Forbidden love

No one wants to be in a love square, it makes for really awkward double dates. Luckily management always believes they can avoid fate with a publicity stunt and a contract.


9. 9

Alice's P.O.V.

"Show starts in five." Someones voice says through the speaker in the boys dressing room. They have gone off for a sound check so I am alone with my phone and a banana. I have been getting so much hate from Larry shippers, I feel so bad they know whats actually going on and I am put there to try and make them forget.

"Alice do you want to come and watch?" Paul says sticking his head round the door. My head snaps up and I nod. I follow him through various corridors and finally to a studio. He opens the door and we walk in. It is a bustle of activity. People with headsets are running around everywhere. Cameras are whirring and lights are flashing. "Stand over there." Paul shouts above the noise. I just walk to where he was pointing. I have a perfect view of the set.

"5. 4. 3. 2. 1." Someone shouts and the theme tune music comes on. Jonathon Ross walks on and he starts talking.

"Now tonight we have a packed how. We have the worlds biggest boy band performing and I will have a chat. Its One Direction everyone." The boys walk on and take there places behind their microphones and they start singing Drag me Down. For the whole thing Louis is staring at me, I smile at him and he smiles back. They can all act if they want to. They finish the song and we finally break eye contact.

"Right Louis, Harry, Niall and Liam. Come and talk to me, take a seat there should be room somewhere. Now your new album made in the A.M. was released in November and you are starting the tour up again is that right?"

"Yes, we have our first show of the U.K. tour tonight and then we go onto Europe..." Niall answers.

"No we are going to Australia next you idiot." Louis says. I think Niall was right but none of them seem to know.

"Anyway you are here at the moment and thats the good thing. You don't know the order of your own tour." Jonathon says laughing. "Now we have five boxes with paper slips in them and we are going to make a sentence with them. Here is one for each of you." They all take a box and start playing the game. I tune out as I am so tired. I scroll through my Instagram and when I  am done they are chatting again.

"Right, here we get to the gritty bits. So put you hand up if your single." All of them put their hands up apart from Louis, who just grins at me.

"I'm the only one who has a girlfriend at the moment." Louis says, suddenly pictures of us from the past week appear on a screen beside them. It includes ones from mine and Louis' Instagram and twitter.

"Is this the one." Jonathon asks.

"Yes thats my princess." He says grinning from ear to ear.

"Now everyone has been dying to know how did you meet and how long have you been together."

"Well we met at Harry's party and everything kicked off from there."Louis says, Liam wolf whistles.

"Is she here right now."

"Yeah I was singing to her during Drag me Down." Louis says staring right at me again.

"Do you think we could speak to her?" Jonathon asks, I immediately start shaking me head and mouthing no.

"Yeah I will go and get her." Louis gets up and walks straight towards me. "Come on its time to go public." He says into my ear.

"I don't want to." I say kissing him on the cheek as I know there will probably be cameras on us. He picks me up in a fireman's lift and brings me towards the sofa. He puts me down and I sit on his lap as there isn't any other space.

"Alice how are you?" Jonathon asks.

"I would have been better over there but I'm here now." I say, I can feel louis fiddling with my hair. He does that all the time, I think it calms him down he does it with Harry's curls as well.

"So whats is it like having Louis Tomlinson as your boyfriend?"

"Annoying probably." Harry says, everyone laughs Louis just glares.

"Uhm, pretty amazing I get to travel the world with my boyfriend and release my new campaign." I say.

"Well thank you for giving up your time to speak to us even if it wasn't planned. Alice Greenwood everyone." He says, I quickly walk off before Louis can carry me anywhere else. "Now before we end tonight we have one more performance performing there new single History. Its One Direction." They perform the song and we are then bustled into the van to drive to the arena.

"Sorry about that." Louis says, I just nod at him.

"Who's ready for the show?" Liam shouts clearly very pumped already. They all chear and start dancing along to the radio.

Louis' P.O.V.

The interview went really well. I knew they were going to ask about me and Alice so I had already prepared myself for it. When we did our two songs I sung them to her and was constantly staring at her throughout the whole thing. Its so easy to do considering how pretty and likeable she is. I feel like she is my sister which is nice as I miss my family so much.

