Forbidden love

No one wants to be in a love square, it makes for really awkward double dates. Luckily management always believes they can avoid fate with a publicity stunt and a contract.


1. 1

Alice's P.O.V.

My alarm wakes me up from my peaceful sleep. I groan and wave my arm around trying to find the snooze button. Eventually my hand hits it and I fall asleep again.

(10 minutes later)

My alarm goes off again. Now I really need to get up. First day of a new job and all that. I switch it off and swing my legs over the bed. My feet hit the soft carpet. I stretch out and go run a shower. I brush my hair while I wait for the water to warm up.

So you are probably wondering who is this lazy person who is just about to have a shower. Well let me tell you. I am a model who has recently been asked to be someones girlfriend and get paid to do it. At the moment I have no idea who it is. Yeah I am a bit of an idiot hooking up with a celebrity I don't even know. I don't exactly know why I am posing as a girlfriend but hopefully everything will be explained when I get there.

The water is now warm so I strip and get in the shower. I let the water run down my dry back slowly relaxing me. I wash my hair and get out switching the shower off. I wrap a towel round my hair and another one round my body. I walk back into my room and pick out an outfit. Mint green jeans, white top and a light blue jacket. I walk back into the bathroom happy with my clothing choice and plug in my straightener to heat up. I unwrap my hair from the towel and start blow drying it. Happy with how it is I stick my clothes on and then straighten my hair. I apply a natural look of make-up and finish with some sandals that I bought the other day and am very happy with. I check my clock and see that I have ten minutes to eat breakfast. I grab a bowl and pour some milk and cereal into it. I scoff it down and grab my bag that I sorted last night, just need to grab my phone from where it is charging and my sunglasses. I plonk them on my head and check my phone's time. On time so far. This is the first and probably the last time that I will be on time for a meeting.

I climb in my car and type the address I got sent last night by my manager into the sat-nav. The soothing voice directs me towards my destination. I turn the radio up and start singing along missing the next turning direction. "Oh shit." I say turning into the nearest road I can see.

"You have reached your destination." The nav says. I look up at the building on my left and see the sign saying modest. Well it looks like I have found it all by myself. I switch my car of and get out into the British sunshine. I love summer days. I turn around and bump into someone making me drop my bag.

"I'm sorry." The person says. He has a cute voice. He bends over and picks my bag up for me.

"Thats alright. It was my fault I am such a klutz." I say giving him a smile. He hands me my bag and I take it. "Hey do I know you from somewhere." I say, he has dark glasses on which makes it difficult to see his face.

"Probably I'm Liam Payne from One Direction." He says holding his hand out for me to take. I shake it and give him another smile.

"Well Liam, I am Alice. Is this your management then." I ask pointing towards the massive building. He nods.

"Yeah, do you work for them." He asks as we start walking towards the big front doors.

"I guess you could call it that." I say, I'm not exactly sure what you would call it but its definitely something along those lines. We walk through the doors, a massive blast of air conditioning hits our faces.

"Liam, do you know where the other boys are?" Someone asks running up to where we were standing.

"Well we had that party last night so knowing them they are probably hung over." Liam says, the man lets out a massive sigh.

"Right well do you think you could call them?" The man asks, Liam brings his phone out and starts texting someone. He then brings it up to his ear and walks of to a corner. Great I am now stuck in a new building, with an angry man infront of me. I spot the reception desk and start heading towards it.

"Hi what can I do for you today?" The lady on reception asks.

"I am Alice Water and I think I have a meeting or something along those lines." I say, she starts typing something into her computer.

"Yep. Have you already met Liam? You will have the meeting with him." She asks.

"Yeah. I will stick with him then. Thank you for your help." I say and head back over to Liam, he has just finished on his phone.

"Looks like you are stuck with me for a while." I say giving him a wink. I really hope I have to be his girlfriend because I would be totally fine with that. Something tells me thats not going to be the case though.

"Ugh no." He says playfully. I give him a little shove.

Louis' P.O.V.

I really don't want to go into work today. I have a massive hang over from last night where I met my 'girlfriend' at least thats what we will tell the press. I am actually meeting her for the first time today. Modest is ruining my life at the moment. I want to be with Harry and he wants to be with me but they have to go in there and fix us up with fake girlfriends and not let us be seen together outside designated times where all the band are together. I am dressed for the day and everything I just don't want to go until I have to. My phone rings and Liam's face pops up on the caller ID.

