Forbidden love

No one wants to be in a love square, it makes for really awkward double dates. Luckily management always believes they can avoid fate with a publicity stunt and a contract.


15. 15

Louis' P.O.V.

I'm not sure how I feel about Alice part of me wants to kiss her face off but the other part thinks of her in more of a sister kind of way. I planned the date tonight to sort out what is going on between us.

"What you thinking mate." Liam asks walking out and lighting up.

"About stuff. I'm going out tonight with Alice is that alright?" I ask, not sure why I asked him but then I feel like she is his girl.

"Thats fine you don't have to ask me. She's your girlfriend not mine." Liam says, his face then goes deathly white, his gaze is over my shoulder. I turn and see Alice standing there. She just heard what Liam said.

"Well I'm glad I really know what you think about me now. Louis shall we go?" She asks staring daggers into Liam.

"Its not what it sounds like." He starts and walks towards her. I move towards the door and get out of their way.

"Save it Liam. I don't want to know. Now I'm going to go for a date with my boyfriend." She says, putting emphasis on boyfriend. She grabs my hand and almost drags me out the flat. I glance over my shoulder and see Liam staring after us. I mouth 'sorry' at him and shut the door behind us.

"You alright babe?" I ask as we walk down towards the hotel dining room.

"Yeah. Lets just have a really good night and have loads of fun." She says smiling but I can tell theirs hurt in her eyes. Part of me wants to run back in and make sure Liam's alright because he's my brother but the other part wants to go on this date. I end up walking away from the room leaving my brothers behind me. We walk down to the restaurant and are escorted to our table that is out on the balcony over looking the beach and sea. The sun is just setting and it could not be any more romantic.

"I really enjoy sending time with you." I say starting the conversation while leaning out the way so the waiter can pour some wine into my glass.

"So do I. Do you have an interview tomorrow?" She asks taking a sip from her glass. Damn she looks sexy tonight.

"Yeah. What do you want me to say about the whole baby thing?" I ask, we haven't told anyone about the baby apart from close relatives but we haven't denied it either. We were waiting till it was actually noticeable the bump that is.

"Just do what we've been doing already." She says smiling.

"Are you ready to order?"The waiter asks walking up to our table

"Yes can I have the pan fired sea bass without the potatoes." She says, The waiter writes it down and I quickly scan the menu.

"I will just have the same." I blurt out not really thinking.

"He will have the burger with chips." She says winking at me and placing her hand on top of mine. The man walks away leaving us.

"Thank you for ordering for me." I say rubbing my thumb over her hand.

"Thats alright anything to make you happy." She says smiling her gorgeous smile.

1 and a bit hours later

"That was delicious." I say sighing and sitting back in the chair.

"Yeah, shall we go?" Alice asks gathering her purse up. I nod and get up. The food will go on the room so I don't have to worry about paying for the moment.

"Before we go back up there how about we go out to the beach." I say taking her in the other direction.

"Alright Mr romantic." She says laughing as we run down the corridor like two teenagers.

"Harry is much better at being romantic than me." I say as we walk down the sand.

"I don't know. I feel so safe around you." She says and leans in to kiss me. I react immediately and mold my lips to hers pushing my tongue against her teeth asking for entry. She moves her head and my tongue slides in. I feel around her mouth investigating every bit as her fingers ruffle through my hair. I really do love her I'm just not sure in what kind of way.

"Shall we carry this on in your room?" I ask breaking our contact. She groans and takes m hand again. Our breathing slowly steadies its self as we walk back but our lips don't go down and I'm sure my hair is in a right state. We reach the room and I pick her up carrying her into the bedroom and pushing her up against the wall. I groan into her mouth as we connect again.

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