"You alright Lou bear?" Harry asks looking at me through the rear view mirror. I was dreaming about mine and Harry's future wedding if we are ever allowed.

"Yeah just thinking about a few things." I say and smile.

"Want to share?" Liam asks, we are all so close as soon as someone feels down we are all affected. When we first started we had sessions of just spilling out all our problems they would usually turn into crying sessions as well. We haven't had one since Zayn left even though we have all become closer sometimes it feels like we are drifting further apart.

"Just the same old, I was thinking about my wedding but then I realized it will never happen with the one I want." I say and sigh.

"It will happen mate, you have all of us to back you up. As soon as this contract is done we will find someone else and you can marry your Hazza." Niall says, I just sigh.

"Yeah but no one else will take us and the contract is up in 3 years time I can't wait that long." We drop the conversation and I remain silent for the rest of the journey. As soon as we pull up I jump out and run to the nearest empty room. Liam shouts something after me, I ignore him and keep running. As soon as the door shuts I burst out crying. I have ended up in a store cupboard with no lights.

Why can't I just live my life how I want it. I wish we weren't famous, then the world wouldn't know I was gay. I rock back and froward weeping into my knees. After about half an hour my eyes have dried up and I am now only making strange snuffling noises.

"Louis, I know your in there can I come in." I hear Alice say gently, I unlock the door and she walks in shutting it behind her. "Can I switch the lights on?" I grunt in reply. There is a flick and suddenly a dim yellow light fills the tiny space. She just sits down next to me and pulls me towards her. "Do you want to talk about it?"

"I am just so fucking fed up with all of this, I'm gay and I'm proud of it. Over half of our fandom know it. If we came out most of the directioners would party. Its a free country and here I am stuck in a closet." I burst into tears again. She rocks me back and forth.

"Its okay, you have all of us. We will all get through this, you will never lose Liam, Niall, Harry or me, most of your fans understand as well. You may think you are walking alone but your not you can speak to us whenever you need to. We are always here and are not going anywhere. You all have so much pressure to constantly produce more music, look good, make money and be successful but people forget about your feelings." She says, I slowly start calming down more, what she said makes a lot of sense, whatever happens we will always have this.

"Thank you so much." I say, Squeezing her tightly.

"Thats what best friends are for. Now are you ready to go and sing to your beautiful fans?"

"Yeah but can you sit where I can see you for all of it encase I need support."

"Of course I will always be here." She says, we get up and I finally walk out the cupboard, in the distance I can here the first song of our set.

"When does the show start?" I ask starting to speed up a bit more.

"A few minutes ago." She says, we start running down the corridors trying to find the stage, we reach the stairs, I grab my microphone and we run onto the stage. They have just finished the first song, I didn't have any solo in it which was good. As soon as we step into the lights fans starting screaming my name, Alice was right I will always have this. "I will go and sit over there." She says pointing to a bit of stage which is hidden from most of the audience but we can see it. She runs over to it, the boys come over and give me a massive hug.

"You alright now mate?" Liam asks patting my back. I nod.

"Hello Cardiff, how are you tonight?" I shout into my microphone. There is a massive chear in response. "Sorry I was late I felt a bit ill but my amazing girlfriend made me feel much better." There is a sightly smaller shout from the crowd, they clearly aren't buying it.

-----2 hours later------

"Goodnight and thank you for your virginity." Harry shouts, we all roll our eyes and run off the stage for the last time.

"Shit I forgot Alice." I shout and run back onto the stage. It is pitch black everywhere so I slowly try to make my way to where she is. I bump into someone and I fall on top of them.

"Louis is that you." I hear Alice say.

"Yeah sorry about this one second." Just as I am about to get up, the lights come on so the crowd can get out and here we are lying on top of each other. I bend down and give her a kiss and then get up pulling her up as well. The crowd is pretty much silent I think everyone saw. At least it wasn't with Harry. We run off and down the stairs.

"Honestly I can't leave you for one second." harry says jokingly, I laugh. They all saw what happened as well.

"Boys go to your dressing room and we will bring the people with V.I.P. passes over to you." One of the sound crew says. We nod and I start following the boys towards wherever our room is. I am still holding Alice's hand. By the time we get there 6 girls are already standing around. They all scream as soon as we walk in.

"I'll wait outside, there your fans not mine." Alice says dropping my hand.

