Forbidden love

No one wants to be in a love square, it makes for really awkward double dates. Luckily management always believes they can avoid fate with a publicity stunt and a contract.


5. 5

Louis's P.O.V.

I didn't mean to fall asleep on her bed last night and I didn't expect to then have to massage her back either but there we go. I have just woken up, Alice is still sleeping. I write a note saying that I have gone to grab breakfast as she needs to do a serious food shop. I take a key and walk out the door after putting a beanie and sunglasses on. The crowds have disappeared form outside but there are probably some still hiding. There is a Starbucks across the street. I cross the almost deserted road and go into the shop.

"Hi can I have two coffee's and a bacon buttie and the same but with gluten free bread please." I ask the shop assistant. She types my order in and passes me the food.

"That well be £10 please. Your drinks can be collected from over there." She says and walks off to do the drinks. I pay and wait. The shop is completely deserted apart from one couple sitting in a corner. Once the drinks are done I grab them and walk back to the flat. I spot a camera flash out of the corner of my eye but don't worry about it. Alice is still snoozing when I get back so I decide to wake her up as the food is going cold.

"Alice get up and get your but in here, I have got breakfast." I shout. There is movement and soon a very sleepy Alice walks in. She grunts at me and grabs the food from the table and starts eating. I do the same and we sit in a comfortable silence.

"Do you know what the time is?" She asks, I check my phone.

"Quarter past eight." I say finishing my buttie.

"Shit I am supposed to me at a fashion shoot in half an hour and it is on the other side of town" She says and runs into the bathroom. I stay quiet and drink my coffee. Alice runs back in fully dressed with her hair brushed and starts throwing items into her bag.

"Do you want me to drive you?" I ask grabbing my stuff and swinging my car keys round my finger.

"That would be amazing now can we go." She says grabbing my hand and pulling me out the apartment. I slam the door behind and we run down the stairs to ground level. We both most look like quite a sight with our messy hair and strange clothing choices. We race through central London trying to get there on time. We finally make it with about a minute to spare.

"Do you want me to pick you up when you are finished?" I ask, she nods climbing out the car.

"I will call you when I am finished." She shouts and runs into the building. I sigh and text Harry. The shoot will probably be an all day thing so I now have time to spend with Harry.

(L=Louis   My curls=Harry)

L- Do you want to come round to mine in about half an hour?

My curls- Yeah have you left Alice's then?

L- I had to drop her off at a shoot and I then need to pick her up so we can spend time together until then.

My curls- See you soon babe

L- Love you

I smile and close my phone. How I wish that we were allowed to just come out and be excepted for who we are. I know are dedicated fans would support us but then the amount of hate we would get make them seem minuscule.

Alice's P.O.V.

I can't believe I forgot to set and alarm. I am running through the building trying to get to the shoot on time other wise my manager will kill me. I reach the door and check the time. Shoot I am 2 minutes late. I adjust my top so it doesn't look like I have just been running through the building. I walk in and sigh as there seems to be no sign of him.

"Your late." He says from behind me making me jump out of my skin.

"Sorry I overslept if Louis hadn't woken me up then I would had missed today completely." I say trying to fix my hair which is hideous.

"You are leaving on Friday with the boys so be ready, your stylist is waiting don't be late again." He finishes and walks off. Wow I got off lightly. I walk into a room with my name on the door and my stylist throws me clothes.

"Put these on quickly we are already behind schedule." She says. This is going to be one long day.

------7 hours later-------

"See you later." I shout and walk out the door. Today has been very stressful just because I was a few minutes late. I walk down to the lobby at a slower pace than on the way to the shoot this morning. I find an empty sofa and plonk myself down on it. I bring my phone out and diall Louis number he picks up after four rings.

"Hey Louis I've just finished is it possible for you to pick me up." I say, there is panting in the background.

"Uh I am kind of in the middle of something is it Ok if I get Liam or Niall to pick you up." I hear Harry groaning in the background.

"Yeah thats fine, have fun with Harry." I laugh and hang up. I really don't want to think about what they are doing. I decide to tweet something.

'The new Hugo Boss campaign has officially started. Thanks for a great time yesterday @louis_tomlinson Love you lots xxx'

I finish writing it and check other things. My followers have gone up so much since my first sighting with Louis. I had only been sitting down for a few minutes when I felt someone sit down at the other end.

"Alice is that you?" I hear a female voice ask. I look up and gasp.

"Gigi I haven't seen you in ages. How are you?" I squeal and give her a big hug.

"Just the usual. I've heard you've got yourself a man." She says nudging my arm.

"Yeah anyway have you found anyone yet?" I ask trying to draw the conversation away from me and Louis.

"Yeas I have he is amazing and so handsome." Her eyes light up and she stares into the distance. I hear someone cough and I turn my head. Liam is standing there looking as handsome as ever.

"I have to go but I would love to catch up. Call me when your free." I say grabbing my stuff. Gigi points at Liam and mouths 'is that him'. I shake my head and wave good bye. We walk out and Liam opens the passenger door of his car for me. He helps me in and then climbs in himself.

"Sorry for interrupting." Liam says

"Thats alright we are going to meet up some other time. Last night was fun we should do it again sometime."

"I say well we could go back to Louis' house now and get Niall to come so you could get to know us a bit better."

"That would be great let me text Niall." I say and bring my phone out. He agrees and will meet us there. I'm glad Liam picked me up as I am starting to feel like we could be more than just friends.

"So busy day then?"

"Sort of, we were shooting the new campaign for Hugo Boss I just had to wrap my arms round Theo James which is easy considering how fit he is."

"Bet he isn't as fit as me." Liam says flexing his muscles. I playfully punch him as we pull into a drive way of a mansion which I am guessing is Louis' house. I lean over to Liam and go to kiss him on the cheek to say thank you but he moves his head so I end up kissing him on the lips. I freeze as I wasn't expecting it but he starts kissing me. I slowly warm into it and kiss him back. I run my hand through his hair and he does the same to mine. I pull away.

"We should probably go inside." I say quietly while still staring into his eyes.


Yay finally. I am incorporating Zayn into this story. Sorry I absolutely suck at updates. I have fallen out with my best friend and she has gone out of my group so I have been a bit stressed lately and haven't been in the mood to wright. Sorry guys xxx

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