Forever And Always - Tom Kaulitz fanfic

This story is about two bands who meet, (the girls from one band are the drummer from the other bands cousins). Bill Kaulitz, Tom Kaulitz, Georg Listing and Gustav Schafer are a band called Tokio Hotel and Siedah, Phoenix and Roxxianna Schwarzer are triplets and are in a band with their step-sisters Pariah-Lee Kreuk and Madina Kreuk. They meet and soon enough love is in the air... :)


2. 2 - An Unexpected Surprise


Well a week had passed with still nothing from Gustav's cousins. 'Umm, Gus dude...' said Bill but he was interrupted by Gustav.

'Look dont bother, they're never gonna call.'

'You never know though. They could just be busy.' said Bill.

'Yeah but they could have at least taken 5 minutes to call and tell us something.'

'True, but I'll keep trying for you.' said Bill.

Gustav and Amy had broken up and it was very messy...there was a lot of shouting...

All the guys were trying to figure out a way to cheer Gustav up. But no one knew what to do. He HAD said don't bother but they wanted to do something nice for him.



Gustav later decided to go for a walk. He kept saying he needed space and time to think. On his walk he went into the shop and brought some food and a drink for his walk. He carried on walking, his earphones blasting out music. He was finally alone. 'I can think now.' He thought to himself as he sat down on a park bench. Just as he sat down he heard someone shout his name...

He looked around and saw her...

'Look Amy, I don't want to talk to you. I don't want to have anything to do with you ever again, so please just go away.'

'Dont talk to me like that. I just wanna sort things out.'

'There's nothing to sort out Amy. You cheated. It's over...End of.' Gustav snapped at her. He turned around and walked away. He walked for another hour before going home. He walked in and took off his coat then went into his front room and Bill was standing there on his phone.

'Bill.. Is it them?' Whispered gustav.

Bill nodded. He handed the phone to Gustav.

'Hey this is gustav.'

'Hi cuz, its Siedah!'

'How're you?' asked Gustav.

'I'm fine. I heard about you and your girlfriend. So I thought I'd surprise you with a random phone call... or maybe a surprise walk into your front room...'

Just as she said that Gustav heard the front door close and someone opened the door to his front room. Siedah popped her head around the door. 'Helllooo!'

'Oh my god!' said Gustav. He got up and ran to her and her sister Roxxi and hugged them both. He noticed that the guys were smiling and laughing...'You planned this didn't you?'

They all nodded.

'So anyway, tell me where this cheating bitch lives...I'm gonna have her head...' said Siedah.

'On a stick.' said Roxxi as she let go of Gustav.

'As much as I'd love to see that, I don't want any trouble. I saw her earlier and told her to pretty much fuck off out my life for good and I never wanted anything to do with her again. Then I walked away.' Explained Gustav.

'Good! Got a feeling you're too good for her anyway.' said Roxxi.

'He's related to us...of course he's too good for her...' said Siedah.

So for the rest of the day they sat down and watched films and got to know each other. Siedah was sat on the 2 seat sofa with Tom, Roxxi was on the 3 seat sofa with Gustav and Bill, and Georg seemed to be having fun on a spiny chair. 'Weeeeee!' ... It got to about half past 12 at night when they realised Siedah had fallen asleep on toms shoulder. 'Naawww!' said Roxxi. 'That's so cute!'

Bill was fast asleep on Gustav's shoulder and Georg was still spinning around on his chair. 'I'm beginning to feel kinda sick now. Might go to bed soon.'

Tom noticed that Siedah was asleep and chuckled to himself.

'Shall I carry her up to bed? She looks like she's squishing your arm.' said Gustav.

'No, it's fine.' said Tom as he carefully moved his arm and put it around Siedah without waking her up.

'Aw, that's cute!' said Roxxi.

'Is everything cute to you?' asked Georg. 'Anyway, I'm gonna go sleepy time now. good night guys.'

'Night.' They all said.

'No but seriously they do look kinda cute.' said Roxxi.

'Dude...' said Gustav as he turned to look at Roxxi.


'Its weird.' He said. 'i know he's gonna try something.'

'And...?' said Roxxi.

'I don't know, I guess I'm just a little over protective. Anyway chuck us that blanket from down there.' Gustav said pointing at a blue blanket. he got up and took the blanket over to tom and siedah, 'Here...' He said.

'Oh, thanks dude.' said Tom.

'Why don't you lie down?' said Gustav.

'Good thinking.'

Tom lied down while Gustav slowly lowered Siedah down next to him without waking her.

Tom pulled up the blanket and put his arms around Siedah and soon enough he fell asleep...



-End of Chapter-


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