Forever And Always - Tom Kaulitz fanfic

This story is about two bands who meet, (the girls from one band are the drummer from the other bands cousins). Bill Kaulitz, Tom Kaulitz, Georg Listing and Gustav Schafer are a band called Tokio Hotel and Siedah, Phoenix and Roxxianna Schwarzer are triplets and are in a band with their step-sisters Pariah-Lee Kreuk and Madina Kreuk. They meet and soon enough love is in the air... :)


1. 1 - Good News And Bad News

'Hey guys.' said Gustav as he walked into his living room to see his friends Bill, Tom and Georg. 'Guess what...i got good news!'

'Wait...dont tell me..You found the other half of your brain?' Joked tom.

' cousins are making it big in music! They're in a band and really well known in the UK :).' gustav explained.

'Oh...good for them.' said bill. 'What kind of band is it?'

'I dunno...all i know is they're called fallen angels and its an all girl band, so're in!' he smiled.

'haha! awesome.' said tom.

'You should try getting in touch with them, we could end up working with them.' suggested Georg.

'Thats what i was planning to do. said gustav, 'Thing is i havent got a clue how to go about finding them :/ . '

'well it shouldn't be too hard. we'll be able to find out what label they're with and then find ther manager and arrange a meeting. i'll help you do it dude.' said bill.

'Awesome thanks. i'll go grab my laptop and we'll check them out.'

The guys looked them up on youtube and found a few music videos, Fallen angels were a Classical rock band and the lead singer siedah could sing opera, but didn't do it all the time. they had a Within Temptation kind of style and had a lot of shows in the UK. they found a documentary on youtube and found out that they are going on tour to Spain, France and Italy. the guys decided to check out their official website and got in touch with them.

'She's hot!' exclaimed tom.

'HEY! that's my cousin!!' said Gustav.

'I do not care...admit would too if she wasn't your cousin.'

'Eewww...' said gustav looking disgusted at what tom had just said.

'Anyway...'interrupted Georg. 'Bill has just got off the phone with their manager and he's explained the situation and they said they'll get back to us tomorrow...right?' he said turning to bill.

'Yeah tomorrow or Thursday.' said bill putting his phone in his jeans pocket. 'They're a good band. you wouldn't expect them to be all girls though!'

the rest of the day went by pretty quickly. the guys went out for a walk while georg went to see his girlfriend.


the next morning the guys went out to do some shopping. while they were out bill had a few phonecalls, but none of them was from Gustav's cousins or their manager. 'Don't worry about it, he did say today or its only half 12, still got the whole day yet!' said bill trying to lighten the mood...Gustav seemed pretty depressed and hadn't said much all day. bill went off to find some sweets ( ;p )

'Everything ok gus?' asked georg.

'Yeah...I'm fine.' Gustav replied.

'You don't seem OK though...whats up dude, you can tell me.' said Georg.

'Nothing i said im fine.' snapped gustav.

'OK, whatever.' said Georg as he bent down to pick up some gummy bears. 'Want a pack dude?'

'Sure.' said gustav.

then suddenly from out of nowhere they heard bill screaming, 'OH MY GOD!!! YOU GUYS GOT GUMMY BEARS!!!' he was running right towards Georg and Gustav.

' need to chill.' said georg.

'I'll go get some juice. meet at the checkout?' asked Gustav.

'Um..yeah ok.' said bill. 'Whats wrong with him, he's been depressed all day. do you think something happened with him and Amy?'

'Dunno dude. he keeps saying he's fine...i'm sure he'll tell us when he's ready to.' said Georg. 'Hold up...wheres tom?'

'Most likely down near the condoms haha.' said bill.

well they eventually found tom and Gustav and went to the checkouts. after they paid they went back home and had dinner. bills phone rang...

5 minutes later bill came back into the room, 'It still wasn't them. they'll probably call tomorrow. where did tom and Georg go?' he asked.

'Out for a walk.' said gustav.

'ok dude you need to tell me whats up. i hate seeing you like this.'

'Like what?'

'All quiet and depressed. i know your not much of a talker but when its just us lot its hard to keep you quiet. you've hardly said anything all day. is everything OK with you and Amy?' asked bill.

Gustav looked down and shook his head 'No.' he said.

'I knew what happened?' said bill.

'Well long story short...she's cheating on me. but she doesn't know that i know.'

'Shit dude. i'm sorry. i take it your gonna do something about it.' said bill.

'Of course, i just dunno what to do, or what to say.'

'Just tell her you know everything, its over and walk away.' said bill.

'Its easy for you to say that, your not the one in love with her.' said Gustav.

'No but i am the one who always said there was something about her i didnt like, in a way i kinda knew this was gonna happen.' said bill.

Gustav just looked up and nodded. 'Will you be there? you know...when i talk to her.'

'Course i will dude, i'll always be there...your my best friend.' smiled bill.

Georg and tom came back from their walk and Gustav and bill explained everything to them.

'I'll find a way to cheer you up dude. you know i always do!' said tom.

'Yeah but there's no need to pussy-foot around me. i'll be fine' said Gustav.

'good. thats what i like to hear.' said georg.

'Ooh...did the girls' manager ring yet?' asked tom.

' not yet.'

'But he said it would be today...' said Gustav

'Or tomorrow...calm down we'll hear from them.' said bill.

'I hope so. i've not seen them in years now. i miss them. siedah was always good at cheering me up and advice and stuff. it would kinda help if she was here now...'

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