"You sure?" I ask, she nods and I let her go. I turn around and start socializing with the fans.

"Hi I'm Louis, whats you name." I ask, a girl with blonde hair.

"I'm Emma could you sign my phone?" She asks handing me it, I get a glimpse of her lock screen and it is off me and her kissing, how are they so good at photo shopping?

"Sure. There you go." I say handing it back and smiling.

"Do you know where the toilets are as I am really desperate." She asks me, I grab hold of Liam as he walks past and I ask him where the toilets are as I don't know.

"They are opposite the corridor." He says.

"Thanks so much, I loved the concert by the way, the ending was especially great." She says and runs out the room. I go on to the next girl and repeat the process. When I 'm done with chatting to all of them I finally realize what the first girl was up to.

"Shit." I shout and start pushing through to get to the door. I open it and burst into the corridor.

"You stay away from my Louis, keep your slut hands to yourself." The girl shouts at Alice who is hunched up in a corner. She raises her knife up but I push her over and pin her to the ground.

"What do you think you were doing?" I ask snarling at her.

"Letting her know her position, you deserve someone much better like me."

"You really think I would date you now. Honestly you are five years younger than me probably a bit more and you have just hurt my girlfriend. Security." I shout, soon there are a pounding of feet and our body guards appear.

"Can you please escort this young lady out of the premises." I say getting off her and watch them go down the corridor. I then turn my attention to Alice who is clutching her side.

"Louis it hurts." She whispers, I rush over and kneel infront of her. I pull back her top and there is a long cut but isn't that deep.

"Its alright, its long but isn't deep we will clean it up. All right." I say pulling her head into my chest. We stay there for a bit until the boys came out.

"What happened we couldn't get rid of them fast enough." Liam says rushing over and sitting on the floor next to us.

"Alice was attacked by one of the fans, she has a cut down her stomach I don't think its that deep but we need to clean it up." I say, we all immediately spring into action, Liam picks her up as we have to go quite a distance to get to the bus and he is the strongest. We go in silence, Harry reaches it first and opens the door. They were given the keys earlier so we go in and put her on a sofa.

"Pass me the first aid kit Niall." I say pulling a chair up by her and sitting on it. He passes it and Liam sits down as well to help. I take her top off and grab a wad of cotton wool and cover it in antiseptic.

"This is going to sting but try to keep as quite as you can." Liam says stroking her hair out of her eyes. I start cleaning it up and she winces at every touch. I'm finally finished and it look a lot deeper than what I thought.

"Harry go and get a first aid person we may need to stitch it up." I say, he runs out the room and comes back with a paramedic. I move out the way so she can look at it.

"I am going to have to glue this shut." She says and starts grabbing the bits. She squeezes something on the cut and presses it together. After a few minutes she sticks a massive dressing on and everything is sorted. "No swimming or getting it wet for a week it will heal in about two months." She says and walks out the bus.

"How does it feel love?" Liam asks.

"Sore but I will survive. The show was amazing by the way." She says.

"Uhm Louis I hate to tell you this and I don't want you to have to do this but, you and Alice have a separate bus from the rest of us." Harry says, hugging me.

"That means no late night snuggle." I say, I am furious with management. They control our life infront of cameras enough but to limit out personal life as well is unfair.

"Sorry, I love you." Harry says, kissing me, I kiss back and we are soon making out.

"Guys its 11:30 you need to go to your bus before we start driving for tonight." Niall says.

"Okay, Alice can you walk?" I ask.

"I think so. Good night everyone." She says and starts walking very slowly. I wave to the boys and follow her. We reach our bus and walk in. There is a kitchen area when you first walk in, then a toilet. A snug and finally a bedroom with a double bed in it.

"Looks like we are sharing." I say.

"Night Louis" She says climbing into the bed and not bothering to undress.

"Good night Alice." I say, once I have made sure she is comfortable I call Harry. I arrange for him to come over. He walks into the kitchen area and sits next to me.

"Hey babe, what do you want to do tonight?" I ask, I hear someone walking around outside so I push him into the bathroom. Its just the driver climbing in. He starts the bus and we start moving. "Its just the driver lets watch a movie." I say, we walk into the snug and I switch the TV on. We snuggle until the sun comes up.



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