Forbidden love

No one wants to be in a love square, it makes for really awkward double dates. Luckily management always believes they can avoid fate with a publicity stunt and a contract.


24. 24

Alice's P.O.V.

"Come on love. Wake up please let the world see your eyes again." I hear someone say, they squeeze my hand sending a slight pain up towards my head. My eyes open at their own accord and the hospital light blinds me making me blink furiously. Tubes go into my arms pumping stuff into them and on one of my fingers is a pulse monitor.

"Water." I croak as my throat is as dry as sand paper. I can't clearly remember the past few weeks but I remember enough to make it a permanent scar. Louis rushes over to a sink and fills a glass handing it to me. I drink it thirstily but cough it all back up. I look down and see my large bump still growing.

"Our baby's still alright." I say smiling taking Louis hand and touching it onto my tummy.

"Babies. We're having twins." He says grinning. I burst into smiles.

"That's amazing. Their going to be very squished in their though." I say worrying slightly. He just rubs my stomach reassuringly and gives it a kiss.

"Their going to be fine. Their strong and beautiful just like their mother." He says grabbing a chair and bringing it closer to the bed.

"Louis. I think we need to talk about some stuff." He nods his head in agreement. "I love you to the moon and back but not in a romantic way I see you as a best friend. I'm really sorry to be telling you this but I don't think we fit together. I know you still have feelings for Harry so go get your man. Sweep him off his feet and say how sorry you are. I will still be your public girlfriend or whatever people call me but being your girlfriend in private just doesn't feel right. I'm sorry Louis." He looks at me and smiles slightly.

"Don't worry love. I was going to say around the same thing. Your like a little sister to me apart from the fact you've got what could be my children inside of you which makes everything a little bit awkward. I made up with Harry when you were... Well when you weren't here. We're back together and I've never been more happy. I think you should speak to Liam. He was the one who hung on, over the past month and kept on saying something wasn't right. Your made for each other." He says kissing my hand lightly. A tear creeps down my cheek.

"Thank you Louis for everything." I say. He just smiles and walks out. Well that's one thing I've sorted out, I feel really bad though. The door opens and I see Liam's head peak round. My face lights up as he takes the chair Louis just vacated. For a while we just stay quiet enjoying each others company.

"Liam. I'm sorry for being such a prat. I've been horrible to you and hurt you even more. You hurt me and you realized that and have tried to make things right by staying away from me and Louis but you should have shown me some kind of recognition." I say, his face doesn't change and he is still fingering with the covers on the bed.

"I know. I was stupid I thought you were happy with Louis and you were meant to be together. I realize now looking back that you ran to Louis because he stuck up for you. I was an idiot and if there is anything and I mean anything to get you back in my arms I would do it. I fucking love you Alice Greenwood. And I hope whatever we decide to be makes us happy." He says smiling and picking my hand up. I shuffle over to the edge of the bed and lift the covers up for him to get in.

"I love you to Liam Payne." I say smiling, he looks startled but then leans down and kisses me. He pats the covers back down and remains sitting in the chair.

"No need for me to mess up these things is there." He says pointing to the white lines coming out from my palm. I smile and slowly feel myself being pulled into a sleep.

"Yes Zayn and Gigi have both been put in prison for 26 years for attempted trafficking and human enslavement." A voice says, I open my eyes and see a big policeman standing in the doorway talking to everyone.

"Thank you so much. Have a good day." Harry says, the man walks out and shuts the door after him. I notice that some of the tubes have gone from my hand so I must be getting better.

"Ah Alice. Did you here that?" Niall asks, I nod in reply that's the best news I've heard in a while. Liam walks through the door texting furiously into his phone.

"Simon is still mad at us he said we should fly there straight away but I told him I'm not leaving Alice and Louis will have to stay because it would look bad if I just stayed. So that means we are all staying." He says. I reach to try and grab his hand but I miss. He smiles and kisses me lightly sending butterfly's dancing around my stomach. I feel a tiny kick coming from inside of me making me jump.