"What." I say picking up.

"Good morning to you to. My day has been lovely so far thank you for asking. How has yours been. Great to here it." Liam says.

"Just because I have a hang over and you don't doesn't mean you have to rub it in. What do you want?" I say getting up and grabbing my wallet. I switch the TV off.

"You need to get your but down here otherwise management will blow up." Liam says.

"Fine I will be there in ten." I say and hang up. I grab my jacket and keys, locking my front door behind me. I walk outside and spot the paps standing outside the gates trying to get a glimpse of me. I get in my car and beep at the press to move out the way. They all scurry to the sides as I drive out the house. I arrive at the modest in 10 minutes, I walk up to the reception to check what room we are in.

"23." The receptionists shouts at me before I can ask her my question. I head up the stairs. Usually I take the lift but I want to be as late as possible. I walk in the room and all the boys are in there deep in conversation. Looks like management haven't arrived yet.

"Hey boys what you up to." I say sitting down next to Harry.

"Hi Louis. Last night was fun." Niall says, I nod in agreement. I forgot to take some painkillers this morning so my head feels even worse.

"Can't remember much of it. Have any of you met her yet?" I ask.

"If you mean your new girlfriend then yeah. I literally bumped into her this morning. She is one hot woman." Liam says, we all laugh. Its not like Liam to express his views on someone to us.

"Guys this is Alice, Louis new boyfriend." One of management says walking into the room. I can never remember there names. A pretty girl follows him in and gives us a little wave.

"Hi." She says and sits down next to Liam, which makes sense as she knows him already.

"Right Louis and Alice are going out shopping later by themselves." he says glaring at Harry who goes red and shrinks back in his seat. "Enjoy your week break. Louis try and make it look real." He says and walks out the room.

"So tell us a bit about yourself love." I say giving her a smile. She seems nice hopefully we can be friends.

"Well I live by myself in a apartment a few minutes away from here. I am a model as my main job." She says.

"Well if you weren't a model the agencies are all blind." Liam says flashing her a smile. She starts blushing and looks down at her hands.

"Oi keep your paws to yourself Payno." I say acting all protective. He puts his hands up looking all innocent. "You alright Harry?" I ask putting a hand on his knee. He puts his hand on the top and looks into my eyes.

"Yeah, I can't really talk about it here though." He says, I want to kiss him so bad it hurts.

"Louis shopping now." A man says sticking his head round the door. I groan and get up.

"Alice will you be my girlfriend?" I ask taking her hand and helping her to her feet.

"Louis Tomlinson, I would love to." She says in the same joking tone that I used.

"This is just so emotional. I am tearing up. Hold me Harry." Niall says and pretends to faint.

"Lets leave leave these idiots." I say and walk out the room. Alice follows behind me giving a wave to the boys.

"Louis. Oi Tomlinson." I hear someone shout, we both turn around and I see Perrie walking down the corridor towards me and Alice.

"Hey I haven't seen you in ages." I say giving her a hug.

"So who is the girl everyone is talking about." She asks how the heck does she know. I thought it was only our management team but clearly everyone involved with modest knows. I am about to say she is my fake girlfriend to cover for me and Harry. However I spot a member of my management team standing at a table within ear shot of us.

"This is Alice my girlfriend." I say and wrap my arm around her and she does the same.

"Perrie your needed in studio five." Someone shouts as they walk past us. Perrie rolls her eyes.

"Anyways nice seeing you." She says and walks off in the direction of studio 5.

"Come on lets get out of here I hate this place." I say, this is worse than a hospital in my opinion and Hospitals are  bad. I take Alice's hand and head towards the door that lead outside.

"Did you come in your car. As I came in mine as well" She asks stopping just before the doors.

"Yeah, I can get one of my security to drive mine back to my house and we can use yours if thats alright." I say bringing my phone out to text them.

"Sounds like a plan." She says giving me a wink. She is so likeable and very hot. I put my phone away and take her hand.

"You ready?" I ask, we can see the press standing outside through the glass doors. She puts her sunglasses on.

"Ready as I will ever be." She says and we walk out into the blinding sunlight. Cameras start flashing and people are shouting in every direction.


Hey everyone. This is a Larry story. I know some people might not ship them so if you don't then please don't give me any hate. People can say there own opinion. If you haven't already go and check out my other movellas. Thank you for reading!!!!

Izzy xxx

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