning. I lifted my right hand up and lifted my middle finger, I showed it to the camera while mouthing the words “Fuck you!” After doing so the red light behind the reflective glass shut off. I let out a deep breath and mumbled the words “Sadistic fuck” I continued up the hall towards Bailey’s room, I walked by each identical door that was down this unusually long hallway. Eventually my footsteps stopped but not because I was in front of Bailey’s room but because there was someone coming out of it. It didn't seem like her unless she had shaved her hair down to a buzz cut and started wearing baggy jeans meant for a boy. I took a couple of steps closer, the person that exited her room was lifted up there pants zipping up the zipper on there pants and buckling there belt. Forcefully grabbing the edges of there shirt and straightening out its displacement, at this point I was close enough to know that the person that left her room wasn't Bailey with a new haircut and a new style of dressing. The light beige skin and the light brown hair that was evidentially tied into a pony tail and not cut into a buzz cut reflected into my memory, this person turned there head slightly to the right and the ocean blue color in there eyes shined brightly. The white wrap that wrapped around the right and the evil grin that grew into the face “Hello Sam, it's been a while” the soft spoken male voice left his mouth “Chris…” I said.

“How's it been buddy ole pal?” The grin on his face only grew wider.

“What are you doing here?” I asked him.

“Well I was here to comfort your friend but things lead to another and I took her to the land of pleasure” he licked his lips as he spoke “Oh boy was she delicious, I hope I can have that taste again” he ran his index finger through his mouth, letting out deep breaths of excitement.

“Shut your fucking mouth and move aside” anger had risen in my mouth.

“What're you gonna do about it?” He questioned my words.

I took a couple steps forward to be in arm reach distance from him, I swung my right arm around and palmed the side of his face and forcefully slammed it into the wall next to Bailey’s door “Oh! Someone's angry I fucking love it!” He yelled out to me as my hand continued to slam the side of his head into the wall. I tightly gripped the side of his face and brought my fingers closer to his right eye that was carefully covered by the white bandages that surrounded it. “I wonder what it'll feel like if I stuck my finger in your loose eye!” I smiled at him as his face full of confidence shrunk down to a face full of fear. “Wait I'm sorry! I'm sorry!” He yelled out in a voice filled with fear, his knees were trembling down to his shoes and I swear he might've pissed his pants. “Get the fuck out of here before I stick a knife in your loose eye and make sure the tip slightly pierces the edge of your brain” I whispered into his ear and he let out what it seemed like a silent attempt at a shriek. My hand loosened up on his face and he ran off faster than you could imagine. I watched him run off and eventually disappear down the hall.

I stepped over to the front of Bailey’s door, I lifted my hand to knock but noticed that the door was slightly cracked open. I lightly pushed onto the door and as it opened I let myself in, I closed the door behind me once I was inside and started to slowly walk down the tan colored hall that lead to the main room. With every step I took the closer the light that emitted from the main room got, while only a couple of steps away I decided to yell out her name “Bailey!” I said as I stepped into the bright light that came from the room “You don't have to yell so loud Sam” her light voice resonated with my ears and the sight that came to me once the bright light faded into something dim, her body became clear to me. I saw a topless Bailey as she pulled up her jeans and buttoned them together, she turned her body to face me with no bra to hold up her breast “What’s wrong?” she said. Her breast were pale with a very light shade of pink surrounding the areola “What the fuck are you doing?!” I raised my voice at her and all she did was slightly tilt her head to the right and smile “What’s with the screaming?” she questioned me again “Oh did you see Chris before coming inside?” I nodded at her question and her smile only got larger “I bet your wondering why right?” I stood quiet at her question and stared at her but due to her lack of coverage on her breast I shifted my eyes to the side away from her. “Tell me are you mad?” I felt her presence approaching me with every step she took “What’s the point?” I asked while keeping my sight away from her “Why? Ha, why not?” I stood quiet at her question so she continued speaking “This place is life or death and before I go about and take someone’s life, I should get my rocks off first” as she finished speaking I brought my gaze up and stared into her eyes. Her right eye was bloodshot red “That’s your reasoning?” I asked her, she took a couple of more steps forward “That’s right and if you want to take the weakest man down then you feed into his lust and hit him when he’s weakest” at this point Bailey was right in front of me, she leaned forward pressed her breast against my chest “But honestly Chris is a little desperate fuck who couldn’t last more than 2 minutes, my real goal is right in front of me” Bailey slide her hand down towards my crotch. She began to feel on me and brought her face closer “Your packing! a lot more than Chris as well” her smile grew in size “That little bitch of a girlfriend you have, oh I’ll get her and the best way to do so is right in front of me” she opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out at me.

Out of sheer reflex I moved my left hand up and grasped onto her throat, I tightened my grip around her neck and flipped our positions around. She moved her head side to side in an attempt to loosen the grip I had around her neck, but when she realized she couldn’t she inhaled as much air as she could before speaking “Yes hit me you little bitch! It’ll only make me want to end your life faster you prick!” my eyes widened out of anger, I pushed my hand into her throat in an attempt to stop the small amount of air coming in and out of her mouth. Bailey squirmed around in an attempt to break free, the bloodshot red that surrounded her eye was slowly fading as her consciousness followed behind it. “I…I…” breathless she still tried speaking to me “I…..I….It….It’s….t…t…to…..l...l...late” she managed to let out the words stuck in her breathless throat “To late?” I questioned. But on her dying face a wide and evil smile was plastered from cheek to cheek, the dark red color in her eye wasn’t fading anymore and outside of her room the blood curtailing sound of Chris screaming for his life was heard “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”

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