"The baby. It's kicking." I say smiling, they all rush over and place their hands on it. One of them continues to kick for a little bit and then quietens down.

Louis has a massive grin plastered on his face. "Your going to be an amazing mum." Niall says sitting back down. I smile and try to sit up. Liam rushes over to help and positions the pillows under my head.

"Thanks babe." I say kissing him. He kisses back and then breaks apart sitting on the edge of the bed.

"We couldn't find the contacts for your parents so here's your phone if you want to call them." Harry says handing it to me. My face clouds over, I take it but put it on the side.

"Me and my parents don't get on. They wanted me to become a lawyer and I didn't want to. So when I was recruited as a model I jumped at the chance. They only speak to me to say when my brother has been promoted at work." I say laughing a little bit at their stupidity.

"Oh." Louis says, I don't think any of them quite know what to say.

"It's alright they were shit parents anyway but it would be nice if they agreed with something I did once in a while." We fall into a comfortable silence until my phone rings. Their is no caller ID but I recognize the number. "It's them." I say picking it up and answering.

"Alice. I don't mean for this to be a long conversation but I heard that your pregnant." My mother says jumping straight into it.

"Have you only just found out it's been all over the magazines for weeks." I say slightly shocked.

"You know I don't read that shit. Anyway could you abort it please I'm too young to be a grandmother." I can't actually believe what she's saying.

"You don't know anything about parenting. I am not aborting my children." Louis is signalling for him to speak to her.

"I know more than you." She says raising her voice slightly.

"Louis would like to speak to you." I say tiredly. I hand him the phone.

"Her boyfriend" Harry winces slightly when he says that. "Yes... She has been through so much in the last month if you were any sort of human you would be here by her side helping her through it... No I'm not talking about sex... She was kidnapped by my ex band mate... Yes I am in a band and its is the best thing I've ever done... Please do not try and make contact with us ever again." He finishes with and then hangs up throwing the phone down on the table.

"What did she say?" Liam asks me.

"To abort the child because she thinks she is too young to be a grandmother. Like she would have any responsibility over it." I say laughing.

"She thought you had had a tough time making out with people and she doesn't like the fact I'm in a boy band. Anyway she won't be troubling us again." Louis says smiling. I just roll my eyes and pull the covers up.

After another week and a half in the hospital I'm finally allowed out. The boys have been taking it in turns to sleep in the room at night so Niall was with me last night. I've never laughed so hard in my life. It got to the stage where we had the nurses from the station down the corridor coming in to check up on us.

"Morning sunshine." Liam says opening the curtains. I groan as the light comes in and I shield my eyes.

"Liam she's turned into a vampire." Louis says pretending to hide behind behind Harry.

"Yeah but she's my little vampire." Liam says leaning down and kissing me. I kiss back and soon his hands are in my hair. He stands up and I snake my hands round his waist pulling him closer. I pull his top up slightly and start sucking on his skin just above his hip. After a bit I draw my head back and look at the now red bit of skin. Liam giggles and kisses me on the forehead. Niall is gagging in the corner.

"Can I have a shower when I get home" I ask Louis.

"Yeah. A bath would probably be easier as you can't stand for very long." He answers packing up my bag with the stuff I've been given.

"Unless someone goes in the shower with you." Liam says smirking. Harry fake gags and I laugh.

"Right you. Let's get out of here because that bed is so uncomfortable." Niall says wheeling the wheelchair up that I will use for the next week or so. He grabs my arm and helps me up. Liam moves the chair so it's easier for me and I sit down.

"Right that's step no 1" Harry says. "We now need to flirt with the nurses at the desk to do her release papers extra fast then battle the press outside." He says.

"There's people outside?" I ask slightly stunned I thought they would've gone by now.

"Yeah. It's been great getting in and out twice a day." Louis says his voice dripping with sass.

"Sorry." I say, Niall pushes me out the door and starts running down the corridor.

