Forbidden love

No one wants to be in a love square, it makes for really awkward double dates. Luckily management always believes they can avoid fate with a publicity stunt and a contract.


7. 7

Louis’ P.O.V.

Last night was interesting. Alice and Liam confessed their love. For each other that is, not some other random person, we don’t need to confuse people even more. Niall went the longest he has ever been without food, it wasn’t very long in the end but you know it was an accomplishment for him. Harry and I stayed as we were, two lovers who will probably never be let out the closet.

Harry’s arms are wrapped round my waist with his hands on my but, he is so protective about it. I one of the boys touches it he will not talk to them for days sometimes. I have my arms round his neck and my right leg on top him. I suddenly feel the urgent need to wee so I untangle myself from him and the sheets. The bathroom is connected to my room so I walk in and do my business. When I’m done I am not in the mood for getting back into bed, as much as I love cuddling Harry today is not the day. I walk out and down the stairs. Everyone ended up staying over last night so Niall is snoring in the end room. When I reach the kitchen Alice is sitting there eating a banana and scrolling through her phone.

“Morning sunshine.” I say grabbing an apple and taking a bite, I sit down opposite her. She grunts in reply. “You’re up early, was Liam a bit ruff in the bed.” I say laughing a slightly. She death stares me so I put my hand up in surrender.  I feel someone take a bite out my apple, my immediate reaction is that its Harry.

“I didn’t sleep with Liam and it was Niall’s snores that kept me awake.” She said glaring at the person behind me I turn and realize it was Niall eating my apple. He swallows and then speaks.

“If you hadn’t eaten for as long as I have then you would be eating someone else’s food as well, and I don’t snore” I just roll my eyes in response. He sits down next to me and decides to get himself his own food this time. I take my phone out and realize that Alice mentioned me in a tweet yesterday. I open twitter and read it. I laugh slightly knowing what she meant. I reply and put ‘anything would had been good if you were in it.’ Immediately my phone starts buzzing and the usual argument over who liked and re-tweeted first. Honestly I am sure some of our fans don’t have any other life apart from stalking us.

“Morning everyone how are people this morning.” Liam asks walking into the kitchen fully dressed and looking like he has been awake for hours rather than just rolled out of bed. I honestly don’t know how he does it.

“Better since you came in.” Alice says smiling for the first time this morning. I mime throwing up. I get death stares from both of them.

“Where is Harold then?” Niall asks.

“Sleeping probably or stalking the nearest cat.” I say laughing slightly.

“I’ll go and wake him up.” Liam says striding out the room and up the stairs. How can he make waking up look so easy? After a few minutes I hear a pounding of feet running on the floor above and then Harry comes in and looks around, he spots me and sighs in relief. Liam walks in after him with a massive grin plastered on his face.

“Liam told me that you were going to cook breakfast and I almost had a mini panic attack as you cannot be trusted with an oven.” Harry said still looking completely panicked. Someone's phone rings and Alice jumps up and walks to the window seat and sits down. We are all silent so she can have an uninterrupted conversation.

"Hi mum how are you... I'm at my friend’s house at the moment just hanging why... Oh god I totally forgot I am so sorry do you want me to come round there straight away... You sure... Okay I will text you the address... See you later, bye, love you." She finishes with.

"Do you mind if my mum brings her dog here I am meant to look after it today and tomorrow." She asks me.

"Yeah that's no problem it's not like I don't have enough space." I say, my house is ridiculously big I bought it when we first became really famous and now I can't get anyone else to buy it. I would prefer a tiny cottage with Harry in it.

"Thank you so much she is just going to drop her off and then I will go home." She says sitting back down.

"You don't need to go. We can go and walk it in the field behind my house. We could all do it as its private land." I say, I have never used the field before so now it is a perfect opportunity.

"I wish it could have been a cat." Harry whines.

"Honestly this band, if we couldn't sing none of us would have a job we are a bunch of idiots." Liam says, we all death stare him and then break into laughter. Alice just looks very confused.

"Wait I don't get it."

"You will after spending more time with us." Niall says mid laughing fit.

"We aren't really that bad." Liam says going over and kissing her. I grab Harry's face and kiss him.

"Not fair my hot date hasn't arrived yet." Niall whines I smile. The doorbell rings, Alice runs out the room I hear the door open and then talking it shuts again.

"Niall your hot date has arrived." Alice shouts, there is then a scampering of paws and a yellow Labrador comes running in with its ears flopping. We all burst out laughing.

"I was joking guys I'm a single pringle." Niall says and bends down to give the dog a stroke.

"This is poppy. She loves to eat so I would watch out Niall." She says walking back into the kitchen.

"Right shall we go and walk this massive ball of fluff." Liam says. Poppy shakes and hair flies off everywhere. “Slightly less fluff now.”

"I will clean that up afterwards." Alice says pointing at the now slightly dusted floor.


Sorry I have been really stuck with this story recently and I am in a massive argument with my friend at the moment so am absolutely exhausted. I have an idea for a different story so I may start that one and work on that while I am stuck with this one. I love you all!

Izzy xxx

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