Forbidden love

No one wants to be in a love square, it makes for really awkward double dates. Luckily management always believes they can avoid fate with a publicity stunt and a contract.


18. 18

'Hey babe. Hope your alright. I was just going to Starbucks, do you want anything? G xx' the ring of my phone wakes me up from my deep slumber. I roll over and read it. Shit I forgot I was going to Gigi's today. I thought it was just going to be a lazy morning. Louis is still asleep next to me. His hair frames his face perfectly and there is a faint snoring noise coming from his mouth. I climb out of bed and let my toes sink into the soft carpet. I tred silently to the walk in wardrobe and go to my side. We probably won't go out, so I slide on some black tracksuit bottoms and a crop top. I don't have time to have a shower so I put my hair in a messy bun and throw some makeup on. I grab my phone and finally reply to Gigi.

'their strongest coffee please. Xx' I type and send it. I find a scrap of paper and leave a note for Louis. Saying where I'm going as he will have forgotten as well. I grab a banana and sprint out the door. If my mum had seen me just get ready she would had been impressed with speed I did it in.

Mike my security guard has just pulled up into the gravel drive. "Where are you going." He asks blocking the way to my car.

"Gigi's I'm already late. Just let me go please." I engine trying to side step round him.

"Nope. Get in my car. I'll drive you." He says, I sigh but reluctantly slide into the passenger seat. We spend the journey in complete silver which is normal for us. After send like an eternity we pull up outside a massive white wall. "I'll wait for you here." He says unlocking the doors.

"Honestly it's fine. She has guards so I won't be unprotected. Also I'll be here a while. Hi enjoy your Sunday." I say getting out the car.

"Find but call me there's are any issues." I just nod in response and walk off towards big iron gates. The car pure off down the street. I suddenly feel very exposed. I press button for the gates. After a minute they slide open revealing a massive white house with a sweeping drive. I stride up to the door and knock on it. It swings open and out pops Gigi from behind it.

"Morning come on in." She says opening it so there is room for to enter.

"Hi sorry I'm late. It was crazy last night." I say smiling. She leads me through to a white kitchen with dark oak furniture. On the long table sure two streaming cups of coffee.

"There's you go. Shall we sit outside?"

"Sounds good. How have you been?" I ask taking a sip letting the lawyer scorch my throat.

"Find. Congratulations on the baby by the way."

"Thank you is pretty exciting. Louis is going crazy." Her face close over slightly at the mention Louis' name.

"Did you tell your bodyguard to wait?" She asks sitting on some expensive looking furniture. I sit down carefully to make sure I don't spoil anything on it. I take a massive gulp of coffee and sit back.

"No I figured you have enough here already. Your house is beautiful by the way." I say looking down the garden with the perfect man and precise hedges.

"It's actually zayn's. It's very different." She says smiling. I do a massive yawn and try to disguise it by drinking some more but she saw it.

"Looking night?" She asks laughing.

"Yeah. I'm actually feeling quite sleepy." I say taking another sip to try and stay awake. My eyelids feel ten times heavier and my brain has lost control of limbs. I see Gigi stand up and Simone walk up next to her. My vision is fuzzy, the only feature I can make out is dark hair.

"Feeling a little sleepy are we?" Someone with a British accent says. My mind then goes dark


Sorry about not updating. I am going to try to update every Saturday now. Definitely this story and sometimes Hugh kingdoms if I have time.

Izzy xxx

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