"Niall." I shout laughing. He gets to the desk and stops leaning against it for support. The boys stroll up at a much better speed.

"I will take her from here." Louis says wheeling me away from Niall. I laugh. "Can you remember your exercises from yesterday?" He asks me. I nod, the doctor showed me loads of stuff to do to regain my balance and strength in my legs.

"I need to go shopping at some point because I don't have any maternity clothes." I say looking down at the dress Louis found. It's the only one that fits me at the moment.

"Yeah I will go with Harry tomorrow" he says, I raise an eyebrow at him. "Management are already pissed at us I don't think they can get anymore annoyed." He says shrugging his shoulders. I laugh and return my attention to the desk where Harry and Liam are standing there flirting furiously with the nurses who are in a state of giggles and keep on bending down to show them their cleavage. If only they knew that they were taken. I feel a pang of jealously at the sight of Liam and one of them.

"Jealous are we?" Niall asks me, I feel a rush of blood to my cheeks.

"It's alright I think Louis feels the same." He says, I look up at Louis and sure enough his jaw muscles are tight and knuckles white around the handles as he watches Harry. I laugh and he looks down at me looking confused. I just shrug and look forward again. Liam and Harry have finished and are walking back towards us.

"Got them." Liam shouts doing a victory dance. I roll my eyes as Louis starts pushing me towards the lift.

"Your so boring Louis. I was going to take her down the stairs." Niall whines as the lift arrives.

"That is exactly why I'm driving, you haven't got your Alice driving certificate yet" Louis says pushing me in and pressing the ground floor. Everyone else squeezes in and we start going down. Niall pretends to be in a strop.

"It's alright Niall. I'll let you help Louis go shopping tomorrow." I say, he raises an eyebrow.

"I don't want to be in the middle of Louis' and Harry's flirting thank you very much."

"Suit yourself." I say shrugging my shoulders. The lift opens and I can see through the glass front, there are lines of press waiting for me to come out. I feel my mouth fall open and someone close it again. Liam walks up to the reception and they look at the papers. They scan them and the front doors open.

"Take that lot with you. There causing a right racket." One of the receptionists shout pointing at the wall of people.

"Okay everyone lets do this." Louis says pushing me out. Harry walks directly in front of us while Liam and Niall walk on my sides creating a bubble round me. We don't stop for anyone not even when someone jumps in front of us. Harry just chooses a different way and plies forward. It doesn't stop the cameras flashing though I know we will be on the front page of a lot of newspapers tomorrow. We reach the car and Louis helps me up and into the passenger seat. While Liam folds the chair into the boot. Harry starts driving as soon as everyone is in and we finally relax again.

"Well that was fun." Louis says sarcastically. I reach for the heated seats and put all the ones in the back on full power. Harry sees me and smirks but keeps his lips shut.

"God my but is warm." Niall says wriggling around.

"Same. Fire. Harry there's a fire. Pull over." Louis shouts trying to open the door but Harry puts the child lock on first. I look at him out of the corner of my eye and we make eye contact. I burst into laughter and he quickly follows as we pull into Louis street. The boys in the back are wriggling around uncomfortably making me laugh even more. I turn the seats off and Liam sees.

"You are in big trouble missy." Liam says waggling his finger at me pretending to be cross

"Did you put the warmers on." Niall asks, I nod laughing again. Harry pulls into the drive still laughing.

"Well we aren't going to help you then." Louis says getting out the car and walking on tip toes swinging his hips like a girl. Niall and Liam follow making me and Harry laugh even more.

"I'll be the gentleman and help you." Harry says, getting out and grabbing my wheel chair. He opens the door and helps me in carefully placing my bag on my knee. We get to the front door and then realize we forgot there were three steps to get up.

"I'll walk up them." I say going to get out the chair.

"No you stay, I'll get Liam he will be able to lift you up with my help." He says leaving me and walking into the house. After a few minutes he comes back with Liam.

"I will help if you promise to not put my seat on full power ever again." He says, I grin and promise. They then lift the chair up and into the house.

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